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Hey girl, can you tell me your workout routine and some weightloss tips that worked on you?ly

hey there! sure thing :)

workout routine:

weight-loss tips that worked for me:


  • decide 100% that you need/want to lose weight. speak to a doctor/personal trainer if you’re unsure if it’s healthy or not, and what a healthy fat percentage would be. Once you have decided to lose some weight, realize there’s no going back. It’s now going to happen, you just gotta put in a little effort, every day
  • I joined a gym, it’s one of the closest ones to my home (important) and it’s also 24hours (convenient) + also contains cute personal trainers (educational)
  • I booked 3x personal training sessions which were so helpful. in the first one she looked at what I was eating/my activity levels/and came to the conclusion I was eating fine, but needed more exercise
  • set goals, including a goal weight, but more importantly, running distance goals (10k) and weight lifting goals


  • I stopped will power eating and began intuitive eating. I only eat when I’m hungry, and stop when I’m full
  • on a vegan diet, I’ve found I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want and maintain a slim figure
  • find fruit and vegetables you actually love, and eat them frequently

hope I helped! xx

anonymous asked:

You're so pretty.. Do you have any tips for getting a figure like yours? I've always been a bit on the chubby side and it's hard for me to remain focused enough to lose weight.

Thank you so much!! I’m on a diet right now for personal health reasons, and it’s hard! Because results aren’t instant and naturally you want what you can’t have it’s difficult. You tell me I can’t have junk food, for some reason I then NEED bagel bites or I’m gonna freaking die. 

**I am NOT a health professional so take what I say with a grain of salt:

What I do is keep a journal of what I eat (MyFitness Pal is a great app, a friend of mine lost 60lbs on it). Find out what your daily caloric intake should be and subtract maybe 200 calories. I’ve very petite, so I’m supposed to intake 1200 to maintain my weight. I don’t count fruits and steamed veggies which encourages you to eat more of them (I’m already a vegetarian but I love junk food).  If I only consume 900-1000 calories I’ll start to loose around 10-15 lbs in the first month. I don’t do this every day, some days I’ll go over or under (which is important so your metabolism doesn’t plateau or you go into starvation mode or something).

Completely remove soda. Drink like 2-3 bottles of water a day. Green tea speeds up your metabolism and decreases bloating. Instead of soda, try making your own smoothies or buy a juicer and use your fruits!

You CAN eat more, you just need to make up for it in exercise. Walking 30 minutes a day 3 times a week is good. Or do some intense cardio at the gym. MAKE SURE you get your potassium requirements so you don’t hurt your muscles. Take multivitamins.  Don’t ban things! If you really love pizza, find a healthy homemade alternative or have it in small portions from time to time. It’ll curb that whole “if i can’t have it i want it” mindset and prevent you from binging on it and ruining your diet. You can still eat what you want, it’s all about control. 

Another thing is to try to be mindful about your hunger. Biologically, we don’t need that much food to survive. Anthropologically (to my knowledge) humans are supposed to be leaner and we haven’t evolved that drastically from our ancestors in that regard. Before you eat, as yourself why you’re doing it? Is it for emotional comfort? Boredom? Are you actually hungry? When was the last time you ate? (every 4 hours is a good benchmark to have a meal or snack). You’ll be surprised how often you want to eat for the sake of eating, and not because your body needs it. Listen to your body!!

PLEASE do not restrict your calories any further than that or stop eating. You may loose weight, but it’ll come right back on with the smallest amount you consume. Not to mention all the other health factors. Now I am all for body acceptance, but I also believe in good health for a long and happy life. It makes your mood better, you get more energy, and become a stronger individual for others. As long as you are healthy and happy.

This is a great article about a guy who lost like 100 lbs and pretty much put diet fads to shame.