“The first conversation with Shinji was really massive to me. Up until now, Kaworu has just been one-sidedly expressing his feelings, bit by bit, about Rebuild’s seize-the-moment Ikari Shinji. And finally, he gets to talk to him in person… I’m sure Kaworu was anxiously awaiting that moment… Yeah… I guess that’s what a face-to-face meeting is all about after all. It’s more important to him to spend time talking to him in the flesh than it is to support him, secretly from the shadows. It reminded me how central of a theme communication like that is in Evangelion. When you look at it like that, once Shinji’s been estranged from everyone and has no one to lean on, that’s when he meets Kaworu. The fact that they manage to have a conversation at that point is incredibly significant.”
     - an excerpt from Akira Ishida’s interview on Kaworu Nagisa from Evangelion 3.0