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Don't Trust People Who Read Fight Club

This one is for @feminist14er whose birthday it is today. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays and the best of years ahead of you! <3

Also, thanks to @ottersandotherstuff who told me you liked these prompts. :D

Based on the prompts: “you said Shakespeare was dumb while checking out Fight Club and I am ready to Fight You” and “someone left a comment card in the suggestions box that says ‘the reference librarian is super cute’ and now all of the reference librarians are arguing over who it’s for”

Also on AO3

Bellamy Blake is a librarian. And with that great power comes great responsibility.

Mostly, it means he’s bitten his tongue so many times he’s not even fazed when he tastes blood, because of people who are reading shitty things he wouldn’t recommend in a hundred years.

But it’s what he does, and he lives for those who are actually interested when they lean on his desk and ask for recommendations. That sort of people make him forget all about assholes like the blonde who drops by his desk one day, looking to check out Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Palahniuk’s Fight Club.

As far as literature choices go, this one isn’t the worst but Bellamy can’t help but to feel wary of the stranger who’s currently toying with her phone. He doesn’t trust people who read patriarchal shit like Fight Club in their free time so he focuses on her other book.

“Shakespeare, huh?” he asks, swiping the books over the scanner.

The girl looks up from her phone and wrinkles her nose in disgust. “Shakespeare is dumb. This,” she points at Fight Club, “is what I’m reading for fun.”

Bellamy’s stomach plunges and despite the fact that he can keep quiet in the face of immense stupidity ten out of eleven times, this one is the eleventh and he can’t help himself.

“Are you seriously saying Shakespeare is dumb and you’re reading Fight Club for fun?”

Now he’s got her full attention, her blue eyes glaring at him in a way that makes him seriously question whether glaring daggers is a metaphor or a thing that actually happens, and when she speaks, it’s with a low and threatening voice that sends shivers down his spine.

“You got a problem with that?”

Bellamy squares his shoulders, returning the glare. “Actually, I do. Fight Club is the worst piece of trash I’ve ever read. It’s not a book, it’s a word-vomit about a bunch of white guys whose daddies didn’t love them and now they’re self-pitying themselves being nostalgic for patriarchal power.”

“That’s not what I heard,” the blonde counters, her phone completely forgotten as her hands curl into fists on her sides. She’s actually pretty frightening, Bellamy will give her that. But definitely not the sort of person who’d read Fight Club. “I heard it’s a metaphor for liberating ourselves from the chains of capitalism.”

“You probably need a hearing aid, then.”

The girl slams her fist on his desk, seething with rage. “What is your problem?”

“My problem is that whoever recommended that,” Bellamy narrows his eyes at the book, “to you is an asshole you shouldn’t trust.”

“My boyfriend recommended that.”

Okay, so he’s just insulted this girl’s boyfriend. God, if he gets fired, he’s going to slap himself for being so stupid because there is no way she’s not going to file a complaint now.

Or kick his ass.

Probably the latter, she seems like the type.

“There’s a reason why the first rule of the fight club is that you don’t talk about the fight club, Princess. It’s because it’s such a shitty book.”

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FFVIII in a Star Wars AU!

Okay, have you ever thought about a Star Wars AU for FFVIII???
How awesome would that be?!?!?!?!?

Ultimecia as a powerful Sith Lord – with a red lightsaber of course. (Although she prefers to use the sheer Force to defeat her opponent.)
Squall as a Jedi Padawan. He fights with a blue lightsaber and is often annoyed by his Jedi Master during training.
Rinoa as the leader of the small resistance group „Forest Owls“. (Of course! Literally a „rebell princess“ :D) A little Ewok named Angelo follows her wherever she goes because Rinoa once saved her.
Zell as a technician whose specialty is repairing broken T-Boards and other hovercrafts.
Quistis as a bounty huntress or an instructor for new members of the Resistance.
Irvine and Selphie as a smuggler couple. Selphie is the pilot of their starship Ragnarok (and when they get in trouble she loves to just „blow things to smithereens“ :D) and Irvine is the charming negotiator. Furthermore Irvine owns a bar (he won it through illegal gambling) in which Selphie works as a musician from time to time (à la Cantina Band ^^). It’s a save place to make deals with customers and to hide their smuggled goods.
Seifer as a former Jedi Padawan who changed over to the Dark Side and is now Ultimecia’s apprentice.
Edea as the former Senator. The headpiece of her sorceress outfit and her Make-up would fit perfectly to that role! But now she has resigned and lives a calm life with her husband Cid. They bought a little secluded house at the shore of one of the many lakes on Naboo.
Adel as an undercover Sith in the Senate who tries to trick people into voting her as new Senator.
Laguna as Squall’s Father and Jedi Master. He’s a former Pod-Racer but he barely won anything… because he’s clumsy and actually not good at driving in general. Every time his Podracer got destoryed during a race, his Moomba friends had to repair it again. But then Laguna found out that he can use the Force, left Tatooine and became a Jedi. He spent the only trophy money he ever got to ransom Ellone.
Ellone lives with Laguna and is a wise Jedi historian. She works at the Library of Coruscant and calmly analyzes past events. Her parents died when she was very young, so she worked as a slave for Dr. Odine on Tatooine until Laguna took her with him.
Raine as a ghost who accompanies Squall and gives motherly advice. She worked as a florist on Naboo until she met Laguna. But just a few years after Squall’s birth she unfotunately died because of a disease.
Fujin and Raijin as generals of military forces.
The Shumi as inhabitants and craftsmen of Hoth who can repair every broken little thing in their underground village.
Kiros and Ward as Jedi buddies of Laguna and part of the Jedi Councils. Kiros’ lightsaber is purple, while Ward’s is green. OR: Kiros as the Baron Administrator of Cloud City and Ward as a Scavenger.
And last but not least: NORG AS JABBA THE HUTT!

The possibilities are ENDLESS! *_____*

Older! Marinette and Adrien (22), and an extra for my fanfic, The Waiting Game:

Marinette is not convinced. She sits back, taking in the whole of his posture, his body language. Adrien shifts, subtly sits to the peak of his height, because if modeling has taught him anything, it’s that you don’t need confidence if your shoulders are back and your chin up. Fake it ‘till you make it.

She’s still not convinced.

She asks, “Are you sure?”

No, he’s not sure. He’s not sure of anything when it comes to his father. He knows even less when he considers he hasn’t seen his father in years. He’s avoided that prison like the plague. What face is he supposed to make? What is he supposed to say? Hello, Father. Like prison so far? How’s the cell I sent you to?

She’s giving him an out, a hand to hold through it all, and all he has to do is say please. The word quakes on his tongue, eager to leap, but he keeps his lips pursed tightly.

A beat, a standstill, as she waits for a sign and doesn’t get it.

She sighs, but she betrays a small smile. A proud smile, he’d like to think. “Alright,” she says. “That’s fine. You can see your father alone. But I’m keeping the comm open, and I’ll be waiting outside for you.”

His mouth springs open. “No, Marinette. It’s freezing outside. You can just wait at ho-“

“No.” She’s strong and stout and rooted. “If I can’t be there, I’ll be as close as I can. You do what you need to, and I’ll be waiting when you’re done. Okay?”

Her eyes are clear and unwavering while he imagines his are distracted, insecure. She’s always been like this. Sure of herself, sure of him, even when he isn’t. Especially when he isn’t. He intertwines his hand with hers, his fingers curling like the tendrils of a vine crawling up a tree. He hopes that she’ll stay strong, stout, and rooted until he can stand up tall by himself, until he can be like her, sure enough for the two of them.

He presses a kiss to the back of her hand, wondering at this skin too soft to be bark. “Thank you.”

anonymous asked:

I love how you respond with the queen, by the way. It's called Only Teardrops... Second chapter will be up tonigh. It's on myff

Gotta love queen Shinoa~~ And I can’t find it, what’s your username on ff?

Shut up and Dance with Me

Who had their heart broken by ep3, lemme see those hands! Okay, so here is some happy about childhood best friends, to the tune of Walk the Moon - Shut up and Dance. :D

Bellamy Blake has known Clarke Griffin ever since she was ten and annoying with her pro-Slytherin propaganda. He’d handed her Advil the first time she got drunk with Octavia and threw up in his mom’s run-down bathroom. He knows that she likes pink because she fought him when he told her that pink was for girls and she shot back, “I am a girl and I will kick your ass, Bellamy Blake” and it was clear that she definitely would.

So, aware that he knows exactly what her awkward teen phase looked like, Bellamy has no fucking clue how he came to stand in the middle of Wells Jaha’s living room, just staring at Clarke Griffin in her backless dress and a pair of black beat up Converse, jumping up and down to the music with a smile on her face that could probably light up their entire town.

More importantly, he doesn’t know why his heart flips every time she looks over at him and smiles wider, why there is suddenly a swarm of butterflies in his stomach and why he really, badly, ridiculously wants to get his hands out of his jeans’ pockets and join her on the dance floor.

But Bellamy Blake doesn’t dance and it doesn’t matter that this song is calling him to exactly that and Clarke is waving over at him, mouthing “Come on”.

He does not dance.

But she does. She dances wildly, recklessly, like she doesn’t even give a single fuck what people think about her – it’s not glamorous or elegant but she is having fun. Clarke Griffin is having fun and she radiates like the surface of the sun in Jaha’s dimmed living room.

And he’s been craving some light.

So when she pecks Raven’s cheek, leaving the other girl to dance with flustered Wells, and makes her way over to him, Bellamy fists his hands in his pockets and tries to remember just how exactly that famous smirk of his goes because he’s spent a couple of years perfecting it but it always fails with Clarke these days.

“Great party, huh?” she asks, breathless, leaning one shoulder on the wall next to him. Her dress shines in the makeshift disco lights Raven made out of spare lamp parts and she’s still smiling.

“Yeah, Jaha really went all out.”

Clarke frowns at him and shakes her head, motioning towards her ear. “Can’t hear you.”

So he leans closer, a fatal mistake he’ll never forgive himself for making, because she smells like too many martinis and apple shampoo and – Clarke. That scent of Clarke when she’s gotten her knees scraped on the playground or showed up a bully or got a straight A. That scent of Clarke victorious for a really good reason.

“Jaha really – “he stops and she leans in closer, pressing her cheek to his lips, burning up while he’s practically freezing in his flannel. “Yeah, great party.”

It’s not until she interlocks their fingers and flashes him a smug smile that he realizes why she’s moving away, but then she’s pulling him into the crowd of gyrating hips and flailing arms and shakes her head when he tries to protest.

“I don’t dance!”

“Can’t hear you!”

“I don’t dance!” he repeats, louder, but she’s smiling like she wants the whole world and she wants him, too, and he’s hopeless when she grabs his arms and makes him move to the beat. The singer is begging him to shut up and dance with her so Bellamy does, channeling his inner Clarke that never gave a shit about what everyone else thought.

“This is so ridiculous!”

Clarke rolls her eyes, amused, and points at the speakers above them. “Shut up and dance with me!”

His friends always tease him about being an old man who doesn’t do anything fun, but he can do fun. Clarke is laughing at him when he tries a sexy wiggle but swats his shoulder after he wants to leave, something in her blue eyes telling him that it’ll be fine, he just has to move.

Hours pass and he’s not sure how he’s still standing up, his flannel having been tied around his waist long ago, but now he’s jumping up and down with Clarke, there’s Octavia, too, and Miller is making out with Monty.

Something explodes in his chest and it makes him laugh out loud even though the music drowns out the sound but Clarke notices, smiles back, makes him move faster even though it’s the world’s slowest pop song.

“We’re horrible at this!” he shouts in her ear and she rolls her eyes, grabs his hand and twirls around in a circle, stopping only when she wants him to do the same.

“Good thing we don’t give a shit, then!”

Good thing we don’t give a shit, Bellamy thinks and smiles back at her, deciding to tell the butterflies to just fly on if that’s what they wanna do because her skin is slick underneath his fingertips when he brushes them across her bare back and her hair’s gone all frizzy like it was before she learned straightening iron exists, and maybe –

Well, fuck, maybe she still wears those Spiderman boxers he borrowed her when she threw up on her clothes when she was fifteen and he was seventeen.

Now they’re older but he’s still a goner.

“Drinks!” she yells, pointing her finger at the table and Bellamy nods, lets her take his hand as she leads him through the crowd. Every once in a while, she’ll throw a look over her shoulder, smile like she’s surprised he’s still there and he doesn’t know how to smirk because he’s just so happy.

They get really shitty beer and she mentions that on their way to the porch, the door drowning out the noise until it’s just a faint hum, vibrating underneath their bare toes when they plop down on the grass in the front garden. It’s a white picket fence dream and Bellamy really doesn’t care about how he’s supposed to be cooler than this when she lets out a happy-tired sigh and leans her head on his shoulder.

“I’m glad you danced,” she tells him, tilting her head just a little bit so she can see him better. Her eyes are clear even though she’s been drinking and then his gaze falls on her beat up chucks, the ones she loves putting up on his dashboard just so she can smirk when he rolls his eyes fondly. “I know you don’t do that but, Bell, that’s so stupid. You’ve gotta dance. Who cares if you can’t?”

“Well, when you put it like that – “

She smiles at him, the corners of her eyes crinkling with it, and he’s reminded how she did that every time she kicked his ass at FIFA when they were in middle school.

“You still got those boxers I gave you?” he asks.

Clarke pauses for a second and then laughs. “Yeah, of course. The Spiderman ones? Sure, they’re my favorite.”

The condensation on the beer bottle slides down her wrists when she takes a sip and Bellamy swallows, hard.

“Hey, so listen, Clarke – “

She stops him with a press of her finger to his lips, leaving him just staring at her widened eyes and shaking head. The stars are reflected in her eyes when she looks up for a second, as if asking herself – what the hell am I going to do with you?

“Hey, so listen, Bellamy – before your mind gets in the way. I like you. Don’t know why the hell, though. You’re practically an old man yelling at the kids to get off his lawn, but.” There she stops, looks at him under her eyelashes, bites into her lower lip. He knows she does this when she is nervous. He knows a lot about her. But there are still things that surprise him, make his heart flip in his chest. Clarke Griffin liking him is one of them.

“Clarke Griffin is in love with me,” he says, unable to stop the self-satisfied tone that creeps into his voice and she swats at his arm.

“You’re such an asshole, Bellamy.” There’s no heat to it, never is, they’re just Bellamy and Clarke. Shooting the shit, showing love through insults, fighting each other on every possible thing.

“Hey,” he whispers, draping an arm over her shoulders when she moves away to take another sip of her beer. “All I’m saying – that’s good, that you’re in love with me. Because I’m in love with you, too.”



“Absolutely amazing.”

“Look, Clarke, how long – “

She kisses him before he’s even managed to realize what she’s doing, just full on fucking tackles him because that’s Clarke Griffin and he might have a crick in the neck the next morning, his t-shirt doomed to grass stains on his back, but she’s on top of him and they’re just rolling around the grass, chasing each other’s lips.

When they plop down onto their backs, breathless like they’ve been wrestling, not kissing, Clarke turns her head towards him, a soft look in her eyes as she speaks.

“I totally won this one.”

Bellamy sighs, weary. Trust Clarke to make everything a competition. “And I’m an asshole?”

“Come on, Bell,” she admonishes. “We’re both assholes. We’re like – drift-compatible, but only, you know, shit-compatible.”

“Love is for the weak, right?”

“Fuck yeah,” she agrees fiercely, rolling on her side to face him and press a peck to his lips again. “We could pilot a Jaeger together. That’s so much better.”

SWEET POTATOES MAKE ME HAPPY.😋😋😋😋 I have this wonderful neighbor who saves me so much time by doing my grocery shopping for me… And last week she brought home sweet potatoes that I discovered quite happily you can steam in the microwave in a bag. ❕❕❕❕❕ Now my first reaction to that was no way do I want to cook sweet potatoes in the microwave… I like making them in the oven… ➡➡➡➡ but let me give you a little hint and make your life so much better with this tip. I Steam these in the microwave for 3 minutes. ↗🕘🕘🕘🕘 And then I take one (which is a serving size) and slice it up put it in a pan on the stove with coconut oil and cinnamon and all I can say is it is SLAP YO MAMA GOOD. 😋😋😋😋 AMEN. Right now with this elimination diet I am on sweet potatoes are one of the few days I have left in life and one of the few foods I’m actually allowed to eat so let me just tell you how happy this situation made me not having to wait an hour for a baked sweet potato. #fitfluential #myffmeal #ffobsession #iifym

Episode 9: Breakdancers Love Eggs, Bro

This week Mitch, Levins and Mike sat down with Myffy Rigby (the current editor of the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide), Darren Robertson (TV presenter and head chef at Three Blue Ducks in Bronte and Byron) and Shannon ‘Shaz’ Debreceny (ex-Tetsuya’s, Three Blue Ducks, Satiate, currently cooking at Lp’s Quality Meats) to discuss cooking feral animals, recent travels through Indonesia and South France, the best of Good Food Month and and the relationships between reviewers and restauranteurs. Plus, as a little bonus, Levins forced everyone to eat a bag of the new 'Sour’ flavoured Twisties.


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I have a couple bellarke fics ideas, but I needed to find someone that I thought could do them justice. And then I found you! I love your work and have read the arranged marriage fics at least five times. Here's the first request: A fic where Clarke is given to bellamy by the grounders as a peace offering and neither of them know what to do because obviously they don't agree with giving people as gifts but they can't offend the gift givers until they leave.

.Thank you so much for putting that trust in me and I hope I won’t disappoint you. I wasn’t sure where to go with this prompt so it kind of turned into channeling all my e02 feelings into it. 

Still, compared to e03 it’s pretty happy, so, enjoy. :D

Written before 3x03.

Also on AO3.

They say that the gods don’t love the way humans do and Bellamy Blake is alright with that. He has never wanted to be a god, not even when the smell of death clung to his skin like a shadow he couldn’t part from – that power was never wanted. Gods are cursed and maybe humans are, too, but when he sees Clarke in Azgeda court, he forgets everything about curses and wars and blood.

All there is left are her eyes widening slightly, something akin to relief in them, and he sees the way her shoulders slump, tired of carrying the weight of the world on her own.

I’m sorry, I should have been there, he wants to say, but their story is full of those beautiful almosts that make the words catch in his throat every damn time.

Instead, what comes out is her name, breathed out because something behind his lungs, something he’d call a heart if he had one to begin with, thrashes against his ribcage and now there is just a storm calming down in her blue eyes and liquid gold flowing in her hair just for them.

“Bellamy,” she replies, her hands twitching like she wants to say hello, but she is held down by two ripped Ice Nation warriors. Bellamy sees the exact moment she realizes that she can’t rush over to him so he does.

She is warm and soft and protests when his arms nearly crack her ribs, wrapped around her sides too tightly, but he swears he hears a chuckle after her lips brush past his cheek.

And then, her hot breath on his ear, a whisper. “The queen thinks we’re lovers. Play along.”

Bellamy wants to ask how the fuck does that matter, she’s here now, she’s here and he could cry from the sheer relief, but when queen of the Ice Nation speaks, it dawns on him.

“Bellamy kom Skaikru. Please accept Wanheda as our peace offering. We wish peace to your people, despite our – unfortunate start.” The queen is tall, her skin fair and when she moves, the furs she is covered in move like a mass of wretched bodies in the Styx. She is ice and somehow, she still looks like she could burn them all. “We hope we can achieve it now.”

Wanheda. He wants to say that is not the Commander of Death they all want her to be. She is Clarke Griffin and she has done more good than bad so fuck their Wanheda bullshit.

The queen shoots them a pointed look and only then does Bellamy become aware of the way Clarke has tangled herself up in him, pressing to his side, her hand on the small of his back, her forehead burning next to his neck, a polite smile in the ruler’s direction that doesn’t quite reach up to her eyes.

But still –

“She is not-“ he starts, only to be silenced by Clarke pinching his elbow. She shakes her head ever so slightly but he catches up, ‘a gift’ replaced by something that might get them out of this place alive. “She is not just Wanheda, she is everything to me.”

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5. What is an image/set of images that you're particularly proud of? (i guess for fics though it would be favorite sentence(s)/description/quote you've written?)

Thank you for being an enabler for my narcissistic tendencies, Michelle, you’re the best! <3


Ok, well, usually, my fave scenes in my fics are those that represent a calm in the middle of calamity. I’m fascinated by that; how everything is so quiet in the eye of the storm. 

That’s why I’m pretty proud of the whole library scene in my modern royalty AU, especially these parts:

The day was long, the day was bruising and even her hair aches. Her breath is trapped in her lungs and the weight of the world is pressing on her chest. But somehow, toeing off her shoes and curling her legs under her body, Bellamy looking at her, amused – it helps.

They are allies now. Friends, if she feels brave enough to call them that. They sit in the library every night. Sometimes they talk, sometimes they don’t – sometimes it’s enough to feel someone next to you and know that they are helping you carry the weight.

But I’m also inexplicably fascinated by gas stops and grocery shops and everything where there are fluorescent lights; life seems more dreamlike, kind of distorted then, so I’m really partial to the ‘aisle five’ scene in my band au:

He falls in love with her in the aisle five, her hand on the small of his back as she pushes him forward because “I’m too short to reach Lays and Raven will kill us if we don’t get it”, the electricity surging from her fingertips and seeping into his skin. He falls in love with her in the aisle five, chips and crackers, a surreal illusion of reality that exists only in gas station stores, underneath that particular lights, but – he’d choose her, he’d want her teasing him about tripping on a stray can of Pringles in any alternate universe.

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antebellamy asked:

if you're stilll doing writing asks: 4 and 12:)

I am! Thank you, Mia! <3

4. Which has the most “you” in it, however you’d define that?

Kept Going, Kept Rolling with Nowhere to Go - aka Bellarke whirlwind romance au. 

That’s the one that has the most of me in it because I like to say that I understand two things the best: whirlwind, short-lived romances and running away. Especially the latter. I have trust and attachment issues, and when shit gets hard (not only romantic relationship-wise), I pack up and leave. I’m working on it.

12. What WIPs do you have going now? Are you excited about them?

I have like six WIPs at the moment?

But the one I’m most excited about is this huge superhero AU I’ve bothered people with, have 99% of the plot planned out but I’m just so fucking intimidated by it that I’m postponing actually writing it. 

Basically - there’ll be parallels galore, Jessica Jones-y Raven, a neo noir atmosphere, etc etc. So I’m looking forward to it and I’m afraid of it. 

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