FINALLY! The Artemis Fowl movie! We’ve been waiting for years and it’s finally happening. I put this together to express my levels of excitement. Asa Butterfield really looks the part doesn’t he?

I think the decision to combine the first two books is a really good idea (of course, as long as they don’t eff it up). Hear me out. The first book is good fun, but it isn’t until the second book that we really get into Artemis’s real motivations. With the two books combined, there will be better character development, especially between Artemis and Holly. They’ll start out as enemies when Artemis steals the gold. They can hint at his missing father to add urgency to his mission and make him more sympathetic (especially for parents). Part way through the movie, we will move on to the rescuing of  his father and we’ll see some reconciliation between Artemis and Holly. The climax will be their rescue and it will (cheesily) end with them reunited.The books, although they are wonderful, are fairly short. Between the two books, they will be able to keep the plot fast paced and cut out anything that is unimportant or doesn’t transfer well to screen. If a second movie isn’t green lit, it will be a nice, solid stand alone.

I think this could turn out really good!