Announcement from SiNs-Fids:

I’m going to be opening a few commission slots soon as a way of getting Pavi to the vet first before the other birds. I’ve decided to do it more on a commission basis rather than donations of certain amounts (although I’ll still be putting up a donation button in the next few days).

Send me a message if you’d be interested in a simple pastel bird portrait of A4-A3 sizing from $40-$100+ depending on what you are wanting and the time it takes to have it drawn.

I do have depression and anxiety so I can only do a few at once so I’ll try to get back to everyone when I can.

Original post with pictures of my work included.


So, I have the tv on the music channels as there are a lot of Australia day BBQ music countdowns on. I was dancing around the room and Taffi decided she wanted to dance with me and joined in, dancing towards me and then tripped on her ladder, so she acted like nothing happened and still kept dancing around with me.

Silly bird. XD