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Season Finale

Alright, first, WHY did Lydia and Jackson have a better reunion than Stydia???? I liked the finale, it was alright but, they baited us with Stydia for the ENTIRE season and didn’t give us anything? Once they didn’t make Sterek a thing I was like… ‘Alright, I guess Stydia will do’. Why you do this Jeff? ALSO, lemme tell ya, Dylan O and Tyler H, were NOT against Sterek and they never made it canon for some fucking reason, like what’s the problem? (But Jackson and Ethan being together made my little bi heart so happy). ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW STILES WAS DAYDREAMING ABOUT SAVING DEREK??????? BITCH I’M SHOOK. But okay anyway, I’m low key happy that TW is over because they really didn’t know how to continue with the show and it was running for far too long. Lemme know what you think about TW and how it ended. 



Look at the way they react to both kisses. To anybody that doesn’t believe that Lydia fell in love with Stiles after their first kiss, look at Lydia’s face after both kisses. She makes almost the exact same facial expression as if she can’t believe that its real and that this is actually happening. Lydia has had feelings for stiles for a while and you can see it from how reluctant she is to pull away both times. I can’t wait to see how their relationship goes on after this.

Posessive (Void!Stiles x reader)

I just couldn’t resist this, there are pretty many of these, more imagines than fics, but with the idea of void being obsessed/protective over you and the pack trying to get you two separated.

You were pulling your hair. You scratched the back of your neck, tangling your fingers with the strands of your hair and tugging on them while you paced around Scott’s room. You walked the space between an armchair and Scott’s bed, never fixing your eyes to new objects. You kept your eyes fixed on either to your toes or the window. Every time you gazed the window you walked over to it, taking a long gaze at the surrounding of the house.

You were worried. Not sure what you were waiting for, but it was not good. That you were sure of. It would more likely be Void to be the first one to show up. He could teleport unlike any werewolf or others like them. No one you knew could do the same.

You felt like you had doomed your friends to death. You had told them what the nogitsune wanted. You had told them everything that was enough to build up a nice death scene. Maybe that was why you did it? Or maybe that is why Void told these to you? What he wanted and needed and for why. And of course you had fallen for it, told them, unwillingly though, and now everyone, even you, were in danger.

You had told the pack what you suspected was going on, why had the nogitsune come after you, why was he so offensive towards them. Of course they wanted to know, you then trying to back away from the subject, thinking it was nothing. You didn’t want to look like an attention seeking teenage girl, but Scott didn’t leave it there. He pressured you to tell him. And you did.

You thought the nogitsune was after you, though you didn’t know why, but it still bothered you. You pointed out how he had never made a move on you, a threatening one. He had always circled you, walking pass you, sometimes making eye contact with you while smirking.

Scott didn’t know wether it was point that should be taken seriously, but he did give it a thought. He even thought about testing the fact that were your suspicious true. That was it now. This was the test.

You started to bite your lower lip, your nails. Still moving nervously around in the already so unwell lighted room. If it wasn’t already enough to make you worry and nervous it had to be getting dark sooner than before just today.

You didn’t even know what you were worried for. That Void would kill Scott and the pack, or that Scott would kill Void? Or that you even cared if they would kill the nogitsune!

You knew Scott had a plan that wouldn’t set anyone in danger if it was even worth a try. Still, you were nervous as hell.

Scott had sent you to his house, where you were right now, and he was with the pack at the school waiting for Stiles to show up.

-at the school-

Scott, Isaac and Allison were inside the school building, Lydia was with Aiden and Ethan at the front doors. They knew he would be there at any second.

Scott had his phone close, keeping a track on you. Making sure you were fine and inside, safe. He kept sending you texts where he asked were you alone and were you ok. Of course you were. But you started to get lonely and a bit anxious.

The front door flew open, Aiden and Ethan’s mixed werewolf body flying across the air in front of Scott and others. Stiles had Lydia with him, he had his hand tangled in her hair while he dragged her with him, then he pushed her on the floor, gazing at Scott.

“You think your little banshee and a mutant freak can stop me?” He yelled, the voice echoing in the hallway. “You’re little seven numbered pack is just getting one number smaller.” He smirked.

Scott got ready to attack, he arched his back, his face changing more animal like, his eyes a mixture of red and yellow.

“It already has!” Scott announced.

Stiles looked a second worried, surprised, off guard. He went over the pack letting his eyes wonder on everyone he saw. Yes. There was only six teens present. He gritted his teeth and hissed: “Where is she?”

It was Scott’s turn to smirk. He shrugged and said: “Not here.”

The nogitsune glared warningly at Scott, then the onis appeared from thin air. Everything happened so fast. Suddenly Stiles was all over Scott, he had his hands on the collar of his shirt, he pushed his body against a wall while the onis made sure no one could break the two apart.

“Where is she?” He hissed once again. Scott only gave him a smile and shook his head. Stiles pulled Scott away from the wall, then trowing him back with enough force to break his bones and yelled “WHERE IS (Y/N)?”

-pack at McCall residence-

You had walked round the room for hundreds of times and now started to get dizzy. You felt sick, annoyed, worried and all, not sure could you take it anymore.

Scott had stopped answering to your texts an hour ago, not even picking up on your calls. You had thrown your phone to the end of the room due frustration.

“Knock knock.” You heard from behind. The volume quiet, the voice raspy and dark but delighted. Somehow even thrilled.

You turned to look. The figure now leaning against the doorframe and smiling. The darkness under his eyes so clear to be seen it looked inhuman. And inhuman was the whole situation.

His knuckles were bloody, bruised, you looked at them worriedly, hoping it wasn’t any of the pack members.

It took you off guard how you reacted. You were about to say something, just being able to open your mouth, but not to make anything out. You were not sure even now what you wanted, waited and hoped for. It was so bizarre.

“A fox caught your tongue?” He asked and smirked. It made your blood boil, even though you were not scared to see him there. “A good try from Scott to try to hide you from me, I have to give him that,” he circled closer to you, his hands behind his back, like he was hunting a prey, which was you. “but I can’t say I enjoyed it. That he takes something that belongs to me away from me.”

You felt slightly angered when he preferred you to belong to him. You could feel the heat raising to your face, your hands clutching to fists.

His tone was starting to sound threatening, not purposely for you, but to anyone in the matter. You took an unsteady step back, only because you were being sure not to get too close. You were not sure of what mood he was on.

The second you stepped back, nogitsune stopped. He tilted his head, sensing your unsure body language. He of course did not mean to scare you, but you were never so sure of what went through his head. A trickster he was.

“Don’t be scared, little dove.” He taunted. “I am not that mad at you.” He walked slowly closer to you. “You do understand that I am just starting to get fed up with games. The pack can’t hold you down. They can’t keep you away from me. I will have you. And you know it too.”

“Why are you so interested in me?” You dared to ask. You knew you didn’t feel like you were in control of the situation but you still knew how to talk back.

Nogitsune walked around, not letting you out of his sight, his cold stare on your (e/c) eyes.

“You are more than you appear.” He said, it didn’t mean anything to you so you waited for an explanation.

“There is something in you that calls for me. I feel the undying need to collect you. To own you.” He chuckled when he saw your disgusted and confused expression. “You are like a wild animal that I feel the need to tame. A price, worth of fight. And even the pack fighting for you,” he clicked his tongue. “makes me want you even more.”

“So this is a game to you?” You couldn’t help but mock. “I’m just a symbol of power. A mark of victory?”

Now he was close enough to touch you, he had made you back up so much you were now against a wall, your back pressed firmly in place where you could not escape. Though you didn’t even want to. You wanted to hear him out.

“You shouldn’t underestimate yourself, (Y/n).” He purred. “You are not just a pawn in my game, you have so much more value to me, you can’t even imagine how important you are. This feeling I have for you is more human than a magical bond, though humans do prefer it to be magical, so either way the feeling is strong.”

You swallowed. You hoped you were wrong for what he meant. He couldn’t possibly be..?

“You’re lying…” You mumbled. You could feel the aura around you darken, getting heavy and making the air hard to breathe. You saw Stiles’ body tensing and his teeth gritting.

“I have watched you sleep, I have watched you dream and I have held you due nightmares without you knowing my present. I have made sure no one hurts you, I have made sure you won’t have to face your fears and I have been there for you!” He was now shouting, hitting his fists close to both sides of your head, then softly caressing your cheek and whispering, almost lovingly to your ear: “And I will always be the one to be there for you. No matter what.” He had calmed down, but still felt the need to say the next line.

“So don’t underestimate my love for you, darling.” He smiled.

He then kissed your cheek. Your tense body not relaxing, but all the air that had been caught in your lungs rushing out through your nostrils.

“I’m confused.” You finally got to say. “I didn’t know why any of this was happening and I didn’t think and now, I put everyone in danger so I could know why. I didn’t know-” Void, in the skin of Stiles’ cut you out.

“It’s okay, little dove.” He said softly, no sign of anger in his voice while he talked to you, his lips now tickling your ear while he whispered: “You know now. You don’t have to be confused, they will never try to separate us anymore.” You could feel his lips curve into a smile, then he kissed near your ear.

“And I don’t ever have to be scared of losing you, ever again.” He purred and embraced you.

Down the rabbit hole (Overprotective!Void!Stiles x reader)

(Overprotective Void!Stiles x reader) 

((I appologize cause this probably sucks….) Was requested, overprotective void that is)

You had just finished a long, stressful day at (work/school). You were dripping wet, it had started to rain cats and dogs the second your foot stepped outside the (work/school) building. Thank gods you had put your (color) wellies on for the day after checking the day’s weather on your phone before leaving at the morning. You always doubted all weather reports, but not taking any risks you almost every time dressed according to the forecast. Though there was one little fault in your decisions of shoes that day.

You were out of breath, sweating slightly under your heavy coat, leaning against the front door and pushing it open. You had all your weight on the door and when it flew open you tripped, struggling to keep yourself up. A chuckle escaped your lips as you hung on the door to keep a steady composure. You saw your boyfriend walked up to your eyesight and he gave you a confused look. His right brown eyebrow raised while his dark almost black eyes studied your strangely maniacal looking face. You looked desperate, humored, and like you were about to cry. All of those feelings on you at the same time made the fox spirit worried, almost scared of you.

You had met Stiles only after the fox spirit took over him, you never had met the real Stiles and that’s why you never called him by that name. He was simply Nogitsune or Void to you. On special occasions you called him Nogi, which he hated.

You never had to be scared of him. The day you found him, drifting in the dark with no strength to keep going you offered your help. You weren’t on your best shape either, but you didn’t let it show. Ever. He was actually surprised how much pain you were in from the inside. You had always managed with the pain and stress and for that it always piled inside of you. So the second you came close to him he took almost all of the pain and stress off your shoulders. Long story short, you paired up when he told you his story and he grew on you, unable to let him go and (though he never said it) he couldn’t let you go either.

You felt your breathing grow quick again when you let a grin spread on your lips. You leaned against the other side of the door, pushing it close and slipping on the floor while laughing.

”What is wrong with you?” Void asked as he started to get annoyed by your actions. He had a cup of coffee in his hands and he took a long sip, his eyes never leaving yours. He still looked as ill as ever. Like he had never slept before. The purplish color under his eyes only growing darker and darker as the days passed. He looked intimidating and dangerous though he never scared you.

You let out a long sigh, your breath still coming out visibly, hot steam pouring out from between your lips before you inhaled deeply. You chuckled once more and fixed your position, now sitting on the floor, taking your boot off, still leaning against the door. ”You’ll never guess what just happened.”

Void only rolled his eyes, but waited for you to continue. He leaned his back against a wall behind him, the one that was in between the hallway and kitchen, the coffee cup still in his hands. He took another sip.

”I really shouldn’t have put these shoes on.” You chuckled to yourself while pulling the other shoe off. Your fingers were numb and violet since you had not wear your mittens when you came back home. You took your hands over your mouth and blew warm air to them.

”But it is raining in there, right?” Void corrected and looked at you. You stared back, not moving for awhile and then looking down, picking yourself back up after awhile of rest.

”Yeah, it is, but these are no running shoes.” You said and knock the other show over by your foot.

”You went on a jog out there?” Void joked and gave you aa amused smile. He set the empty cup on the table next to him where you kept your keys and crossed his hands over his chest.

Taking your jacket off and hanging it on a hanger next to you you looked at Void over your shoulder and said peacefully ”No, well kinda.” Void answered to this with a not satisfied look.

”Well you must have had a fun run since you looked like you had escaped from Eichen house the second you came in.” Void said lazily and looked the other way. The pouring of the rain was able to be heard inside of your house and by now it started to calm you down. Your breathing had even and you smiled again.

”Well not me, but you should’ve seen the other guy.” And a laugh escaped your lips once again. The thought and pictures of the resent scene made you giggle like you were drunk.

Void’s head turned to you faster than the speed of light and he’s gesture became stiff. His eyes were burning with hatred and his brows down in intimidating way. ”What guy?”

You laughed even more with a carefree way as your eyes lighted up and you took a step from the door closer to Void. ”You should’ve been there!” You grinned from ear to ear. ”It was kinda scary if you think about it, but I was almost half way home when out of nowhere appeared this guy. He barely had clothes on, no jacket or outdoor shoes. He only had a jumper and jeans and he was loosing it.” You waved your hands while you described the guy. ”He came to me yelling that I’m late and that I should’ve followed the white rabbit when he came looking for me. He told me the day was coming and that Alice shouldn’t be in the normal world.” You burst out laughing while Void stared at you with a dangerous look on his face.

”I just turned away from him and almost couldn’t hold my laugh inside. It was hilarious! It was like an actor on a stage in theater!” You lowered your head for a second then back up continuing ”I ran the whole trip back here.”

”A guy, in the middle of a forest trail, alone in the cold rain?” Void questioned. He looked like he couldn’t believe what you were telling him. He also seemed as if he couldn’t understand the whole situation.

”Yeah! And he was like forty years old, so it was super weird!” You chuckled wiping the tears away. You knew the man had to be somewhat ill and probably from a mental hospital, but it was just so funny and kind of cute. The man had not been dangerous of aggressive towards you so you had no reason to feel bad. Well maybe for the man. Walking like that alone in the dark.

”An old man!” Void snapped and hit his hand on the table beside him just barely brushing the cup with his finger.

”Yeah, so what?” You asked, finally starting to notice how Void took the story. You felt your brows knit together and eyed your boyfriend suspiciously. ”He was just wondering around and lost.”

”An old man outside in the dark, not to mention it’s raining like hell and you, a girl, alone in there?” He took a step closer to you, you could feel the anger radiate through him and you stepped back, hitting the door behind you. ”What if he’d done something to you? You’re a girl, you can’t defend yourself from a grown man!”

”Excuse me?” You snapped back. Your face was heating up, by anger or because you grew upset? You didn’t know but you knew you didn’t enjoy the moment.

”And the white rabbit? Alice?” Void raged while towering you.

”It’s from a book. It’s all from a children story. Besides, he was probably, no scratch that, surely mentally ill. He didn’t know what he’s doing.” This only seemed to encourage his fears to break loose.

”So there was a crazy person after you, and you just laugh? Do you have no idea how dangerous that sounds! Something would’ve happened!”

”Yeah, but didn’t. I knew all along I was safe! Besides I had my phone with me the whole time. I could’ve called help if something would to happen.” Void scoffed at that. He eyed you with disgust, well not disgust towards you but the phone you had taken in your hands.

”That peace of shit can’t protect you! It breaks the second water touches it.” He sneered.

”Well it was there if I’d needed it!” You snapped and the second the words left your lips you knew you screwed up. You shouldn’t have said that. Not to him. Not now, nor ever. Void flinched at your words and froze. You wondered had you crossed the line, no you knew you had crossed the line and you were going to pay for it, in one way or another.  

Void was silent for awhile and then he gave you cold stare. ”Then I’m not taking any chances of this happening again.” And he turned, took the empty coffee cup and left to the kitchen you following right behind him.

”What do you mean by that?” You needed to know. You watched as Void placed the cup in the sink and turned to you, crossing his arms again over his chest.

”You said it. I wasn’t there when you needed me. I’m not letting that happen ever again.”

You scoffed at him. ”Let what happen again?”

Void leaned further away from the sink and looked deep in your eyes. ”I’m not going to leave your side from now on.” You let your jaw drop and stared at him.

”What about my (school/work)?” You questioned.

”I’ve already told you we don’t need that. I can make money in other ways.” He smirked and eyed you in different way than just seconds before. ”Besides the supernatural beings start to crawl from the shadows when I’m around.”

”He wasn’t supernatural!” You snapped.

”Maybe not, but it won’t change the fact that they will start appearing some day. You know how these things affect each other.” He dead panned.

”Whatever. I like it there! I’m not quitting. And that’s final!” You yelled and stormed away. You couldn’t believe Void had turned on you like that. You started questioning you telling anything to him from now on.

You went to the bedroom and shut the door with a loud bang. You went under the covers, not bothering to change the clothes and closed your eyes hoping everything would be better in the morning.

It was about an hour later when you woke up to feel the matters sift, a weight on it and your blanket being pulled upwards. You cling onto the hem of the blanket and not allowing Void to pull it enough to slide in next to you.

”Come on, (Y/n).” Void said tiredly but you didn’t give up.

”Go away Void. Sleep on the couch.” You muttered. You heard Void growl and he pulled the blanket with force, the fabric slipping from between your fingers and then the bed sink next to you and the blanket falling over your body again. Void snuggled closer to you and you groaned from frustration. You didn’t want this now. You didn’t want to be around him at the moment. You moved under the blanket, getting ready to move to the living room’s couch when Void wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to him.

”Let go, Void.” You said, but didn’t try to struggle from his grasp. It was either you knew you weren’t able to escape or you didn’t want to. Most likely the first one.

”No, (N/n).” Void said and kissed your shoulder. Your body winced under the tender touch and you could hear Void chuckle. He kissed your shoulder again, and your body reacting to it once again made him grin.

”You really think I want this now?” You snapped at him. ”I’m upset, no I’m pissed at you and what you said.”

”I know. But I still keep up to my previous decisions, but I’m up for a compromise.” Your body winced again, this time reacting to the word compromise.

”What do you have in mind?” You dared to ask. Void turned you on your back and got on top of you. ”I’ll walk you to (school/work) every morning and come pick you up every day. No exceptions.”

You hummed out loud, as if deeply in thought, considering his ways. You knew you could find your way around it in time, knowing you or him weren’t up to this for too long. It didn’t sound too bad to you after all.

”And” Void added, making your slowly growing smile fade. ”I will be having you all by myself for the whole day tomorrow.” He whispered to your ear. You sighed. Shit.

”And how do you suppose I’d get a free day on such a short warning?” You asked. Void gave you a sly grin.

”Let me take care of that.” And he leaned in to kiss you.

The next morning Void called to your work telling about how a crazy mentally ill man had attacked you the last evening, earning you the whole end of the week free. It was only Tuesday morning.