- A traveling ship that contains a lot of books. A heaven to all book lovers. This ship has a lot of sites to see (mostly about the history of the ship, the bunks of the crew and such) also their crews are very hospitable and friendly. Very accommodating. Never been and eaten in the cafe but people say the café is great especially their ice cream. The aim of this traveling ship is to help those poor children all around the world, those children that badly needs our help. Really great cause actually and i applaud them for that. I saw some volunteers while i was on the ship and it made me also want to be part of the volunteers because i saw how happy they are serving people, people they don’t even know or meet. They just glady served them with all smiles and knowing that you could help many children all around the world is really worth volunteering. It was amazing coming and seeing the ship. It’s worth it to be there (go there when it’s not really crowded or else you’ll be smushed by a lot of people..)

Random: I’m into ugly and/or average girls… They’re more likely to humble and good spirited…. It seems pretty girls always think they have to be rude or arrogant to get their point across to your “typical” male and don’t care to find out who is really genuine

And another school #DrFrankd Thank you to Shotwell Academy Middle School for allowing me to engage with you and share my experiences but help guide your future, whatever it is! #MyLife #MyExperiences #FrankThePharmacist #FrankLife #iKnowFrank #GetInvolved #PeopleEngager #CommunitySupporter #InvolvementAdvocate #PharmD #Pharmacy #Pharmacist #RPh #PhotoGrid by drfrankrph

Earlier tonight, I witnessed the Oath and Hooding of our future pharmacist. Four years ago today I officially crossed the stage and the night prior to I was hooded and took my Oath! #Blessed #Emotional #Man #IfYouOnlyKnew #FrankThePharmacist #MyLife #MyExperiences #Pharmacist #Pharmacy #PharmD #PhiDex #PhiDeltaChi #Omega #OmegaPsiPhi #Ques #iKnowFrank #PhotoGrid by drfrankrph