miracle day is such a hot mess honestly because like, it sucked, but also we as a society, the whole of the human race, are literally never going to receive a moment so iconic as that of gwen cooper holding her baby on her hip while shooting snipers out of a helicopter, we will never receive something that iconic ever again, and frankly it’s troubling that the rest of the series didn’t live up to that moment. 

I’m so happy Colin Baker is standing up in support of Jodie Whittaker. He’s completely right, you don’t need to be the same gender as someone for them to be a role model.

There’s no reason for boys to lose the Doctor as a role model now she’s a woman, just like there was no reason for girls not to have had him as a role model before.

Put It Back Together

Put It Back Together

Part 1 – The Greatest Longing

Characters: Nine x OFC Mackie (Mackenzie); OC’s Philip, Francois (Frank)

Warnings: Mentions of drug abuse, some explicit language, some angst and a little bit of fluff ♥

Word Count: 2526 words

Author’s Note: Welcome one and all to my first official Doctor Who fic! It’s an OFC slash fic. As always, please leave any feedback! It’s greatly appreciated. Also, please note that this fic has NOT been edited. I will be giving it a once over tomorrow morning… hopefully.

            Today had been spent much like the same as every other these last two years: Mackie woke up, ate, went to work, came home and slept. Repeat. There were the odd days Mackie would occasionally break that routine if only to make room for the one friend she still had. His name was Phil. A tall, gangly chap with a shallow skinny face, blond hair and deep blue eyes. Phil ran a tiny, but thriving, electronics shop just down the street from the bar Mackie worked at it. So, the occasional divergence was an acceptable one.

            Mackie was dressed in her usual attire as she strode down Baker Street towards Phil’s shop. She wore a ¾ length grey and white jersey shirt, denim skinny jeans, combat boots and square-framed glasses that she seldom needed to wear in dreary London. A rare spring sun gave her the opportunity to wear them, which she was rather happy for. And there were few things to look forward to or be about in her life. Not since the Doctor had gone.

            She had already been travelling with the Doctor for two years at that point. Two wonderful years.

            It was while she was backpacking across Scotland with some friends – both from her homeland of Canada and those native to the United Kingdom – that he first appeared to her. The TARDIS had broken down and there was a chap by the name of Jack Harkness in Glasgow who could help him. In reality, it had been a ruse to see who would be brave enough to take on a man like him; to leave all they had behind and travel with him through time and space. And Mackie – sass and all – was the only person to step up to the plate.

            Two years of friendship, of traveling through time and space and having adventure after adventure of their own, and he left her.

            Still, there was a packed bag at the back of her closet for if… for when he came back. Because he would come back… right?

            Tea in hand, Mackenzie – called Mackie by her friends – strode into the shop. In the window hung a ‘CLOSED’ sign. It didn’t apply to her. There was a small jingle from the bell as the door swung open and closed. Behind the checkout counter stood the aforementioned tall gangly man. A broad smile stretched his face, his lips peeling back to show a crooked set of large teeth. “Well, it’s about time you showed up,” he said, his soft English accent filtering through her ears.

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I’m flattered that you’re this interested in my nsfw, but I hope you don’t mind that I won’t link it to anon askers.

If you ask as anon i can’t check if you’re older than 18 and there’s some… pretty questionable stuff in there. I’m not kidding when i said the kitashu comic is baby vanilla thing…

friendly reminder than in two months the same Nerd Boys crying over a female doctor will be sobbing when a gay writer exacts his gay revenge in the new star trek series starring mutliple poc (with the lead being the beautiful sonequa martin-green) and at least one openly gay character. please support star trek discovery when it comes out, not for the tears of the male ego (although tbh that will also be amazing) but for the generations of kids that will finally see themselves living their lives and falling in love and leading badass adventures on screen. thank for my ted, goodbye