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Thank you so much to the one thousand of you that made this possible! I never thought I would reach a milestone like this. I’m still in shock!

So here’s a shout out to the wonderful people that I will always follow! (mutuals in bold)

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A Bouquet of Fandom Middlemists

Below the cut is a list of about a hundred beautiful, wonderful shipmates who have taken the time from their day to leave feedback, recommend a fic, or a work of art. I searched through dozens of posts, and hundreds of reblogs to find people who had taken the extra step to be kind in their tags and posts. 

Many of these people have been very active in encouraging everyone to be the best version of themselves they can be! You wouldn’t believe the kind words many people leave. It’s truly inspiring. These people deserve all the hugs and snuggles and fluff they can fit in their beautiful hearts. 

I also jotted down the blogs who left very simple, short compliments on a work, because that type of feedback is valid too! It’s not only valid, but also so appreciated, and so important to keeping the fandom alive.

Of course, I couldn’t find and tag everyone, which is why I’m simply calling it a bouquet. Because there is a massive field of Middlemists out there of wonderful shipmates who have encouraged us writers, artists, gifers to be the best we can be. So to those Middlemists who aren’t tagged, please know that we are abundantly appreciative of everything you do as well. 

To those of you who don’t really leave feedback, let this encourage you! The exchange of feedback creates friendships, encourages, brings hope, and inspires happiness and success within a fandom! All it takes is 5 seconds!

Take a second to read through the list, and follow some new people! I love you all very dearly! Thank you so much everything you’ve done for this fandom. It always goes noticed and appreciated!

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The bolds are baes. 


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This is just some of the amazing people I follow, I tried to get a rather thorough list. Granted, I know I’ve missed some (if I missed you, let me know and I’ll tack you on! :DD)

But thank you guys so much! I love seeing your posts on my dash and ya’ll make me so happy! You’re all very beautiful people and I love you to death!

Can I just put it out there how ardently I love the Arrow/Olicity fandom?

There are literally all kinds of people here :

a. The Lustees - “Oliver’s chest is my reason to live!”                      "Damn girl,Felicity’s ass is stuff of dreams!“

b. The Romantics- "Awwww! Just kiss him already!”
 "Somebody please give him a hug please. “

c. The Philosophers- ” Oliver and Felicity are endgame for sure but they need to go through all these hurdles to prove their  love"       "What is life without our otp struggling with their feelings? Let them understand themselves first.“

d. The Psychics - "Olicity is endgame,y'all. I know it. You’ll see.”
“Did you see that hug? I can see future Olicity babies,y'all.”
“Diggle is our Mascot.”

e. The Analysts - “That light touch on the shoulder. It means   something.”                                                                                                         “She is twisting her earring because…”                                                         “That finger tapping she does,its a sign of..”

f. The Conspiracy-theorists - “ I dont believe what they are showing       me. I think there’s something else to this..Just why did she blink only twice in that scene. I dont know why but its freaking me out.”

“I am not sure all this is happening in this universe. I think the show is set somewhere where you can never get together with the one you love. Oh yeah,CW.”

g. The Bullshit-Cutters - “ Urgh. No. What the hell. Stop being so            dramatic.My God”.
“I dont believe you,sorry #sorrynotsorry”
“Just no,okay? Go away from my sight.”
“I cant even look at you right now”
h. The Capslock- exclamators- OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT                 CHEMISTRY?!!!
“I CANT EVEN!!!!!!!!!”

i. The Confused - “ This is sooo good for character development but       what about my heart?”
“I hate you Ray,but you are so cute. Stalker yes,but your wife died..I love you Ray.”

j. The Fanatics -“ If Olicity is not endgame I will put an arrow in Guggenheim myself!”
“Marc,you have failed the ship!! ”
“How very dare you,Marc!”
“I will die with this ship.”

I love you guys so much, it hurts

—  allthatgravity

As a Baby, I feel a little disappointed in myfandom because some of us are going around bashing Sonamoo. Look, TS said they were going to debut a girl group WAY BEFORE that stupid lawsuit and even stated they were going to be the female counterpart. Stop saying their debut was a “cover up”, because it’s not. Sonamoo is a talented group and it’s not their fault TS treated B.a.p poorly. Now give it a break and give them a chance.


soooo in celebration of hitting 12k, i’ve decided to do a follow forever! (even though i should have done one at 10k oops) i wanna thank you all for following my blog and posting amazing pokemon-related things for the world. i am still amazed that there are 12 000 of you because i never even thought i would get 100 followers when i first started this blog! the following blogs are some people who i see regularly on my dashboard, who post really cool stuff and my awesome mutuals who i love to pieces xxx ♡ favourites are in bold :)


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thankyou for being amazing! i love you guys ♡

anonymous asked:

79 Henry+hook :)

79. “That’s the third time I’ve saved your life!”

@biancaros3 and @mylife-myfandom requested this for CS, too, so I just gave you guys a little fluffy Swan-Jones bit.

Killian grumbles under his breath, bending even more forward so his elbows rest on his knees. He’s sailed his crew through countless storms, fought the most ruthless men and women that litter the kingdoms, faced the bloody demon lord of the Underworld, but none of that real world experience amounts to anything when it comes to the blasted magic box. Television, he hears Emma correct in his head. Not like being considerate of the device is going to make any difference to his current situation.

“You have to press the buttons together to attack, Hook,” Henry reminds him for the fourth time in the last half an hour.

“I know,” he grits out, “but it’s bloody demanding when you’ve only got the one hand.”

He’s certain he hears Emma snicker from the kitchen and it only makes him frown at the screen harder. He’d come home to find Henry laying on the couch with his video game and somehow the lad convinced him to give it a try. It’s some sort of quest where the heroes have to go through stages of dungeons in order to get to the final one and save the captured king. Right now, though, it’s some sort of nightmare.

“Never thought I’d see the day Captain Hook was bested by something,” she teases, finding her way to his side, slumping down on the couch with a mug of tea. She places one for him on the coffee table in front of him and then pulls her legs up under her to burrow further into the cushions.

He cranes his neck back to smile at her softly in gratitude and in affection and in every other word he can muster up in the back of his mind.

They’ve come so far, the three of them, that it almost feels like it isn’t real.

(The photos around their home, the easy way in which Emma kisses him awake every morning, how Henry doesn’t hesitate to hug him, the ring on Emma’s finger - they all say otherwise.)

Emma reaches out to press gently at the space between his shoulderblades, her pressure easily felt since he’s shed his jacket and vest on the armchair. His work at the harbour isn’t tedious by any means compared to the things he’s done over the centuries for survival (the things he’d done in Neverland alone), but it still takes a toll on him at the end of the day. Perhaps the monotony has made him softer. He can’t find it in himself to mind, really.

He’s still staring at Emma’s dimpled smile when there’s a shrilling noise from the screen and a groan of annoyance from Henry. He turns back abruptly as the man that he’s been controlling is nearly drained of his life before Henry’s man fends off the beast gnawing at him.

“Killian,” he groans again, “that’s the third time I’ve saved your life!”

Emma laughs, enough that she has to lean against him to steady herself, “Welcome to the club, kid.”

“Seriously, ma, I don’t know how you do it,” Henry chuckles, shifting his gaze between the screen and the pair of them.

Killian mutters under his breath exasperatedly, because he loves them without a doubt, but his ego can only take so many blows at a time. “Bloody magic boxes.”

She leans against him more, consciously now, pressing her cheek to his shoulder. Almost automatically, he eases his stance a little so that it’s more comfortable for her. “You’ll get the hang of it,” she says quietly, curling herself into his side as carefully as she can manage with the mug in her hand.

He turns his head to place a kiss in her hair without taking his eyes of the screen. In the same softness, he replies, “Ever the one full of hope, you are.”

“What can I say? It’s a family problem.”

“Indeed, it is.”

He has to chuckle the next time he gets distracted by Emma’s hand in his hair and Henry grunts in disgust so loudly that he nearly gets himself killed again. He doesn’t mind, though, not one bit.