Choplin by Rene Bieder.

Rene Bieder did it again, his wonderful taste in shaping typefaces delight us again with this release of Choplin, a geometric Slab Serif font, base on Campton. Rene describes his own font in this way:

Choplin is a modern and clear geometric slab serif with a sturdy heart. It was designed based on the Campton Family, with the same principles in mind: geometry, simplicity and neutrality. As a consequence, Choplin could be seen as an immediate companion to the CamptonFamily. However, during the process lots of details were changed in order to sharpen the slab serif character which resulted in a slightly different interpretation.

Similar to Campton, it is perfectly suited for graphic design applications ranging from editorial, corporate, web, interaction to product design. In addition, it has an extended range of alternative glyphs, ligatures and opentype features which provide flexibility and uniqueness wherever it is placed.

You can get the font with a huge discount of 85% off that’s mean $35 for 18 fonts. If you have followed Rene for some time you will know that this kind of offer never repeats, the normal price of this professional font is $250.

Get it here:


These are a bunch of Taylor Swift Official Fonts/Logos. She uses them on her albums or promotional work. I haven’t seen any of these floating around so I thought I would make one myself. I hope you enjoy these and put them to the best of uses! 

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  • PSD is not mine. It belongs to @honeycoloring but unfortunately it’s been sitting in a folder so I have no idea which one it is.
  • Don’t claim any of my creations as yours because I will know. You don’t have to credit me if you use them I just ask that you don’t re-upload them in any of your own packs.
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The Flirt Script font

Type designer Neil Summerour of Positype has created the Flirt Script font in 2014. The typeface was awarded with the “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design” at the TDC2 (2014).

Check out more information about the Flirt Script font on WE AND THE COLOR or buy it on MyFonts.

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New Typeface: Brim Combined

Brim Combined packs all of the character of the popular layered typeface, Brim Narrow, into three eye-catching font styles.

Inspired by antique wood type from the 1800s, Brim is warm and tactile. Its innovative styles produce both striking headlines and sophisticated titles, making it perfect for use in posters, packaging and logotypes.

Brim Combined makes it even easier to achieve punchy headlines on the web. This flattened version of Brim does not require professional design software to use and is compatible with Microsoft Word.

  • Combined 1 features Brim’s elegant, handmade line work
  • Combined 2 includes a drop shade with an outline
  • Combined 3 has an offset shade and a reversed-out face

Brim is an all-caps typeface with Western European, Central European and South Eastern European language support. 

You can use this font via Typekit or buy 50% off at MyFonts.

The Serif Hand - handwritten font from La Goupil Paris

Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin of La Goupil Paris are specialists for nice handwritten fonts. The Serif Hand is such a font that offers a natural hand drawn look.

Buy the Serif Hand font family on

More information about The Serif Hand type family on WE AND THE COLOR

More font reviews on WE AND THE COLOR



Some fun sample settings showcasing all that Amorie complete family has to offer!

Amorie is a tall and skinny hand drawn font. It comes in various weight and styles, and with an array of opentype options. Built to appear completely hand crafted, different designers could produce completely different results, selecting either Modella (classic and chic), Nova (fun and fancy) or SC (Small Caps and all business.) Each style comes in light, medium and bold and has an accompanying italics version.


Hey guys! I just wanted to make this font pack because my followers are by far the best in the entire universe and are often wondering what font I have used on a graphic/gifset. These are some popular fonts on Tumblr and some popular fonts with myself. I was going to make a ZIP but I figured not everyone would want every one so I will just link them individually. Merry Christmas!

| Colours of Autumn | Permanent Marker | Xtreem | Wisdom Script | Sail | Din Bold | Pacifico | Bebas Neue |

xoxo Grace


Creative Characters 100 &  Most Popular Fonts

Creative Characters is the MyFonts newsletter dedicated to people behind the fonts. Each month, since 2007, Jan Middendorp has interviewed a notable personality from the type world. The series reveals some fascinating stories and quotes. A selection of which can be found here.

One of my favourites from Veronika Burian | Issue #15 | October 2008:

One could possibly summarize it this way: From the Czechs I learned expressionism and vitality, from the Germans perseverance and methodology, from the Italians openness and warmth, and from the Brits I got contacts and marketing skills.

MyFonts also released their list of the most popular fonts of the year. Check out the most popular here.