A Quick Teaser for my paitent people #preordernow #usblackmetal #americanblackmetal #darkenedspawn #bandcamp #blackmetal #blackmetalband #DaggersoftheGhostlyHeathenEP #myep (at Indianapolis, Indiana)

so every tusday for the past 3 weeks or so ive been going to 2 different parking lots to hang around and feed the crows that chill there

so this time i pull towards the one by the walmart and immediately  see a huge murder of crows fly towards the tree i usually stand by, and MAN that was rly gratifying to watch

stuff that happened:

  • the wind was v strong today which made my hands rly cold and made it kinda hard to throw bread right. but i noticed that they already know how to deal with it. theyll stand on leg, tuck their wings in and turn to face the wind so they dont get blown away.
  • this one lady in a cozy sweater and sunglasses walked by and shook her head while looking me right in the eye. i shrugged at her.  i understand butbut i dont care.
  • old people seem to be more openminded about this kinda thing. one lady:’so they know when youre coming huh?””myep!” another:”those are crows right? arent they kinda big?”“yeah its a lil intimidating to be honest”
  • theres this one crow ive seen before that has his beak broken in half so i try to make it easy for him and he wasnt there this time. thats worrying.