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Dark cerulean orbs gazed through the window, watching the city lighting up as the skies slowly darken with its colors fading from violets, reds and gold into dark blue and velvet black. A hand gently brushed away ink, silk like strands of hair away from an ivory face, its features clearly exotic as the male continued to stare through the glass and into this strange city.

Kanda frowned as he never been to a place like this before, such architectural of the buildings, the way their vehicles moved or more like hovered from the streets were a sight to see. It was a good thing he was inside some bar, the looks he was getting ever since he stepped foot here was enough to make him uneasy. The last thing he needed was to cause trouble for himself for looking…different from everyone else here. He knew he must stand out like a sore thumb…they way that no one looked like him. Why the hell was he here anyway? This was a bad idea but unfortunately, he had no where else to go, he only had the clothes on his back, a large dark cloak with him..and of course hidden within his cover held his beloved sword. It was a family heirloom and he did NOT plan to abandon it like his family did to him.

But then again, they were all dead.

Seeing his chance that not many civilians were out, Kanda slipped out from the dusty, dark bar (he was pretty much avoided as his cloak gave him a good disguise) before wondering around the impressive city. Tanagura.

As the walked, he kept his blade hidden despite there were still some people wondering around, of course, he was looked over when he passed them by, their reaction he did not know as he did not bother with such insignificant things, he had to do something about this new life here…he had wondered through Ceres from some time, but most were of the slums and there was nothing much he could do there unless he wanted to be a criminal. But Kanda looked at it as a waste of time, if he wanted to do something with his life, he wanted to do some fucking productive. And for that to happen, he had to make sure his past never existed. New name, new life. Simple.

The long, dark haired male stopped as he stared over at the largest tower within the city; he had overheard from a few people he met in Ceres that this was the infamous Jupiter Tower and inside were the ‘Elites’ of the city, and their obsession to have everything perfect. Kanda scoffed as they were all nothing but hypocrites. Wanting to have it all in their disposal and forget the rest. Kanda will make sure to keep away from this building as he started to walk passed it, wanting to get away from it as fast as possible.

Your fingers and toes may start to tingle. And you may get dizzy. And then your vision should get splotchy. And you might even black out a little bit. But whatever you do don’t stop until you reach the wall.
—  Coach Christian. (Talking about negatives) 

I really hate people who lead you on to think that they like you so you start developing an interest in them. They say really sweet things an get you all excited and happy but then suddenly they just act really mean towards you/ make you feel worthless, like shit and hate you for no reason. Then when a new person comes along they do the exact same thing.


I took a humanities-class

I’m romantic like that

No one reads them but I dedicate the line of notes to you

An acceptance speech is

I’ll say the finer point

is you

Okay so this summer i am going to france (Yay) my mom said i could bring a friend so friend1 asked if she could go and i said yes. When her mom said yes to friend1, friend2 overhears and asks if she can come and i politely tell her no because my mom said only one friend. So long story short friend2 hates me. Not to mention that friend1 and friend2 go off the places without me all the time and talk about it.(For example, disneyland,new york) So now my friend hates me woofuckinghoo. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN VACATION! :(((((((