My favorite Star Wars planets, & why.

Mustafar- a planet of lava, & home to the most epic lightsaber duel in the saga.

Coruscant- a planet that is an entire city, and looks like a planet-sized Death Star from orbit.

Utapau- a sinkhole planet that has become a place of history in The Clone Wars.

Mygeeto- a snowy planet with a ton of platforms that would make an EXCELLENT map in Battlefront.

Felucia- a fungal planet with fascinating life forms.

Kamino- an ocean planet that rains 24/7.

Raxus Prime- the junkyard of the galaxy.

Nar Shaddaa- the antithesis to Coruscant.

Mandalore- home to Jango Fett, the greatest bounty hunter of all time.

Naboo- a beautiful scenic planet with underwater cities, & fascinating sea life.