Aroooo ~
Still playing around with quick & sketchy styles, hoping I can whip out a full painterly painting by April 1st!
haha not gonna happen I’m afraid

“…I never understood the point of flowers, you know. Especially at this time. They struck me as a little tongue in cheek. A symbol of something beautiful but impermanent? Silly. Like you aren’t enough to remind me of that. Perhaps, as imperative of my nature, I miss things right in front of me. Those that were staring at me in the face until too late. Small things that I thought inconsequential to the grand scheme of logic and flights of fancy. Maybe you could’ve told me why. You were a lot smarter than me. I don’t think I ever said it, but you were.

I never got to ask you why you opted for a life of peace. Wasn’t it boring? Were you tired? Would I get tired? Would’ve been nice to have a two-way chat. We were the same, you know? You had the life I wanted. You were a pirate. A dragon slayer. So why would you exchange that for a life of domesticity? …Heh. Actually, you’ve already answered it, haven’t you? Wish you had a better way of telling me. Dragons can be slayed, but there were things I’d rather run away from. You were always smarter than me. Braver too. You faced them head on, and I’ll forever thank you for showing me it could be done. I have been a coward for so long.”

“…If I met you sooner. If I met you before John perhaps we could’ve… Maybe I would’ve…”

“…I might…”


“Sorry, I’m sure you’d be laughing at me now. If you were here, you’d probably call me a drama queen.”

“I wish I got to tell you, Mary. I like you too. I like you.

“I miss you.”