Hi~ my blog just reach the 1000 milestone!! Honestly, I don’t know what to say other than thank you for sticking around, even if my blog isn’t great. Plus, even when I’m not very active here because of personal life, I still want to thank the ones whose blogs are amazing and who I’ve talked to during my time here :)

Bold are mutuals // Forgive me if I miss anyone else

@allenswalkers @amirnizuno @a-sakuras @ayatochii @ayumiko @daiifukuu @datamarluxia @draagneels @escarletes @fairytailwitch @femaleidols @fudayk @fuyus @gainsboroug @hharukas @hikaritsu @hiramaruu @iwazukas @jetzui @kandayuz @kanekkis @kazune @keiko-chan @kirei-na-jinsei @kommaru @komories @kurummi @larimii @lightaga @makotozz @michirro @mmatsuokah @mokacheer @morgianafanaliss @muukamii @preciousghoul @quinsdecim @reijikotobuki @sasukeeuchiha @sekkiie@sexpai@shinspirit@skyphoi@suuzumes@tachibana–chan@the-whitebambi @vorick@yatotrash@youkas@youngbaaes@zetsueen


Hi ~ 

I very recently hit a bit of a follower milestone, so I thought why not celebrate it with my very first Follow Forever. I apologize for the crappiness of the graphic/edit. 

I really really suck with all this sentimental talk, but long story short, I generally just want to show my gratitude to all you precious people out there. You guys does such a wonderful job, making me feel significant and supporting me throughout everything. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

Bolded - Senpai

Italics - Mutuals. 

♥ - People I feel close to and/or consider my friend. 

A - I

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If I messed up or forgot to add you on there then please let me know ;;; But serioiusly, thank you guys!!! ♥ I appreciate everything and hopefully I’ll meet more wonderful people like you uwu

So, yesterday, I just hit 1k followers (THANK YOU GUYS), which is really a big deal for me. I’m so happy and grateful about that. As a result, I’d be doing two things to celebrate that: a follow forever and personal messages to some of my wonderful followers (who appreciate me and tolerate all my weirdness and failed works). However, obviously, I’m doing my follow forever first. This is a list of my favorite blogs and update blogs/favorite people/mutuals/friends that keep my dashboard alive and make each day, being here on tumblr, well, fun. 

#, a-e

1989tour abiander amazingphil avcngerr badbloodicons badwollf bibliophilenigga breakmelikeapromise cantmakethemstay chandlerthebing chanoeys closestthingtomichellepfeiffer daerjohn dailylilycollins danisnotonfire danscrotch disneyismyescape drunkonjealousy dullsuns edsheeran edsheeransdaily emmawatson ewatsondaily eyebagdehaan eyesopen


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phoebe-buffay princesconsuela ptaylorswift queentaylor redlipclassicphan reginaa-phalange ronaldweasl-y roundeachtime scarletletterswift schmidtsburg shakeitoffs sherlockswift sonicallycohesive statefgrace stay-stay-stay swifs swifternet swifth tavlors taylorswfit tayswiftdotcom tenerifesea thanksforsayingthat thatsickbeat thepenclick timcgraws timeerasingyou tnnksfrthmmrs transponsters 


upinlights untrouchable whyisntketchupasmoothie wonderlandtaylor youareinloves youbelongwithmes yourcoloursfades youvegotasmile zobothehob0

and the main reason i made this blog, in the first place, taylorswift !

p.s: I never regret following these people (so far lmao jk). They are so amazing. I recommend you to follow them *wink wink*.

p.s again: yah i’m in so many fandoms i’m such a mess. 


Hey there :D I’ve just reached 8k followers so I guess it’s time for a new follow forever (it’s been a while since I’ve done one). Haha I still can’t believe so many people are following me, it’s like having a small army of you guys. Thank you so much for making my dash a beautiful and a happy place. Without these people, I couldn’t have done that. 

Bold: Friends  Cursive: Mutuals I talk(ed) to  Normal: Mutuals (and rad blogs)

A-F ☆

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G-L ☆

gajeelsenpai/rboz grovylle haisesaski haisesasakiiz hebihimes heartfillias hikaritsu hisokas-glowing-erection hitsougaya hostalker ilasho iluvfairytail immortalpromise jaegvrs jellal jojoposer jjuvia juvialicious just-absolutely-super ka-ryuu kanneki kagi–horuda kagurane kanerdki kaneki-e kikunoi killura khrscenarios kkumri kkumos knight-titania kuretos leons-7 little-dragneel lucy-dorkneel lucysenpaii luuchans 

M-R ☆

maberuu mahiros makisshimaz mangacapp michaehla mikotoray mugiwaraijin neovongolaprimo n-a-d-h-i-e nagachikahideyosh nalutbh namikazes natsu-dorkneel natsvdragneel nozusagi obentoss ohmygodcas ohmynatsu okerii ooiikawas ootsukis/roguescheneys ponchizs pushforwardd requipknighterza

S-Z ☆

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A collection of flawless blogs that have filled my dashboard with awesomeness, and generally made my Tumblr experience even better.

anyachristinaannesteelebooshmanic buffyboybufflehanebuffy-charmed cordyclauscerseis-lannistercorchasecordeliaburklecoolmonsterfighteremmaroburtsfaerestsnowfaithlehne friendsixfredsburkleguerinsjoshdallasladysummersmoiraohare marilynmaystorybrookestarbuckarasouffleinafairytaleshewhohangsoutincemeteries snowyrebekah thisyearsboyvampirelayerwyndmprycewillowstarawestenrays / ily all.

Hi everyone! I’ve recently hit 500 followers for my blog!

Wow, I honestly have no idea what to say because I didn’t think I would get this many followers. Even though I’ve been going through a rough time with my life, just seeing people enjoying my edits or even keeping up with my blog in general also talking with some you guys really makes me happy like I really want to cry because you guys are really amazing! All in all. for the ones who’ve been with me since the beginning or the ones who followed me recently, thank you so much for being with me! (Also my inbox is open if any of you want to talk with me, I would love to get to know my followers more!) 

Of course, without these amazing blogs that I’m listing here, I would not enjoy Tumblr as much. Without further ado, here’s my very first follow forever (sorry if I misspell urls or forgot to mention some because of my terrible memory):

(Bold are mutuals)

0kamii | alenkosbioticbooty | amixmizuno | asahinabrothers | a-sakuras | blackqull | caerberus | datamarluxia | datsaofangirldoe | delaynez | escarletes | estearisa | femaleidol | femaleidols | fudayk | fulllbusters | fuyus | gainsboroug | glitterberry | hanae-ichihara | hikaritsu | hyruliah | judarw | juhzou | justnosense | kairisheart | kairyn | kaizoku-niiichan | karukocchi | keiko-chan | kibikinoakatsuki kiyaasarin | kommaru | komories | kurokucchi | kurummi | kuurashita | kwibom | limitforms | luuchans | magistera | mikkaelas | mizuneru | mmatsuokah | mnotoneprincess | mokacheer | morgianafanaliss | namikazes | nannaseharunaruseis | nhiai93 pinklightstick | pkthunders | preciousghoul | redthreadoflove | refleja | semezukas | sexpai | shukiyamaz | skyphoi | ssousuke | the-whitebambi | watashi-akuma | xercis | yosics | youkas | yukihisas | zetsueen

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s that time of the year when you tell people how much you love and appreciate them.
You all bring so much happiness and love into my life. Thank you all so much for your love and friendship. Every time I see your posts on my dash/read a message you’ve sent me a huge smile appears on my face. I love you all so much, tumblr would suck without you guys. <3 (sorry if you’re not on this list, you’re all very special to me and I’m pretty sure I forgot a lot of people, I’m very bad at keeping track haha, I love you all. <3) 

@ahoymilady // @anythingyouhold // @bootyhontas // @boyfriendhook // @captaincronut // @captainswaan // @captainswanouat // @captainswansource // @colinodonorgasm // @disneycollective // @disneyyandmore // @doomsdayy


@emmasneverland // @emmaswana // @fairestregal // @ilovedisneylandparis // @inhislight // @inloveswan 


@killians-tinkabelle // @lieutenantducklings // @lumadreamland // @lupinteddys​ // @mickeyandcompany // @notdonewithyou // @oh-my-ouat // @onceland // @onceuponamirror // @ouatdaily


@pirateswaan // @rubyswns // @rumplestiltskin // @swanshope // @thatdisneylover // @thedisneycompany // @uponaspoiler // @worthyheroes

Hello everybody! In light of me just turning 19 and reaching over 400 followers, I wanted to make my first ever Follow Forever!! You guys brighten up my dashboard and my day and I just wanted to thank you for being the awesome people that you are!! Some of you I have developed a good friendship with and others I don’t really talk to but you all are awesome none the less! Thank you for being you!




akumidance ~ a-n-k-o ~ azuki-and-mayo ~ aimeekazu ~ aphfelly ~ badgertyler ~ bvsa ~ blanchefrost~ calm-demeanor ~ cumui ~ captainbicboi ~ chibifox6 ~ cartofakapotato ~ dirin-the-sadist ~ dgraydreamer, drunk-terminator ~ everybody-loves-a-pretty-sadist ~ emeridesu ~ fruitdicksamurai ~ fangasming


gintamajustaway ~ gintokitoki ~ gakupoid2m ~ ginsengumi ~ hero-bonds ~ hajime-nii ~ heartfullofsoul ~ hijikana ~ i-just-want-to-destroy ~ iluvfairytail ~ janel-chan ~ jigokuroi  justyouraveragenikitty ~ justawayfan~ ka-zu-ya ~ kandayuu ~ kitkatsinpurris ~ keshi-everywhere ~ katsuradaaaaa 


lusheeheartfilia ~ lavinia-aru ~ lavi-dgm ~ levi-danchou ~ mayoraoflove13 ~ maikohana ~ markky-mark ~ ohkagura ~ odagirii ~ pelicanpride ~ rice-with-mayo ~ sakata-gintoki-kun ~ sweettsubaki ~ silverprincess33 ~ starfirehime ~ shar-kpark ~ sakata-ginko-san ~ spewzabeth ~ sakagins ~ sovereign-prince-death ~ sogiitas ~ sadistgintoki ~ senpaisentai ~ senriitsu ~ shippingdelights


talamui ~ theunheardparadox ~ the-shinsengumi-sadist ~ toshimas ~ tousshiro ~ unimaginers ~ whyfoo ~ wherethefuckiszura ~ woopdatass ~ yoi-chi ~ ziou-b ~ zura-ja-nai-katsura-da ~ zura-ja-nai-katsura-daaa 

Thank you for making my dash wonderful and being wonderful yourself!!

hey guys! i want to wish you all a happy new year since its nearly 2016. i also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you all. i recently reached 3k followers which is amazing, thank you so much ♥♥♥

thank you all for making my dashboard a amazing place and making this a great tumblr year. it’s been 5 years and every year i find new fandoms and meet amazing people and im super grateful.  happy holidays and i hope 2016 will be a wonderful year for you all!

a - c

@aaronswarnerr  @amelliwood  @allisonaergents @alwaysbemygirlfelicity  @arrowing   @arterrtons  @aryastarks  @bashooking​  @belledearie  @beethgreene​  @benschwrtz @bjornstark​  @capnvane  @chewbaacca  @clairefrazser​  @clarkeravens  @clarkewayne  @cptsrogers

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@damoninmythoughts  @daniels-gillies  @dead-end-street   @elzabetholsens  @emmablackthcrn  @fadingtales  @finnvrey  @finnsreys  @flicitysmoak  @floatingsky  @gabriellatellers  @girlwithapumpkintattoo  @griffinclarke  @grounderscientist

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m - r

@makebeleafs  @marystewat  @mcavoying  @murddockz  @norrmanreedus  @poedamxron  @queenofindecision  @ravichakrabartis  @realmofvane  @rebellarke  @qmalfoy  @rubyluacs 

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@sebastiandepoltiers  @sixbluemarbles  @skyesgrants  @smoakingbillionaires  @spoookymulders  @stewartmary  @switchbladekiller  @thefairylights  @thequeenofdrama  @mrsfelicitymqueen  @tyrehl  @vaneeleanor​  @vivienvalentino  @vngogh  @winterfrosted

If I forgot anyone please message me and I will gladly add you in! esp if you changed your url

so, this year has been pretty wild, with ups and downs, reaching the 1.3k follower milestone I never thought I’d reach and I’m so thankful to everyone I met since I joined up in may<333


theladyprinceofthegalaxy naughtyjimkirk fabtrek prometheusbones
mangopuffs omegabones darlinjim karlbourbon qkuvira 
twofacedjanus slashsailing pansexual-steverogers


acihlles avengertony barry-and-iris captainpiners captainkirkmccoy chiefbooty cptgid colinmorgan cloudatles docflaherty doctorenterprise 

gaystarfleet goldnjax  hesnotdeadjim

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mccoooooy metatarsus-iv messessentialist  mywanderlustqueen nickyoflaherty nerdykirk ofstarlord offensiveagentpie 

starfleetoutpost suckmyfuckbuck toboldlyhella thepathlesstrekked toboldlydammitjim tiinycullen trekraider 

uss-damnitjim vulcannic 

also, you should totally check out bhavyasthemes