“[The references] were written in the script, and they were absolutely embraced. We were allowed to push them, but they were definitely in the script. That was great because that gave us permission to just say ‘We know we’re doing Wonder Woman homages.’ So there was an absolutely magical moment when it was scripted that Melissa was to do the Wonder Woman twirl to put herself out when she was on fire. Lynda came and said, ‘I’ll show you how to do it.’ I have on my phone a video of Lynda Carter showing Melissa Benoist how.”

- just learned the ONLY canon Asexual character in media will be portrayed as a sex-positive Allosexual on TV- 

- face in hand-

We just can’t even have ONE thing , can’t we? 

( and then Aces are attacked because they would “ take away representation from gays…..”  … the hell? ) 

One character.

ONE , is that too much?


So here’s what I believe now.  That the best thing that we can do with whatever strength we’re given is to help each other.  To be as kind to each other as we can.  And right now, there are a whole host of people who need our help.  And not because they’re human or not or good or not, but just because they need our help.

my evangeline,

you came home you came home you fucking came home and i saw you and i love you

and you kissed me and laughed and said “that felt so much better than when that sleezeball tried to kiss me” and then you kissed me again

im on fucking cloud 9 and i want you to stay but you leave tomorrow and then youll be out of my reach again.

but youre spending the night at my house and im so fucking excited because i get to have you in my arms again and please never leave.

im so beyond happy and fulfilled but deep down i know this may be the last time i could truly call you “mine”. you’ll find someone closer to you eventually.

i love you.

-the guy who vowed to be your guardian angel