METRORail Redline train, Houston, Sept. 13, 2016

The first televised debate happened on September 26, 1960, between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. But it wasn’t the first time that Presidential candidates used technology to broadcast their message–newspapers, radio, photography, and the Internet have all been new and disruptive technologies at different times. (Remember that time that Hoover used a teleprompter at the RNC convention? He hated it.)

Here’s a snippet of what television viewers saw during the Kennedy-Nixon debate in Chicago at CBS affiliate station WBBM. You can watch the full video from the JFK Library Foundation.

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spooky-spn  asked:

From any of the new footage/photos of Mary's return in s12, can we tell if she's still wearing her wedding ring?

uhoh. Looks like she is.

We know they’ve got to have that conversation at some point - I wonder if after saving Sam is when, putting off the really bad news until they’ve dealt with the big problem… (I’m almost wondering if that could be what Mary is referring to when she says the only thing that matters is saving Sam - Dean alluding to stuff that she’s missed she just can’t think about yet…)

I’m reminded of 8x12 and Henry falling out of their closet - he starts to cotton on sooner than you’d think that John is dead, but ignores that thought hard. For Mary it’s probably going to be similarly confusing and painful because like Henry there’s no expectation John would have raised them as hunters, per say, as Henry thought John would be a MoL and Mary would assume he’d be a Muggle… 

If anything, I think she’d be really worried she’s completely to blame for them being hunters (and, like, root causes, she is :P) that she wouldn’t know if for example John had died that night like she did and her boys were raised as orphans, or how things caught up to them (only that they very obviously would from where she left them - I’ve always wondered if her unfinished business as a ghost was to say “sorry” to Sam way more than just chasing off the poltergeist and with what we know later about how ghosts work, it’s more likely that was how she got her peace, and also why she was so single-minded to talk to Sam, as that was her whole reason for being a ghost). 

Anyway I’m fascinated to see how she thinks of John from this perspective and how Sam and Dean talk about him to her - if they try and sugarcoat it, and if they do, if she believes it. They have a pretty unbroken run of being allowed to say all the sugarcoated stuff about him… I think Bobby was the last character around who was allowed to be critical of John outside of them, and otherwise Sam and Dean try to keep up an idea that he wasn’t all that bad, especially when it’s anything where they don’t have a mutual criticism of him (so… most things where they argue about John :P)

Mary coming back though, we know her worst fear was her children being raised as hunters, she liked John because he WAS a Muggle and fairly naive and sweet all things considered, AND that’s without telling her that Heaven set them up so it would be forcing her to find something to like about him… We know their marriage was on the rocks, hinted at since the cold open of the entire show, but confirmed in 5x16… It’s possible they mirror her attachment to John post-death as John’s was to her post her death, only with room for debate and to give her some perspective and let her work through it. It’s a great chance just to tell the audience a new narrative about John that’s maybe actually voicing the fair criticisms over the years and running them through a character like Mary, who’s a unique chance for a second go at telling John’s story since her death from scratch, in a different light.

I’d really like if eventually she gets over him and takes off the ring… Especially to balance John’s obsession with Mary to the grave, and that need for revenge that powered him, Mary doesn’t exactly have anything left to swing at if she wanted to avenge him because that was all done and dusted by season 2, and even her legacy of her demon deal was resolved with the apocalypse, say 5x22 or at the very latest when all the last threads connected to that story were packed away before Carver era, so she’s actually free to do whatever she wants. I’ll allow her a little while to be maudlin about it, but I want to see her grow and get a chance to be strong in the way John never was?