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Helllllloooooooo :^))) I’m here to bring you my end of summer follower forever! I was going to do it for 5k but rip I’ve been stuck for a while, just like a 100 more BUT I still saw it fitting to make one now since a lot has changed since the last time I made one. I’m in dgm and comics hell now, to the point where I couldn’t decide who to use for this but let’s be honest kate could kick kanda’s ass any day.

I want to thank everyone who follows and continues to put up with my multifandom ass, bless all my mutuals who have stayed with me. Glad to see I haven’t scared you all off yet. Also a huge thank you to everyone who talks to me, like, reblog, and comment on my posts or edits. You guys are literally the the reason why I continue to create things, without you guys I wouldn’t have the motivation.

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bellamyblake  asked:

"I wish you would write a fic where..." Bellamy is getting drunk coz he's angry and accidentally confesses Clarke his love ;)


also on ao3

The thing about Bellamy Blake is that he cares.

Six days in a week, he tries to mask it, cover it up with sardonic smirks and off-hand comments, but on the seventh – he crumbles.

He crumbles when his sister calls him in the middle of the night because she needs a ride and her mascara is running down her cheeks. If he knows one thing, he knows what heartbreak feels like and he spoon-feeds her hot chocolate until she’s safely asleep.

He crumbles when Miller tries to be witty and sarcastic after a fight with Bryan, even though his eyes are glistening with tears.

He crumbles when Clarke shows up on his doorstep after a long study session, her hair falling out of her bun and her face grey like the stormy skies overhead. Sometimes she brings vodka over and tries to smile. Most of the time, it’s just a second before tears are welling up in her eyes and she collapses into Bellamy’s arms.

Bellamy cares about a lot of things he really should care about. But there are things he shouldn’t, and one of them is Clarke going on a date with a girl she met in a pottery class, lips red and staining his cheek when she kissed him before heading out.

So what does he do?

He gets drunk.

Gina smiles at him sympathetically as she pours him whiskey, says, “Bad night?”

“Bad life.”

He drinks until he can’t feel his toes anymore and flirts his way through getting a number from a guy who’s both his and Clarke’s type, and really – she’d be proud.

But Bellamy doesn’t want the guy, six feet tall and skin darker than Bellamy’s, lips so fucking kissable it brings him back to the time Clarke ate too much sour candy and her lips ended up swollen as she laughed at his stupid jokes.

He wants Clarke.

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Okay so, I finally hit two thousand followers a week or so ago! I’m really excited about it, and I’m just constantly a little surprised when I get a new follower because it means that someone looked at my blog and saw something that they thought was worth keeping up with, which is just really special to me. I’m so glad you guys are here. I was planning this for a while but owing to school and travel, I haven’t been able to type it up for a while, but now that things have slowed down a little bit I can. Bolded urls are those of people who inspire me, and italicized URLS are people that I’d like to consider friends.

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I have finally reached 3.5k followers and I couldn’t be happier! I’m so happy to have such amazing followers and friends on here that sometimes I can’t believe this is real. You guys are the best I could ever ask for. I’m gonna do a little something different this time around. I’ll be doing my follow forever by my favorite fandoms! :D Yes, you heard that right. I’ve recently got into the Pokemon hype. I never thought I’d ever get into it like I have at this very moment, but wonders never cease. Bold urls are my favorites.

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dannika-kom-trikru  asked:

“I wish you would write a fic where…” MURPHY AND BELLAMY ARE IN LOVE A LOT ((I'm such trash))

you know how long i’ve wanted to do this so here’s 2k of poet!Bellamy and artist!Murphy!

Also on AO3

Some people have simply been born into love. They’ve grown up with it as easy and as natural as locking the doors behind you when you come home. To them, it’s a hearth that keeps them warm in a cold night and they do not think much about it.

Some people have simply been born into love.

But not John Murphy and Bellamy Blake.


The two of them always saw only stray bits of it; kind glances of passersby when looking at the ragged children with sullen cheeks. Bellamy, when he took Octavia by the hand into the corner bookstore, unable to spare a dime for even the books with cracked spines, but eager to show her stories different to their own. John, when he trailed after his mother, all grey skirts and running mascara, more fury in his heart than food in his stomach.

So when they love each other, it’s a collision.

Bellamy writes poems in a café when he’s off his shift, dropped out of university so Octavia could go, and John’s got paint-stained hands. Always red. Never blue or green. Just red, the same color of his blood, the same color of his anger. Sometimes, they’re one and the same.

It’s Clarke who introduces them, when she prances to Bellamy, ruffles his hair the way she always does, kind of dismissing him, kind of growing into him, and says, “Bell, this is John.”

The boy is all sharp angles, clear blue eyes, and Bellamy recognizes the underlying hope underneath a devil-may-care attitude. “It’s Murphy, actually.”

So he wipes his hands on the coffee-soaked rag, then on his apron, blows away the stray curl that’s Clarke’s fault entirely, and smiles because he’s always loved enigmas and he’s always loved people who pretend to be ones even more.

“Nice to meet you, Murphy. I’m Bellamy.”

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mmmatchaball  asked:

He cries inside, and it’s the very sound of hearts rending in two. She could make music with that sound, songs that people empty themselves to, songs that hollow them, and she should write it down - hurry! - while her ears are still ringing. / That thought - the absurdity of it, because she doesn’t even have musical training, has never wanted to make music in her life - brings her to herself briefly.

DVD Commentary on my fics

Oh gosh if you look at my very first doc of notes for this story (The first out of literally 19) - I had wanted to do this scene from the very start, or at least a scene like it. As Adrien’s human emotions manifested, I wanted there to be a side effect of shockwaves of his emotions in the form of inspiration. He’s sad? Well you’re going to feel it too, but it’s going to manifest in a weird uncontrollable desire to create something sad.

In my original set of notes, he was going to be sad because he watched a sad movie. How cute is that!

And in this particular section, I wanted to highlight just how powerful this draw to create was, how mildly terrifying because it inspires thoughts not quite your own. It’s literally this strangeness, this feeling of your brain being hijacked from the inside, that brings her out of his spell so to speak. And honestly, this section was inspired by sirens because I had already been building this ocean imagery, and this followed naturally.

mmmatchaball  asked:

Marinette isn’t sure if Alya would understand. She has her feet firmly planted in the ground, and she rarely follows flights of fancy, rarely lets whimsy guide her. Nino, though, looks like he understands as he stares blankly at the dress, not really looking at it, seeing another memory in it. “Yeah, I do,” he says. “Like nothing matters but getting this one thing down as fast you can. Otherwise, it’ll be gone before you know it, and you don’t know if anything as great will come to you again.”

DVD Commentary on my fics

I wanted Nino to be the one to understand because I honestly believe they’re both inherently creative souls. In contrast, Alya is so down to earth, driven, and logical. She’s often Mari’s voice of reason (where Ladybug isn’t involved) and I’m not sure she would understand what it’s like to be driven by your own muse to the point of near self-destruction and to welcome it, too. Like wow, that’s dark, but true.

Actually this is a discussion I had with my sister at the time. I told her that my sleep schedule was out of whack because I was so in love with this story and that I had to write it down before it all went away. She basically told me that my health wasn’t worth that risk and gave me a loooooong lecture that actually got me quite upset. Honestly, I just felt she didn’t understand, and I thought this is probably what Alya would say to Mari. 

On the other hand, Nino being a puppet for my voice again. Because gosh at the time, I was writing chapter two on inspiration, adrenaline, and fear - the exact fear that Nino voiced.