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From the manga :D

That Valentine pic of Uno and Jyugo though…. I mean I know, that doesn’t mean they’re together or anything… But the fact that it’s the two of them and not the others…. Ngghhhhh

So cute to see Kiji styling the warden’s hair.

22/2 is Neko day! I’m prepared to see fanarts of it next year, hopefully. People, please do draw them.

Chapter I. Part I

What am I gonna wear, what am I gonna wear!?

Robyn ripped her white button down off with her taupe faux leather skirt and glanced at her clock in a rush. She looked around and whipped things in her closet back and forth, trying to decide what to put on. She saw a turtleneck in black and thought to herself that it may have been too conservative but still sexy, then realized it had a rip in it and groaned. She saw a grey knit dress and examined it. She had yet to wear it, buying it on sale from an online store for 30% off. She slipped it over her head carefully. Asarah kept her at work later than she expected and she hated to look like a crazy woman, but her after work make up was going to have to do, so to go from work, to her sister’s house then back home was such a hassle, but she really wanted to go out with this guy. He was nice and great to look at, so what did she have to lose? She fluffed the curls that Bey did for her and made sure they were still in tact. Robyn slipped on a pair of heeled ankle boots and checked her phone to see that the bus was coming in 10 minutes- luckily the stop was right outside of the building she lived in. She snatched her jacket from a chair and jogged over to her door, grabbing her huge umbrella in case of the rain she saw on the forecast at the station.

She walked off of the nosy bus and stepped to the sidewalk, taking in the air that smelled like rain.

God, I hope he’s nice. It’s been a while since I’ve done this.

She looked down the avenue and saw the bookstore that she agreed to meet him in through text.

Shit. My breath. Oh, lemme spray.

Robyn dug in her purse outside of the shop doors and spritzed herself with the Chanel No. 5 her sister lent her. Well, the bottle she stole from her dresser. She popped a tic tac and slid some lip gloss on, mentally preparing herself to go in and sit down. The lights were brighter than she expected and saw clusters of people sitting down at random tables as she looked around for her date.

Where is..he? Oh my God. He didn’t show up?? I should have known he was too fine. I thought he was talking to BB when he came up to me, he probably just felt sorry for me or somet-


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ONE PIECE - Character Meme

I had lot of fun while doing this, it was a good exercise to improve my drawing skills. However, drawing faces I had never drawn before was pretty tricky. *stares @ Moria lol* orz

- I was undecided what to draw in the Marine box, as I equally like all the three former Admirals; Akainu is probably the one whom captures my interest the most because of the mystery surrounding his character, his realism, his debatable morality. Just because he did some awful things, doesn’t mean his characterization must not be appreciated, right?
- Gol D. Roger… well, he’s the ideal captain because he’s a legend, therefore if I was a member of his crew, I’d be a legend too and would probably know what and where the One Piece is???… It’s as simple as that lmao. (C’mon, I wanted to be a bit original, everyone would put Luffy, or Law :S)
- East Blue is full of victims of Oda’s dreadful flashbacks, it was literally the hardest choice of the game. I had to choose Zeff though, mostly ‘cause I can still remember the puddle of tears I was when I finished reading Sanji and Zeff’s flashback, the most tragic one to me. Oh man, I’m getting emotional again…