This is for the Anon who was wishing to be as skinny as me.

As you can clearly see in the photo I’m not some skinny tanned blonde chick who would get 1,000’s of notes all over Tumblr leaving girls in envy. When I sit down I have that part of stomach that sticks out over my jeans that gets on my nerves and I have stretch marks on certain parts of my body.  My stomach isn’t flat and my boobs aren’t the perfect size. But I love my figure. I have curves, boobs and a butt. I’d rather see girls like me walk on a runway than some girl who looks like a surfboard. Just like other girls I always used to feel like shit when I saw some skinny bitch with 4,000+ notes on Tumblr. And while eating my junk food I vowed that I’d start eating healthy and working out so I can look like that. I think something girls should really know about guys is that they love when you eat and they love a pretty girl with curves. If a guy won’t date you ‘cause your “fat”, FUCK HIM. He doesn’t deserve you. Fat is just an insult people use when they can’t come up with anything bad to say. So stop wishing you looked like someone else and love your body for you, you only have one.

Day One:

1. My name is Ariana.

2. I am a Senior at LHS.

3. My birthday is June 26.

4. I am left handed! :D

5. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years next month.

6. I’ve been on Tumblr for almost 2 years.

7. I’m always smiling or laughing.

8. I’m in love with all of Drakes songs.

9. I think everyone deserves to be loved.

10. Me and my bestfriend always use gifs to describe real life situations.