just a little 2 monthly progress. left is when i was back from denmark and bloated and had gained quite a bit of weight back (for me) and then left is after a month of insanity (had to take a week off due to broken laptop but kept going in the gym and kept my fitness up). i’m at the lowest weight i have been for a while (as of this morning weighing) so naturally that meant a peanut butter hot chocolate 🍫 ☕️


For as much television as I watched when I was a kid, I was also super athletic. I was always doing something: running around the house, jumping from high above the playground (much to my parents’ disapproval), and chasing friends across the school yard. I didn’t care about how much muscle or fat I did or didn’t have; I didn’t spend as much time researching exercises or timing my cardio. I just had fun. For six years, I swam and did tae kwon do. And in middle school, I was on the softball, volleyball, and basketball teams. While I may not have been the best player, those seasons kept me active; they kept me moving.

After I came out, anything that involved physical activity was a no-go. Sure, I lifted weights at home. But it wasn’t the same, I wasn’t moving as constantly as I used to. It wasn’t like what I do now. Now, I set attainable goals for myself, I challenge my own abilities. And sure, I care about how much muscle or fat I do or don’t have. It’s something I’m working on. But now, I’m also just happy to be active again. Sometimes, it makes me feel like the kid I once was. #ftm #trans #transguy #transman #transfitness #ftmfitness #fitfam #myfit #myfitnessjourney #handstand #workforthebodyyouwant #motivation #progress ##inked

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My workout today

10,9,8… With a med. Ball
Wall balls, lunge jumps, plank with med ball rolls, & crunch up, toss the ball, catch & Russian twist.

Box jumps
KB swings
Plank twists
Triceps dips on box

Box sled runs
4 Ball slams 20 lbs ball