Dear 17 year old girl who wrote about how much she hates today’s popular music,

I’d like to respectfully suggest that someone’s taste in music is an entirely personal matter. Whether or not your particular tastes happen to reflect what the majority like, has nothing whatsoever to do with a person’s intelligence or their supposed ‘conformity’.

It’s a bit shit that people’s music tastes make us stereotype them like that. I’ll admit, reading your letter I had a picture of you forming straightaway in my head, even though I know nothing about you other than what you consider ‘good’ music. And when you know what I like to listen to, you’ll probably immediately form an opinion about me that may or may not be wholly inaccurate, based on nothing more than my tastes in music.

But anyway, the idea that listening to pop music = 2D, crowd-following robot, to me, is a bit of a sad generalisation.

You could totally disagree with me here, but I personally have this theory that no music is bad music if you make the effort to understand it. As a music student I’ve had to listen to and study countless pieces I really couldn’t stand at first - my best example would probably be Desmond Dekker’s 'You Can Get It If You Really Want’, which I just found insubstantial and irritating when I first listened to it. But after listening to it a number of times, understanding the thought that went into writing it (yep, it takes effort to compose even the most apparently-meaningless tune) and getting to grips with its influences from Jamaican, Mexican and 1950s doo-wop music… bam, suddenly the piece was fascinating.

I’ve never managed to keep hating a piece once I’ve started thinking about it.

So yeah. Obviously most people don’t consider the heavily-distorted basslines you hate so much in as much depth as me, but that personally is what helps me whenever I feel like I hate a song so much I could be physically violent to the next person to mention it in front of me :)


Another 17 year old, who could listen to anything from 16th century madrigals to Broadway musicals, Mozart to Ed Sheeran to random Scottish folk music, without getting bored.

PS The celebrity side of music and the desire to become the next big thing that you talked about? Take it up with Beethoven. He started it.

PPS If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend the musical 'We Will Rock You’, since it pretty much sums up your opinion of pop music and also, if you’re the kind of person who likes Pink Floyd I reckon you could do worse than live through a couple of hours of Queen.

Ung pakiramdam na gustong gusto mo yakapin ung taong mahal mo pero wala ka magawa kasi malayo siya.Ung hanggang virtual hugs muna pag gusto niyo ng yakap ng isa’t isa.Minsan mapapaisip ka nalang na sana kasama ko nalang siya lalo na kung stress na stress ka na. 

“Alam ko marami kang reqs na dapat tapusin but gusto kita iremind na wag kang magpapastress. Sinisigawan mo na ako kanina but okay lang. Alam ko pressured ka and stressed. But always remember na im always here lalo na pag studies mo na pinaguusapan. Susuportahan kita dyan. Always remember na you will survive nursing. Not because you just want it, because it’s your destiny. To help other people and save other’s life. Sa ngayon ballpen man at papel hawak mo, sa susunod buhay na ng ibang tao. So hard work lang bee. It will be worth it in the end. Im always here.”

Grabe huhuhu salamat CJ!!! Nakakaiyak to huhuhu.

Dear mom

I went through your email account. You haven’t changed your password since I was 8. What I read broke me.

There was so much hatred for me. I’m so sorry. I did everything you asked. I cancelled so many plans to see friends because you wanted me to stay home. In fact, a lot of people quit inviting me out because they were sick of me cancelling. I even ended a good friendship with a girl you didn’t like. I did every chore asked of me and then some. I threw away clothes of mine that you didn’t like. You were angry with me for not buying you presents, so I spent all of my food money on a birthday present for you in April. I went to a good college. I’m in graduate school. I tried so hard for you.

But there’s still so much hatred. I don’t think I can fix this. I don’t think there’s anything else I can do. All I can do is apologize. I wish I could be different and better, so you would love me and be proud of me like I always wanted. I’m sorry.

- C

a friend of mine is moving and had a “take my stuff please” party. I snagged a collection called “the world’s greatest literature,” which is awesome. the set is of twenty, and I really look forward to reading them


what I never said

I was 17 turning 18. I’ve never felt this way before. I was enchanted, intrigued, and confused. Before you I was young and misguided. I feared who I really was and was too much of a coward to confront it. Planning to avoid it forever, I replaced love with alcohol and fuzzy one night stands. I planned to be miserable for the rest of my life. Sure I had fun though, I had no attachment to anyone and I owed the world nothing. Then you came. I realized what it meant to be happy. You made everything okay. It wasn’t always easy but it was worth it. So, you ask why did I end it? I ended because I am impulsive and impressionable. I had 50 different people feeding me 50 different things. I thought I missed my old self, little did I realize my old self was a immature, reckless, loveless soul. Its not fun anymore. It is time to grow up. I listened to my family. Why you ask? My family is full of loveless, power hungry witches, so why not? Throughout all of this I didn’t listen to the most important thing, my heart. It took losing you to realize what I lost and that is what stings the most. I didn’t realize how fucked up I am. I have never felt this kind of regret. I knew the second we broke up this was wrong, but having never dealt with this I just kept hurting you and pushing you away because thats what I thought I was supposed to do. Then when you pushed back I was so confused and hurt so I got angry. I was angry at myself and I was angry at the miscommunication. I learned the hard way. I want you back, I want a chance to show you off, I want a chance to love you like you deserve to be loved. I don’t want any problems but our problems. I swear to god I learned my lesson, I swear to god if I get one more chance Ill take care of your heart. But, I know you, I know you’re too strong for this. I envy your self worth and strength. Ill just have to make peace with what Ive done and keep a prayer in the back of my mind that we might find our way back to each other.

Dear C,

In this situation, there is a lot that I don’t know. I don’t have it all together, don’t have all the answers, I’m still trying to figure myself out just like you are. However, instead of using all of my energy trying to answer the questions that will never be answered, I’ve decided to focus on things that I do know. 

I know that I love you. I’ve said that way more than I’d like to. I don’t want to love you. I don’t want just the sound of your name to twist my insides. I don’t want just a glimpse of your face to give me butterflies. But it happens and I know that I can’t control it.

I know that even if you feel the same, you would never tell me. Not only because it won’t change anything for the better, but because you have a lot to lose. So I know that I’ll keep going back and forth between thinking you hate me and knowing you love me. Your eyes don’t lie but some of your words and actions tell me what you want me to hear. However, what you don’t understand is that either way, the potential of your life falling apart is pretty prominent. You’ve already changed so much, love. And not for the better.

I know that even if you did tell me you love me, nothing could happen between us. Those months of letting our desire take control was….there are no words to accurately describe it. I have a love of words such as amazing and incredible, but those aren’t enough. We could do that again, but going beyond that, nothing could come of it. You and I are too different. It isn’t that you like sports and I don’t or I love theater and you don’t. We are fundamentally incompatible. Your views and values are opposite of my own. Even looking past everything both of us would lose if we were to make that leap, and we would lose EVERYTHING…we would never work. 

I know that when we don’t have to see each other anymore, you will stop talking to me. Your energy needs to be focused on your life. Mine needs to be focused on my future.

 When I was a teenager, I thought love conquered all. If you love someone, you do whatever it takes to be with them. And that is true in some cases, but in a situation such as ours, throwing responsibility, family, values, and career into it skews that romanticism. We will not be together. We would never work.

I know I will never forget you, although you’re convinced you’ll be the only one to remember this when it’s all over. The details of your face may fade, the exact sound of your voice will become unclear and I will, overtime, think about you less. But I will never forget you. I will always love you in some way. This has changed both of us. You and I will never be the same. I will always see this change in me and think of you.

Those unanswered questions still haunt me. I still go back and forth, I analyze, I see things that aren’t there and miss things that are. That’s me and I know that won’t change any time soon.

I love you, I will remember you, and I will live my life and be the best that I can for me and my future family, but also for you. You see something in me that I’m still blind to. But I trust that it’s there because you see it. It will make itself known and I will have you to thank.

I hope you can find peace within yourself. I hope you can be happy again. I never wanted to hurt you. I would take it all back just to see you smile again.


2 things: 1. i can’t believe this exists. 2. one of the related searches is like grindr but specifically for bears. incredible

i kind of want to log in with my old account info and see what my middle school friends have been up to for the past decade