The Types as Weird Jobs

INFP: cat sitter
ISFP: nude painter
INFJ: dark poet
INTJ: taxidermist
ENFP: drag model
ENTP: owner of gay bar
ISTJ: blind opera singer
ENTJ: teachers teacher
ISTP: porn star
ESFP: liquid lipstick blogger
ENFJ: sells edibles on etsy
ESTP: exotic food taster
ESTJ: sumo wrestler
ESFJ: crazy orphan nanny
ISFJ: online surveyor
INTP: foot model

The types as food groups:
Istj: Chinese food
Isfj: desert
Esfp: Greek food
Istp: fast food
Estp: American food
Estj: meat dishes
Infp: Japanese food
Isfp: vegan food
Intj: green food
Esfj: Pinterest food
Enfj: French food
Enfp: Italian food
Entj: take out food
Entp: Mexican food
Infj: thanksgiving food
Intp: movie theater snacks
The Types as VIBES

Scenarios and feelings for the types

INFP: When your sitting in nature and suddenly you start to realize your connection to the universe

ISFP: Letting yourself go and feeling free as you take a walk on the beach with the one you love

ESFP: that feeling of being young and inevitable at a party with your best friends. Your living your life

INFJ: Hearing folk music play on a road trip and a tear comes to your eye as you realized how far you’ve come in the journey of your life

ESFJ: That feeling you get when you reconnect with an old friend you missed over the years

ENFP: Feeling inspired and realizing how much in the world there’s still left to explore. The whole world is in your hands

ENTP: That feeling when your with your friend group and someone says one thing that gets everyone cracking up and leads everyone to open up about things and feel comfortable

INTP: feeling that your work is good enough, that you are not a failure and you have a lot going for you in life.

ISFJ: that feeling of nostalgia you feel every year when your family gets together at certain Holidays

ISTP: That feeling of not giving a fuck, and not giving a fuck that you don’t give a fuck.

INTJ: That feeling of finally having some control of some aspect of your life you’ve been struggling with

ENFJ: That feeling when your accepted finally by the one person you’ve been dying to get approval from

ENTJ: That feeling of responsibility you feel when someone trusts you with important information

ISTJ: That feeling you get when you visit the cemetery of your beloved grandparent who was in the army

ESTJ: That feeling when you make a big stride in your life and look back at how far you’ve come

ESTP: That feeling when you went to your first college frat party, and you anticipated the great time to come