Book characters are so amazing, don't you think?

Not movie or cartoon characters. Book characters specifically.


Because you can’t fall for their looks. No matter how many descriptions of their face or body or posture there are, you’ll only be able to guess or imagine what they look like.

The only concrete thing you’ll ever know about them is their personality, their values and beliefs, likes and dislikes, how they react in situations and so on. And I think it’s really quite amazing that they can make you feel things.

Book characters are fictional. They don’t even exist in the real world. They’re completely FAKE, and yet they can make you relate and connect with them, laugh, cry, angry, sad, heartbroken, exited and everything in between. They’re nothing more than ghosts and shadows of people constructed by words on a piece of paper, and still, they always find a way into our hearts. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I think it’s really very magical that people can fall in love with characters not for how attractive they are, but for who and what they are. I think that that is a beautiful way to convey our human nature.

To love someone for exactly who they are.


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I’m so tired but here’s a representation of what I think my friends look like

From left to right:

@anonymous-a   You’ll always have brown eyes to me

@skaliciadragon   Haha I’m sorry you’ll always have brown hair to me, even though I’m blaming the shading for making it look darker

@zinniagal  You’ll always have pastel colours or something

@coolca4t8  I guess you don’t have the whites in your eyes