Born in the year 1995 (and thus called 95z / 구오즈), since Jimin and V are the same age it goes without saying that they are best friends who even share the same bag between the two of them when travelling abroad, that’s how well they get along. They’re also in charge of making fun of their cute maknae. What more, people say that when Jimin tenderly looks at V when he’s being happy and lively / playing around, he looks like a boyfriend that wants to protect his girlfriend. (orig)

Regarding HEADLINER’s Fansite Rules

Because there has been a lot of confusion lately regarding HEADLINER’s rules in relation to editing of her videos, I sent a personal message to her through email ( to get some clarification. In her reply, she confirmed that giffing of her fancams is okay, as long as you provide credit properly (with a source link), and don’t crop the logo. Screenshots and translations are provided below as proof.

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JIMIN ( non-no )  @JMoment_bts@myheaven0624

(Eyes) They’re what I like about my face the most.

(Voice) Truthfully, in the past I didn’t really like my voice on recordings. Because it was husky, when I first heard it I felt like it wasn’t a voice that could captivate people. But a lot of fans told me that they ‘like Jimin’s unique voice colour’, so to me my voice became something I think is one of the most important things that express me.

(Smiley face) Even because of trivial things I laugh so much that my eyes disappear to such an extent that I don’t know where they are. Since other members can be calmer, there are many times when I’m laughing alone.