Starting out the day right! Early morning gym session with 30 minutes on the elliptical fat-burner workout, then arms and abs today. I just got home and made up my favorite breakfast - avocado and tomato on toast with one whole fried egg and one egg white. Delicious 👌🏻MyFitnessPal puts this meal at 385 calories, packed with protein and good fats!

The 2006/2016 trend has really got me looking at my long term journey and I could not be more grateful. I don’t look at pictures from back then. I haven’t looked at them in years.

Left: 16 years old, headed home from a trip to Washington DC, had just picked up a tennis racquet for the first time in my life.

Right: 26 years old, headed to Ben’s office Christmas party this past week, just finished with my yoga workout for the day.


I decided to take a progress photo. On the left is me at 331lbs (the day my family started our challenge), and the right is me at 289.6 (today, 3 months later)!

I have reached my first goal of a 40lb loss! My second goal is another 40lbs, bringing me down to an 80lb loss.

My ultimate goal weight is 165. So, at this moment, I am ¼th of the way there 🙂!

Keep me accountable

I know I have literally zero followers on this blog (or my main, for that matter), but I like the idea of having this side blog for personal use and to keep me on track with my fitness goals. I have been working out almost every day for the past month with my roommate and I haven’t really seen results, but I’ve felt the change beginning to happen. It’s still kind of hard to get out of bed at 5 am.. and I know I don’t HAVE to go in the early morning, but the fitness center is so packed any other time that that’s the only time it’s worth it to go.
To keep me on track and motivated, I want to use this blog to track my progress and post my meals. I think it would help me to post screenshots of MyFitnessPal or Fitbit when I’m done with the day to keep some accountability for myself. Even if only one person besides myself sees it, that’s enough to make me feel like I got something good done that day. I got up, I went to the gym, I ate healthy, and now it’s on the internet and I gotta keep it up!
Maybe I will post progress pics one day, but I’d wait until there’s a noticeable change between my first and second pics to post anything. I’m gaining a lot of confidence throughout all this, but still not quite enough to post a picture of myself in a sports bra and shorts with how I feel in my own skin right now.
So stay tuned for those pics and app screenshots, my 3 loyal followers!


For lunch today: grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and a Greek-style salad. I snuck some ranch in there because I have to dip my chicken in something… bad, I know. I also love feta cheese and olives so MyFitnessPal is telling me I’ve hit my fat for the day 😠 at least it’s mostly good fats, right? I’ve almost reached my step goal for today, and I still have to walk back to campus for my last class 👍🏻
So far it’s been a good day 😁 just have to knock out more homework and then I’m free to watch Grey’s!

Looking exactly the same? Yep. Soo the new job and and commute have been rough on my routine. On Sunday I joined a dietbet hosted by @molsinspire (of insta, I don’t think she’s on tumblr) to get a little kickstart for the very end of winter.

On the left we have the dietbet I didn’t complete and on the right is my Sunday night weigh in. I’m very happy that I’m far from where I’ve been but there’s definitely a wall I need to break through to get to my next level of fitness.

Step 1: post more

louboutinmamii  asked:

I just wanted to say you are gorgeous!!! and also that you've definitely inspired me to get back on my fitness journey, I have four months until my birthday and to see your transformation in four months is hella motivating! you're amazing xoxo 😘

Thank you doll! <3

Just to be clear, this is my transformation over 4 months. 140 lbs vs. about 130 lbs. ↓

More 4 month transformation photos can be seen here <-

My transformation over 3 years can be seen here and in a video here.

If you want to kick-start your journey by doing my 30-Day Challenge with me click here <-

It honestly means a lot that I could have inspired you. I look forward to seeing your progress. Remember to submit me your before and after picture :) Kick ass! xx


Yesterday, I meal prepped. (Among other things…

It started Friday night, I created a meal plan for the week so that I could be all prepared for my grocery shopping on Saturday. The only change I had to make to my meal plan for the week was the removal of the almonds. My meal plan for the week is no meat, no cheese, no bread, no alcohol, no nuts (husband’s not included…couldn’t help myself). 

What you see in the pictures are various stages of my meal prep yesterday. All in all, there’s cabbage soup, spinach salads, grapes (to be frozen), mangoes, yogurt, brown rice, Quaker Instant Oatmeal, a homemade smoothie (half to start off the day, the other half for post workout), hard boiled eggs and hard boiled egg whites.

Trying something new: veggie crisps…sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, tora, and green beans. 

So far, I’ve only had one and it didn’t taste bad. It was actually pretty sweet. I planned on having these as snacks, but with sticking to my eating schedule (8 am, 10 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm) I feel like I’ve been eating all day and I’m just really not here for it…not today anyway.