Okay so. I’m going to talk about Spy Myungwol.Okay so I started watching it after I saw a bit of the beginning which was shot in Singapore. I was like isdurfhsidth SINGAPORRRRREEE(because I live in Singapore)(patriotic much?) and so I decided to watch to see how they would portray Singapore to make it look stunning and attractive.

So I finally strated watching it on KBS and I have to say,I loved every part of it. It was very thrilling and the plot wasn’t some run-of-the-mill shitass story like some girl who has a terminal disease and doesn’t tell her boyfriend and in the end she passes away and her boyfriend cries.This drama was like a breath of fresh air.So when KBS started to seem slow to me,I started to watch the remaining episodes online. I waited and checked the website diligently everyday because I was too crazy about the drama. So slowly,I watched,and watched and I slowly fell in love with all the characters,even Ju In Ah! It was such a fiery drama. Kangwoo and Myeongwol’s relationship was full of passion and it was true.

And so came the 18th episode,the last of the drama. I was watching it with a heavy heart because I knew something was going to happen between In Ah and Choi Ryu. And then I got to the forest scene,where In Ah confesses her love for Choi Ryu. And in that scene she says something like “You can only see the girl you like but you can’t see the girl that likes you”. That line just smacked me on the ass. It was so heartfelt. It shows that the scriptwriter really does know how it feels. And then she twists her ankle and Choi Ryu fixes her ankle and…


I’m sorry.

Don’t like someone like me.

I’m not good enough for someone like you.

I can’t even accept your feelings.

I CRIED LIKE THE BIGGEST BABY HERE. MY HEART JUST DROPPED AND IT WAS LIKE AS IF A KNIFE JUST SLASHED THROUGH MY HEART.You know why? Because someone said that to me. Not exactly the same but the meaning was similar. So now I love Spy Myungwol for having the best plot and script albeit having the worst ending ever BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T LET CHOI RYU BE WITH JU IN AH.

My conclusion? Spy Myungwol is a great drama and I’m truly sorry to say this but it is better than Boys Over Flowers.
Score: 7.5/10