Fixing Tumblr's Mistakes 2.0

Alrighty. So. We can’t use Missing E anymore, if we want to be efficient. Well, that’s just fine, Tumblr. We’ll script fix the shit out of your crap update, which, btw, has a lot of bugs and is still pissing me off.

Here’s how you can:

For the first three, you will need Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome). Simply install those and then follow the links above, install the script, and read the directions.
For the last one, you will need Stylish (Firefox | Chrome) installed.

On the Reply to Replies script fix, you will still have to manually type in tags, unlike how it was with our lovely forgotten Missing E. So, just right click on the box next to the notification on your dash, type your reply, and then don’t forget to type in the tags you need before publishing! Don’t forget - if you don’t tag the person in your reply, they won’t know that you replied to them, unless they are following you; in which case, they would probably see it on their dash, if they’re online. Still, more efficient to track tags and tag people in your posts!

For the notifications script fix: Basically, this keeps those pesky little number notifications from popping up over your home button when you’re not actually on your home dashboard. They will still pop up when you’re on the home page, though.

Of course, I do not own these userscripts. They are owned by the people who created them that you will see on the pages I linked you to above. <3

This is how you can reblog a post as a text post, rather than it reblogging as an annoying link that doesn’t contain all of the post you wish to reblog. This is a very useful tool, as it allows people to see a full post on their dash, rathering than having to navigate away from the dash in order to comprehend a post, thus possibly losing their place on the dashboard. Not to mention, it just makes everything much more aesthetically pleasing and efficient for blogging.

To break it down:

  • Click the reblog button
  • Move your mouse to the top of the reblog box
  • Click the Aa / infinity button
  • Click text
  • Click reblog
  • Your reblog is now not a link that cuts off midpost but displays the full post you wish to reblog

I hope this is helpful to people.

This lovely person put the screen caps together in a GIF for me.

Fixing Tumblr's Mistakes

SO. As we all know, replying to replies has gotten difficult, and the wrapped tags feature of Missing E has stopped working.

Untill Missing E gets a chance to rewrite their scripts to fit with Tumblr’s new changes, there is a quick and easy way for you to fix these problems on your own, if you have Google Chrome and Stylish (I’m sure you can do this with other browsers, too, but let’s all face it - Google Chrome rocks the socks off of any other basic browser).

Anyway, here are the script fixes:

Reply to Replies Fix

  • Moves the “block” and “ignore” buttons out of the way so that you can go to the notes on your post, click the icons, and reply to a reply someone has sent to you on said post.

Wrapped Tags Fix

  • Wraps your tags just like Missing E used to do so that you can see all of the tags someone has added to a post, without having to click and drag.