Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky #3) - Veronica Rossi 

Book Genre Challenge 2014 (February) - Dystopia

Rating | ★★★★★

Oh whyyyy must it end? When I first plunged into Under the Never Sky, I never expected to find one of my absolute favorite series in there. It was brilliant, beautiful, harrowing, hilarious, and engaging. I loved every moment of it.

The quest to find safety as the world collapses is one that I will remember. In the dystopian world Rossi has created, the sky flashes with Aether, a dangerous, volatile substance that only grows more deadly. To survive, the Dwellers and the Outsiders need to band together – after centuries of hatred. Within this, we have Aria and Perry who smack into each other and struggle to never let each other go. It’s really wonderful.

The characters, Aria, Perry and Roar are amazing. Aria: whose parentage has given her the ability to form the perfect barrier between cultures, Perry: who is growing into the leader he always had to be, and Roar: the joker turned deadly warrior – they’re the real story here. Their feelings and emotions become yours and you truly attach yourself to their story until the end. The side characters like Brooke, Soren, Talon, etc. are also deep and build the story. Finally, the villains - Hess and Sable - are so foul that you feel like beating them over a head with a brick. The cast is dangerous and ready for war.

L'amour. Ah mon dieu. C'est parfait. (Translation: Love. Oh my god. It’s perfect.) Perry and Aria do not experience any foul love triangles. No, they struggle to keep their love alive because of the dangers they actually face. They undergo trust issues and have difficulty as they grow into who they are meant to be. And it’s one of the reasons I love this novel. They don’t have an easy path, but they work together to get through it. 

Finally, the conclusion. How does it end? How DOES IT END? Perfectly. Well, not exactly, but pretty darn close. I felt wholly satisfied and my soul is at peace. There are some characters that I will deeply miss, but overall, I think Rossi did a good job ending the series with lots of action, romance, tension, and friendship.The story doesn’t deviate from her initial plot line; it’s just a good, solid, enjoyable finish. 

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