I worked at a place that served waffles this fall, so I would pretty much consider myself a waffle expert ;). Sometimes when a customer would say “surprise me” – these were their “surprises”.

  1. Liege Waffle topped with fresh blackberries + cinnamon butter + homemade whipped cream
  2. Liege Waffle topped with fresh cut strawberries, a homemade whipped cream, and a melted cinnamon butter.
  3. Liege Waffle topped with warm mixed berry compote. 
  4. Liege Waffle topped with one scoop of french vanilla gelato and a warm berry compote.

I went to this incredible Korean place in downtown NYC where we waited like 30 minutes in a stairway to be seated in the most chaotic clutter I’ve ever seen. Nothing was in English and no one around us was speaking in every language imaginable. 

We had this crazy Korean soup that we all ate out of. I have no idea what it was supposed to be, but I remember one second you could be eating a bite of spicy scallop and the next bite you could be getting a big glob of cheese.  It was great.