140118 - Minho's Encore Seoul concert - Q & A
  • MC: What do you wear to sleep?
  • Minho: It's always different
  • MC: Do you usually wear pyjamas or not wear anything?
  • Minho: I only wore my underwear to sleep last night
  • MC: What colour is your underwear?
  • Minho: Mostly simple, black or grey
  • MC: You don't wear white?
  • Minho: I don't really wear white (laughing)
140118 - Minho's Encore Seoul concert - Q & A
  • MC: Have you cooked for friends?
  • Minho: I used to cook when I was young, til Middle school, I've cooked for my older sister too. I should be pretty good at it if I were to cook now, to be honest, I think I've got the talent for it.
  • MC: Oh.. really?
  • Minho: My mum's really good at cooking so I'm quite sensitive towards delicious food
  • MC: Does it mean you have a perfect sense of taste?
  • Minho: I wouldn't say it's perfect
  • MC: Let's see your tongue, I wanna see how a tongue with perfect tastebuds look like, let's try this for your fans
  • (Minho laughing uncontrollably)
  • Minho: Why are you making me do this, it's awkward
  • Minho: After the concert, I'll upload a selca of my tongue