- Woke up many hours before the alarm. Not in pain, but very uncomfortable. I feel like I can’t stretch enough. Can’t get back to sleep.

- Thinking about changing the way I Fitbit. Long gone are the days where it was hard for me to meet the 10k step goal and every step counted. I think I’m going to only wear it at home or on walks that are specifically to get exercise. That will leave my wrist free for bracelets and increased cuteness.

- Also going to mess with my calorie goals. I have been really good with not getting overly obsessed with this this time, so I feel comfortable changing it a little. If the overly controlling bit of me makes a comeback I will put MyFitnessPal down and walk away slowly.

- Jerome originally took this week off as an actual staycationy relaxy time for my birthday, but now it’s all gotta be house stuff and it sucks. Not gonna pretend I’m not grumpy about my birthday getting messed up. I HAD COOL PLANS BEFORE, YO!

- To leave this on a positive note, though: Killer Cake is gonna happen on Friday! I am so glad we don’t have kids sometimes. I think twice a year Killer Cake is just enough. (Jerome’s birthday in January and mine in July makes for a nice balance.)


3 Ways Your Breakfast Is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss 


1. You Aren’t Eating Enough for Breakfast.  Start your day off with a balanced meal and you’ll be less likely to crash and crave unhealthy options as lunchtime approaches. 

2. You’re Eating Too Many Carbs and Not Enough Fat. Next time you’re in the store shopping for breakfast foods, keep in mind that the carbs you choose should be high-fiber. Try pairing them with protein and fat so you stay fuller longer and have a more balanced diet. 

3. You’re Eating Too Much Added Sugar. As you’re assessing your own breakfast menu, take a second to check the labels on your bread, cereal, jam and coffee drinks—the amount of added sugar lurking within may surprise you!

I need to say A Thing or Two or Seven:

I don’t believe in “earning calories” by working out.
I lift weights to get beastly.
I do tabatas because they’re good for my ticker.
I walk the dogs because all three of us dig it.
I’m done with bingeing and restricting.
I will never again “earn” or “atone for” my food with exercise.
If I’m hungry, I’ll eat, and, regardless of what my food-tracking app says, birthday cake will always go where it belongs: in my cakehole.

After a long weekend, it’s time to get back on track! BTW, I have no problem wearing my love to work. Sebby-kun! 😍 #gymaholic #anime #manga #cosplay #otaku #health #fitness #fit #fitnesstocosplay #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #kawaiifitness #doitforcosplay #gym #train #health #healthy #kombucha #sebastian #sebby #synergy #getfit #blackbutler #exercise #myfitnesspal #fitnessforcosplay #cosplaygoals #cosplayfitness

fact: despite how incredible I felt last night all dressed up for my friends’ wedding, I’m at my highest weight ever. 

pictures that were taken this weekend on my family vacation pointed out that no, I cannot actually hide it anymore. I’m constantly uncomfortable, extra sweaty and generally miserable about my weight. so this morning I logged back into myfitnesspal (add me - whendonutsattack) and I’m ready to put in the effort. with marathon training getting started it’s going to be really important to be on top of my health & fitness goals; running can be really taxing on my body but not if I take care of myself properly.

so I’ve set two small goals for myself to start:

1. log all of my food, every day. no exceptions. even if I’m over on calories, I need to log my food.

2. meditate for 15 minutes every day. it doesn’t matter when or where, I just need to spend the time relaxing and quiet. just some time to focus on breathing and listening to my body. my mental health has been a bit messy lately and I know this will help calm my overactive brain.

so here’s to (another) fresh start. 

This … 😂 —- #nonscalevictory #exercise #proteinworld #transformation #fitsporation #fitfam #fitspo #graciesjourney #mealprep #weddingdiet #bridal #hiit #bridetobe #sweatingforthewedding #weightlossjourney #fashion #myfitnesspal #myweightlossjourney #girlswithtattoos #femalefitness #tattooedgirls #girlswithmuscle #girlsthatlift #macros #fitnessshoutout #selfie


For those who wonder what I eat in a day: 

-Oats with Cellucor corfetti cake batter whey, natural pb, dark chocolate chips
-Sugar free pudding made with almond milk with a banana for dipping 

-100% whole wheat hamburger bun with a veggie burger, light cheese, guac, lettuce, mustard
-carrots and hummus
-an apple
-string cheese 

-Quest bar (normally I have a homemade protein bar but these were lying around) 

-rice, black beans, tofu, salsa, hummus, taco seasoning
-cottage cheese with unsweetened cocoa powder and stevia (seriously so good, 10/10 recommend or with whey)

At a high level, there’s what 5 weeks of trying to clean up my diet netted. 155 is a good marathoning weight for me, and one I can usually reach each time. In some sense, I’m disappointed I’m not down more. As if I would have hit this number regardless of what I ate.

I know health is much more than this number though. I’ve felt the difference in my runs. I know if I continue with high carbs the next few days, I’ll have an advantage I’ve never had before at my previous races. Sustaining energy that will carry me all the way to the finish.

My macro calories and carbs have been excellent. I don’t really have a problem with the numbers dictated by MyFitnessPal when exercise is included. My fat, sodium, and sugar numbers definitely need some work. I’ll have to change the quality of the things I eat for that to improve. Something to focus on for fall marathons.

I’ll probably keep this up for a little while after Boston. Maybe I’ll schedule some time with a sports nutritionist in the next couple months to make sure I’m really on the right track. It would be nice though to stop tracking for a little while and eat some greasy pizza with a Mountain Dew…


~~ Todays Workout 5/15/15 ~~

22 mins light as hell cycling

45 mins of body pump

Good class. I really need to work on my squats and my lunges. I can’t get as low as I want because my hips have been tight (I guess). I asked my instructor and she told me to look up some exercises to help this problem out. 

For lunch I made a salad with spinach/romaine, feta, tomato, red onion, salad fixins, trader joes chicken strips, and raspberry vinaigrette. I also had some pretzels and an orange. 

Friend me on myfitnesspal: jtotheackie (I only accept people with visible diaries to friends so make sure to change your settings)

I haven’t talked about it lately, but I’ve been keeping up with MFP since the Boston Marathon. Happy to say that I’ve maintained my racing weight through my “off-season” where less miles and junky eating tend to have me 5-7 pounds heavier. Should give me a nice, solid foundation as I transition back to marathon training next week.

You can see a little bump there where I did cut myself some slack. Not running at all immediately following Boston and indulging in items I had mostly restricted (soda, cheeseburgers, candy, etc). Everything in moderation of course, but it’s back to focusing on healthier carbs soon.

I’ve always been skinny since I was a kid. At my heaviest when I wasn’t running, I was probably 40 pounds more than now. Definitely needed diet and exercise then. Now it’s more about performance, so just counting the calories isn’t enough. Quality and effectiveness of what goes in my mouth has to be considered. Can’t say I’m happy about it, but this is the price to pay to reach tough goals. Eating 3000+ good calories a day definitely takes some planning and resistance to temptation.

Looking for new MFP (MyFitnessPal) friends. I’ll accept anyone’s friend request but specifically I’m looking to add friends who have similar goals to me. Message me for my username.

- Losing between 35 to 60 lbs.
- Healthy calorie deficit (not losing more than 2 lbs/ week at most, hopefully losing around 0.5 to 1 lb/ week).
- Interested in lifting, running, cycling, and/ or yoga.
- Tracking calories and macros.

Since we are in the summer months in Florida, I wanted to give nutrition information about some tropical fruits. Here’s Mango!

1) Vitamin A that helps fights against cancerous tumors and maintains healthy mucus and skin.

2) Potassium for heart rate control and blood pressure.

3) Vitamin C for the immune system and collagen in the skin.

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