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hii, can you make a vibrant/colorful suicide squad psd? thank you so much

Hi! Umm, I don’t really make gifs of suicide squad, nor have I watched it, so normally I wouldn’t have made a psd…however, I was bored so I gave it a go:

As you can see it’s not that good, but I tried xp
Psd #193: download psd
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I have so many movies and tv shows that I sometimes lose track, or I have too little space left on my mac, so I decided to make a download page where I can put up all I have, then I thought: why not share? So now you all can use the download which includes tv shows and movies of the best quality I could/can find in mp4. I don’t really take request, I mostly just upload things I need or want, but you can ask.

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Hey! You make really good psds and i was wondering if you could possibly make one for the scene in shadowhunters where they are all surrounded by the wolves. This scene seems impossible to color.

Hi! Thank you very much :) I made one, though I’m not sure if it’s any good…

Psd #112: download psd
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