My fave Ut-character designs

I just decided to make a short compilation about UT-artists i adore!However i also wanted to try to draw in their style. (jesus christ it was a lot more difficult than i expected and i just can hope that the characters’ style is recognisable!!! xD )

@myrobotlandlord‘s Sans

She drew so many Sanses and all of them are amazing! And when she made that gif with the skelebros… omg that was the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!

@mikarons‘ US Papyrus

… i’m in love with his Papys ♥(ノ´∀`)

@midluuna‘s Undyne

Her Undyne has so much personality!!! If she was real i would totally be her friend! (^・ω・^ )

@galactibun‘s Alphys

i’m still in love with her version of Fishy Love, it was such a cute animation! ^v^