11.20 workout and food diary

Gonna restart my accountability.

Breakfast: oatmeal and breakfast smoothie (Almond milk+ice+banana+flax+chia+hemp). Don’t forget my massive amounts of coffee…. Needed for Monday. Lol

Lunch is meal prep. Simple. 56g pasta + the sauce I made on Saturday + 45g lean turkey sausage… Then I walked. It was awesome. LOL

Someone anonymously sent us a bourbon cake… They sent Human Resources.. a.. bourbon.. cake… -_- but whoever did at spent $38 on their website. LMFAO yeah, I had to research that. LMAO… But the cake tempted me and I failed.. and I had a slice about the size of a deck of cards. I Googled a recipe similar to it.. I hope … And imported that into my MyFitnessPal acct. Redid the ingredients to name-brand bad shit… Lol.. So hopefully it’s ok

Then came home. Did a few minor lift combos… 1 motion =
40lb Dumbbell squat to bicep curl to hammer curls to arnold press and back down to rest…. 3x15

Then protien up with a smoothie. The cake killed my macros. Lmao

How did I lose the weight?

I really hate to be redundant, because I’m sure you’ve been told this plenty of times already, (and so have I), but it is the actual answer: eat healthier foods and smaller portions, and exercise HARD at least 3-4 times a week. 

I think it is especially important to add heavy lifting training into your fitness regime because it will shape your body better than an all cardio schedule. Also, muscle burns more calories even while resting so the more muscle you have, the faster you will see change! I heavy lift at least 3 times a week now, and that jump started my weight loss. Cardio is still done, but I do less endurance cardio (just running for a long time at a normal pace), and more high intensity cardio. For example, I will do short sprints at my fastest pace for 1/8 of a mile, then walk the rest of the lap. Then I will repeat this until I’ve finished one mile, usually. It is healthier for your heart to learn how to beat faster and then cool down faster, too. This will actually reduce your resting BPM, which is very healthy for your heart! 

I also take pro-biotics daily now, and it has helped my stomach immensely and therefore helped my metabolism. That coupled with a daily multi-vitamin and LOTS of water has helped my body and mind feel better in general. I drink a lot of coffee, too, so I have to remember to drink DOUBLE the water for each coffee. So many bathroom breaks. So worth it. 

I started using the app/website MyFitnessPal to track my intake and my output! I have a 67 day streak going on right now for logging my meals and my exercise. I find that app extremely helpful because it is encouraging and it tells you if you are eating enough/too little, not just if you are eating too much. It really is a good app for your health, and I think it has a good social community too that keeps me motivated! Before using MFP, I never thought too much about what I was putting into my body and my workouts were not as regimented. This made it harder for me to lose weight in a pleasing pattern. Now the scale goes down about 1 pound each week. That is a super healthy pattern of weight loss because it is not too fast. 

However, I do not want to just lose weight! When I reach my desired weight, a healthy BMI, I wish to gain a little back in muscle. More muscle = MORE FOOD. And I sure do love food. 

I hope this helps! Any other questions more specifically aimed at my diet and exercise, please feel free to ask me! 

I’m feeling so proud of this right now! I always get a potato, bean, & rice burrito from Taco Bell…I shall not be a customer any longer! Lol.

This was really easy to make:
1 Spinach Wrap
½ cup Rice
½ cup Black Beans
1 Veggie Patty (cut into strips)
½ cup potatoes
2 tbsp of Red Sauce
Optional: hot sauce/other condiments

Fat: 6g
Carbs: 78g
Protein: 25g

Definitely a great meal if you want to be full without the groggy feeling!


201.8 last Wednesday –> 202.6 Thursday –> 202.4 Friday –> 201.8 Monday –> 200.2 yesterday –> 199.6 today

Well, it’s never taken anyone longer in the history of mankind, but I finally made it to the promised land, friends. And here’s an embarrassing photo collage and my little progress story to prove it.

On the left is a photo from a trip to Puerto Rico, where I weighed 265 pounds. I had lost weight low-carbing before but gained it all back in the way only a New Yorker can, with 15-course tasting menus every weekend and dinner delivery every weeknight. 

So I went back to low-carbing and got down to 225, which is what I weighed in the middle picture, my passport photo (hence the weird smile).  

I continued generally low-carbing through 2016 but never lost any more weight. I wasn’t logging any of my meals, I would cheat as often as I wanted to, which was usually a couple of nights a week, and I rarely even weighed myself.

But in 2016, I got tired of trying and not seeing any results. I was depriving myself of a lot of the food I wanted, thinking about wanting to be thinner all of the time, and still being just as fat. So I joined Tumblr.

And spent another year not losing any weight! Hahahaha, literally the worst dieter ever. My problem was that I had never tracked anything, because the myth of keto/LCHF is that you don’t have to count calories. And maybe you don’t when you’re younger or if you don’t have a messed up view of what a portion size is. But as someone who grew up thinking it was totally normal to have three slices of pizza for lunch, a chicken parm sandwich and fries for dinner, and half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for dessert on any old day of the week, I needed to watch myself.

I also desperately needed the friends I eventually made on Tumblr! I spent my first nine months here trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. You can see from my MyFitnessPal weight graph that I was still bouncing up and down well into 2017:

But then, when you all taught me to track everything I ate, to calculate my maintenance calories and decide what deficit I should eat at, my graph suddenly got a nice downward trend (with a few minor interruptions for vacations):

I still have a long way to go to hit my initial goal of 160 pounds, and I’ll probably make more mistakes along the way. But to feel like I have a handle on what works for me and to have a plan for going forward is AMAZING!

And I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for motivating me! Legitimately, I would still be floundering at 225 pounds without you. I seriously think about wanting to make you all proud, and it affects what I put in my mouth! Knowing that you’re going to check in on me and having one of you even write a post about waiting for me to hit 199 was so incredibly helpful.

So here we go! 65 pounds down so far!

(Thank you for bearing this extremely self-indulgent post.)

I did it.
Today, I crossed the halfway point in my weight loss goals. In the last 180 days (just shy of 6 months), I have lost 75 pounds, and shed inches from my waist, chest, stomach, neck, thighs, and more.
I’m back to the size I was my sophomore year of college (at least), and have another 75 pounds to go still.
I am feeling healthier, happier, more energetic and willing to “get up and go.” I sleep better, I make more conscientious choices about what I should and should not be eating, and finally understand what “good things in moderation” means.
I have never once felt deprived on this journey, and have still found time to indulge in the things I love (hello, pizza, beer, and cake.)
I see so many changes in my body I don’t know where to begin. It’s exciting and scary and, honestly, I find it fun, too. It’s a challenge every day to be better than the day before. It’s a challenge some days to reach my step goal. I can push myself to do more than I ever thought I would be able to.
And. For once, I feel happy with who I’m becoming.

Feeling pretty good every once in a while, when I’m not in my self conscious moods.. 90% of the time 😂 

Going to make breakfast for dinner tonight, I am so excited! I love me some breakfast food, I could eat it all day!! 

Fit Body Boot camp! 💪

So the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is November 28 and if you didn’t know…. Victoria’s Secret models work extremely hard for their bodies you see on stage! I’m using this same motivation to train hard and keep my diet in check!

If you are as excited as I am and you want to make some serious progress on your fit journey by November 28 here’s what you gotta do:

-figure out how many calories you really need! Whether this is to lose weight, maintain, gain weight you need to set a calorie goal for yourself and STICK WITH IT
-Track your calories/macros on MyFitnessPal or whatever app you want. With that fashion show coming so close you can’t afford to fall short on your nutrition goals 😉 (you only have to do this until Nov 28, let this be a learning experience for you)
-Cut out all processed sugars 🍩🍰🍬and replace it with healthier options like fruit🍒🍓🍌🍏, or just use stevia in place of sugar.
-Eat more salads! Salads are low calorie and have a lot of micronutrients which will make you feel so much better!
-Workout at least 5 days a week! I know this one might be tough but I know you can do it! It doesn’t have to be an hour long trip to the gym, you can just do an at home workout. For the workout to count, you gotta SWEAT!

That’s it for the rules!

Here’s another tip…whenever you are thinking about cheating on your diet, skipping a workout to watch Netflix or whatever always ask yourself what you would do if you had to strut down a runway in lingerie in less than 2 months 😂

Hope this motivates y'all 😉

I remember almost crying that I lost 50 lbs and could *finally* fit into those purple underwear. Now they’re too big 😩 But on the right, I’ve lost almost another 50 lbs (2.5 away) and have almost achieved a 100 lb weight loss! I just want to thank my followers, running, and myfitnesspal for helping me become my best self ❤️


While I was at work this morning, I was thinking about going to the gym to run after p90x…. LOL. I just finished the plyometric workout, and I’m dying. It really is the mother of all X workouts! Time to drink my chocolate milk, do homework, and relax the rest of the day. 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️

YES. 25+ lbs as of this morning!!

I really wanted to lose weight before starting grad school for confidence and discipline and self care and Miami weather/wardrobe and all kinds of reasons. I have a ways to go before my goal weight, but orientation is next Monday and I feel proud of what I accomplished this summer!


Sustainabody App: Track Nutrition

Get food suggestions for what to eat when you may be low in a nutrient

Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sustainabody-track-nutrition/id1192877906?mt=8

Are we friends on MFP!? If not, let’s be. My username is AutumnsAppetite. I love love looove being able to browse through what others eat for meal ideas. I meticulously count my macros, I eat cleanly/organically, and have a fat intake of 45 grams or less daily, in case anybody’s curious and wanted to peep my eats out. Let’s be friends!💪🏼😝