#progresspic for January -> August . 174lbs to 122lbs and I feel SO much better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It was all from tracking calories in #myfitnesspal with a bit of #running and weights. There are no shortcuts or miracle products! Just discipline and desire.

Shout out to #dietbet for helping with the motivation and #fitbit and #garmin for keeping me aware of my activity levels. Also @senita for the dope floral gear.

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My Life so far with MyFitnessPal

Me: Oh, it keeps track of water.
Me: So far I had 2 cups of water.
Me: Let’s see, I had another cup.
Me: 2 more cups of water…
Me: Shit. When did I last log in water?  I think I had two cups since then.
Me: I think I had another cup.

Me: Today I’ve had grapefuit, broccoli, bell peppers, raspberries…
MFP: These foods are a good source of Vitamin C!
MFP: You’ve gone over 200% of your Vitamin C amount!
Me: Oh shut up.

On the weekend…
MFP: You haven’t logged in your breakfast today! Do you want to do it now?
Me: Breakfast?  I woke up at 10:30…

On a non-workout day…
Me: I am done with my log today.
MFP: You’re under your calorie count by 120+ calories. Eating is important blah blah blah…
Me: Oh geezus…I didn’t workout today.  Gimmie a break.

On a workout day…
You only have 120ish calories left today!!!!!
Me: Calm yourself.
Me: *Logs workout*
MFP: You can have another 560 calories today.
Me: See? Geeze.

Me: I just ate an apple…
MFP: Did you have a cup worth?
Me: Huh? I don’t know…
MFP: Was it apple sauce?
Me: No…
MFP: Was it an apple pie?
Me: No!
MFP: How about a strudel?
MFP: Was it raw with skin? Medium size 1 apple?

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Ok so this first picture was probably taken March 24th - a week after I started trying to lose weight (130lbs) and the second picture is today (123lbs)! I still have a little way to go yet but I can now safely say that my BMI is in the healthy zone! It’s also the first time in years that I can say I’m in the 8st region!

I will honestly never get tired of posting progress pictures. Because I’m so proud of myself, I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, and I feel I can do anything when I look at this. Today I went pokemon hunting. 3 hours of walking around the Botanical Gardens. Three.Hours. Me on the left could have never done that, and sure I was exhausted by the end of it today, but I did it, and I enjoyed it on top of everything. And hopefully in a couple months I can post another progress pic! :D #weightloss #weightlossjourney #myfitnesspal

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Challenge Day 4: Low Carb Food Diary

I woke up 1 pound heavier today. I find my scales always fluctuate like that after my initial weight loss. Oddly, I FEEL thinner this morning! This whole weight loss thing is funny like that. You just have to roll with it. Or only weigh once a week. ;-)

I need to say A Thing or Two or Seven:

I don’t believe in “earning calories” by working out.
I lift weights to get beastly.
I do tabatas because they’re good for my ticker.
I walk the dogs because all three of us dig it.
I’m done with bingeing and restricting.
I will never again “earn” or “atone for” my food with exercise.
If I’m hungry, I’ll eat, and, regardless of what my food-tracking app says, birthday cake will always go where it belongs: in my cakehole.