Some behind the scenes stuff

While I’m still trying to figure out how to process everything for a teaser post…..I can give you some stuff from behind the scenes

-Rowan and Sabrina holding hands and twirling around between a take
-Auggie had Michael Jacobs sign his script
-There was one classroom scene that legit had 10 takes or so (according to people I was with who have been to prior tapings, they’ve never been that intense about getting a scene right). Jacobs was very particular about getting certain camera angles and reactions (particularly from a certain character)
-clique 6 doing cha cha slide between takes (Peyton continuing to prove he can’t dance lol)
-Sabrina snuck up and surprised a fan who was singing Wildside (it was adorable)
-Corey gave Rowan a piggy back ride to the classroom set between takes
-Ben did some funny curtsies and dancing
-Wyatt was wearing glasses
-In a later scene, Riley was wearing the burgundy jacket Maya wore in GMNY
-Rowan and Amir ate ice cream at the curtain call
-The scenes with BMW guest stars were pre-taped but we did see them in the first introduction of characters (curtain call isn’t going to be accurate for who’s in the episode)