Dearest B,

Right now it’s 12:23 am, and you’re sleeping soundly, in a bed two steps from mine. I’m laying here in the dark, thinking about the future. What will my future look like and how will it intersect with your future?

Today, while you sat laughing in the living room, I sat in the kitchen with A.C. and D.J. discussing you and J. I know you believe you love him, but quite honestly, I also know you don’t. But that’s okay. Because he makes you happy.

You’re very special to me. You’ve made my life better, just by being in it. When I’m around you, all my problems disappear. You’re my best friend, honestly.

Love you,



Pacute gaming po ang bebi kong di marunong ngumiti. Hahahaha after ilang weeks no video call, finaaaally nakita na kita ulit. Sobrang namiss kitaaaa. I love youuuu.

To fall inlove with you everytime is a wonderful feeling. I can never imagine myself loving someone else. But sometimes, trials will come along our way. Maybe we need to realize that one day, we can prove to the world this relationship we have is worth fighting for. I want you in my bed, in my bathroom, in every part of my home. I want to call you my wife, yeah for real. And even we want to make things happen  in just a blink of an eye, all we have to do is to wait. Just hold on my love, our relationship will gonna work. I love you, forever and for always. @nekkehlodeon