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9 Years Without You

Summary: After her mom died, Y/N ran away. She was only 6 years old, how could her brother possibly lost her? She was his responsibility, and the guilt remained in his heart all these years. 9 years later, Y/N is 15 years old. Time to start the school, perfect opportunity to get her family back! But school isn’t easy, how can she find her brother in all these teenagers? And there’s this cute and kind boy with blue eyes…

Y/N isn’t the same anymore. Something had changed in her. Will she be accepted anyway?

Pairing: Sister!Reader x Stiles (only sibling relation), Reader x Liam

Word count: 3059

Requested? : Yes, by @imaginationgotmegood

A/N: Sorry for the delay! I hope you like it, I decided to write this one in the second pov as well, I hope it’s okay that way!

This story takes place in the beginning of season 4! None of the gifs are mine, credit to the owner

It had been a long time since you had seen them. As you remember, you must have been 6 at the time when your mother died. You didn’t understand what was going on, your big brother in tears and your father who wasn’t there. Your brother and you stayed alone for a while in the hospital with Melissa. They thought that from the age of six you wouldn’t understand the meaning of the word “deceased”. You understood the meaning of the word, but you didn’t accept it. Your mother couldn’t have left, it was just a joke. So you ran away, while your big brother was crying in Melissa’s arms, you took advantage of it to leave, you escaped their vigilance.

You weren’t taller than three apples, but you managed to pass in front of many people without being seen. You were persuaded that your mother was fine, that she was waiting outside in the parking lot or even better, at home. You went looking for her without thinking for a moment what your absence would do to your family, especially at Stiles who had the task of watching over you. And you never knew how bad he felt and how bad he still feels today. 9 years later, the guilt of having lost his little sister still lives in his heart.

And you never found your mother, in the end.

Today, 9 years after the event, you made your decision. Find your family. You just turned 15 and it was soon the first day of classes. 9 years had passed, but you knew at least one thing : your brother would be there in high school.

His appearance would have changed and you knew you would have difficulties recognize him, but with the name he had, you knew you would soon find him. It wasn’t a common name.

“Be careful, Y / N.”

“Yes Derek,” you answered briefly to the man who had lodged you during all his years. Derek Hale. The only survivor of the Hale family, or that’s what he thought at the time. Another survivor was real. It was the latter who, on a full moon evening, had changed your life. For good or for bad? Derek was talking about a gift, but you doubted it. All you were hoping for was a chance to meet your family again. Of course, you haven’t told Derek or worse, Peter. The latter didn’t want you to find your family, pretending that they would be afraid of you and would reject you immediately. That you were part of his pack, and that your family no longer mattered. Going to school was therefore the best way to escape your alpha and his restrictions.

Derek put his hand gently on your head to ruffle your hair and you couldn’t hold back the grimace that stretched your lips. Derek was the only one who made you hesitate to leave everything to find your family. You didn’t dare tell him your plan. You knew he wasn’t going to be angry that you wanted to find your family, it was quite the opposite. He encouraged you to make research, to find them, and that despite the opposite opinion of his uncle. But you couldn’t tell him because you were just unable to say goodbye.

“I’m going,” you muttered to his attention before going out of the house and waiting for your bus ahead, heading to Beacon Hills High School.

You didn’t expect that. The number of students in the school, in the corridors, in the classes. It was enormous and you lost little by little hope to find your brother on the first day. And here you were, alone in the middle of a diffuse cloud of teenagers around your age. You felt small and, above all, lost.

“Are you okay?” A voice asked behind you, and when you turned to look, you remained magnetized by the bluest eyes you have ever seen. So beautiful you forgot to answer.

"Hello?” The boy asked you as he sketched the cutest smile in the world and you felt your legs faint.

"I think I’m lost,” you replied clumsily, your tongue not wanting to obey. You were all turned upside down in front of the beauty of the boy.

“Junior, aren’t you?  I am new too,” he confided, smiling again and your heart missed a beat. Then he held out his hand solemnly.

“My name is Liam.”

“Y / N,” you answered, taking his hand. It was warm and gentle in yours, which was moist and quivering. Then you started to panic. You knew why your hand was shaking and why your heart was accelerating more and more. That was one of the reasons why Derek was so reluctant to let you go to school. By being locked up and not being able to experience the outside world, you couldn’t have learnt to control yourself in strong emotions, just like what you were experiencing at that very moment.

You were going to transform if your heart continued to beat that fast and you already felt the symptoms rise in you.

“I have to … go to the bathroom,” you spluttered with difficulty before starting to run in the closest bathroom by jostling many people in your way. You didn’t notice the poor, pale-faced boy, who was tackling many moles that you jostled hard enough and who threw a “what’s your problem?” at you that your supernatural ears couldn’t catch under the deafening throb of your heart.

Once shut up in a cabin, sweat dripping on your forehead, you take out a small disk from your bag and gaze at it with a cold blue look. Blue eyes, like those of Derek and Peter. You hadn’t killed anyone but the guilt in your heart had tainted them with that icy color.

"Alpha, Beta, Omega …” You mumbled in a hoarse voice, stiffening your eyelids trying to calm down.

“Alpha, Beta, Omega …” You repeated slowly, your breathing calmed down and your claws retracted.

“Alpha … Beta … Omega …” You finished and you finally felt your fangs disappear and you knew your eyes had resumed their normal colors. It was close. You would have to improve your control, because you couldn’t let it happen again.

In the end, you arrived late in class, but since it was your first day you weren’t punished. Immediately, you recognized the smell of Liam before seeing him, he was in your class. When your eyes met his and he smiled at you with a wave, your hand held the triskelion that was in your pocket. You smile at him trying to stay as calm as possible while sitting down beside him. He was making you all weak inside.

You spent the whole morning looking for your brother, trying to catch a conversation where his name would be pronounced. But even with your werewolves’ ears you caught nothing that attracted your attention. And to avoid Liam moreover didn’t make the task easier for you. As long as you hadn’t found a way to calm your heart when he was close, you had to keep him away from you. You already heard Derek’s voice telling you that he was right and that you were going to have school at home.

And there was no way you’d do that.

Diner time arrived very quickly and the cafeteria was crowded. You didn’t know where to eat so you decided to enjoy the good weather and eat out. Coincidentally there was a Lacrosse practice that noon, and intrigued you decided to eat in the stands with other students who were unknown to you.

Throughout the game your attention was focused on listening. You weren’t really paying attention to the training that was almost over, until the painfully whistle and the coach’s squeaking voice echoed in your eardrums. And all your attention was then focused on the game. You even slipped your peanut butter sandwich that Derek had prepared for you this morning.

“Stilinski! Tell me, what do you think you’re doing? My grandmother could do better! Guess what, she’s dead!”

Stilinski. Your last name, your real last name. Your family name you never said, not even to Derek, out of fear that he would know your family. Or out of fear that Peter decided a good day to go and massacre them all to make sure of your obedience.

Your brother was there and you felt your heart beat faster. All your senses awoke and you looked for the player. Number 24. Unfortunately he was wearing a helmet and you couldn’t see his face.

Your eyes didn’t leave him anymore, you were afraid that if you looked elsewhere for a moment, number 24 would disappear. The match ended and all the players went to the locker room to shower. Your eyes still on him, you got up and walked towards the locker room. You were so focused on your target, frozen by the emotion of finally finding your brother that you didn’t notice number 11 standing next to him. You didn’t feel his presence neither his particular smell that should’ve warned you.

And it was only when you lost sight of number 24 that, lost in the crowd of students, you noticed a particular smell. An odor you rarely felt. An oppressive and dominant odor; there was an alpha close. A real alpha, not like Peter who was now a simple beta, but who still had grip on you, no. A real one, with eyes as red as blood and claws as sharp as razors.

Fear came to your throat and it was normal for the situation. You wanted to look for your brother, but at the same time the presence of the alpha terrified you. You didn’t know what to do, there, planted in the middle of the Lacrosse players who continued to advance towards the locker room. Panic rose and your heartbeat too.

“Y / N!” A familiar voice was behind you, and you turned to see Liam, your heart missing a beat at the same time.

"Liam,” you muttered. It wasn’t good timing; you already had all the difficulties in the world to remain calm at the moment. The heat raised more and more as he put a hand on your shoulder, asking you if everything was okay. His forehead was covered with sweat and his jersey suited him too well. And his eyes, so blue and beautiful. You had come to hate this color because it represented the guilt for your eyes, but on him this color immediately became magnificent.

And your heart raged again. You needed a cold shower as quickly as possible, so you apologized before running into the girls’ locker rooms which were fortunately free at that time of day. You didn’t wait any longer, threw your bag on the floor and turned on the cold water taps, putting your head underneath, your breathing not calming down. You lived too many things, your brother found, the Alpha, Liam … it was too much, you weren’t going to make it this time!

“Alpha …” You started by planting your claws in the wall while trying to calm your breathing under the icy water that was running down your head.

“Beta …” You felt your fangs coming out.

“Omega …” You grunted a little louder as you closed your eyes. Derek’s stuff had never worked, you couldn’t control yourself and the fear of turning into a savage and attacking innocent people took possession of your body.

Then, without warning, you felt an incredible strength turned you and pressing you against the shower wall. By the reflex of brutality, you let your fangs out and grunted at anyone who had dared to abuse you in this way. Your blue pupils crossed the red ones of an alpha and you immediately regretted having growled at him, especially when the latter yelled back. You felt all your strength abandoned you and the rage disappear under the submission, while you let yourself slide on the wall.

“Another werewolf?” A voice said, but you dared not raise your head, confused by the sudden submission.

“A beta or an omega that has a lot of trouble getting discreet,” the alpha mumbled. “And who can’t control itself.”

The alpha bent over to you and helped you up as you continued to apologize.

“Everything’s fine,” the alpha told you to try to calm you down. But when you finally dared to look up at their jerseys, you recognized too well the number before you, especially one of them.

Number 24, your brother.

You were going to say his name but you held back. He had just seen everything, he saw you as a monster. He saw you at your lowest. You quietly sniffed the air and noticed that it was human. A sigh of relief escaped your lips.

“My name is Scott, and he’s Stiles,” the alpha said, patting your shoulder. But you weren’t listening. Stiles. Stiles Stilinski. You had every desire to look at him, to tell him the truth, to take him in your arms and apologize. But fear prevented you. You couldn’t move or talk. He was there, and you felt tears started to burn your eyes.

“ Are you okay?” Scott asked, but you didn’t answer. You succeeded after a moment to look up at your brother’s face. He had the same brown honey eyes, the same nose, the same look. It was indeed him. You had to tell him, take away the weight of your disappearance from his shoulders.

"It’s me, Y / N,” you said, taking a step towards him under the confused look of the alpha.

“Y / N?” Stiles answered, raising his eyebrows.

"Your sister …” You mumbled, feeling tears running down your cheeks, but the look he gave you in response broke your heart.

“My sister is dead.” He answered before turning around and you heard his heart beat as fast as yours in your chest. Synchronized. It was true that Peter had simulated your death, Derek had confessed it to you. Y / N Stilinski was dead, and bringing the subject back was probably an awful torture for Stiles

"Mischief …” You mumbled to his attention, and he froze, turning slowly toward you.


“Mischief, that’s how I called you because I couldn’t say your first name, you couldn’t either … we started calling you Stiles for that reason,” you continued. “And then, Mom died and …”

“You …” Stiles began, but didn’t finish his sentence and ran to you to take you in his arms sobbing over and over, hugging you even if you were soaked. You continued to weep for a good moment, under the benevolent gaze of Scott, who couldn’t prevent a tear running down his cheek. He knew for his best friend’s sister, Stiles had confessed to him all his regrets, his remorse and his grief. So to see him with you, he could only be happy for both of you.

After a moment, Stiles drew back and your eyes remained hanging from one to the other.

“You … You, how …”

“How did I become a werewolf?” You finished in his place. If Stiles was friend with an alpha, he had to know for the supernatural creatures and had to wonder who had transformed you.

“It’s … A Hale, Peter Hale, but it’s not an alpha anymore …” You answered and felt the two boys tensed. You felt the dominant aura of the alpha increased along with its frustration.

“Peter …” He muttered between his teeth.

“He didn’t want me to go, he told me that … you were going to reject me because I was a werewolf and I was afraid … I live with his nephew, he took care of me after I got bit…” you said, putting your forehead against Stiles’. ” You know them? “

"All too well,” Stiles answered, closing his eyes.

“But then, you aren’t …”

“My best friend is an alpha and I just found my sister supposedly dead for years, so I think her night creature status will not disrupt my conscience,” he confided to you with a sincere smile. “Dad will be so happy to see you again,” he added, pressing you against him and you felt hesitant. You didn’t dare tell them Peter kept you against your will and you didn’t know how Derek would react.

Scott put his hand on your shoulder and immediately you felt relaxed.

“He’s not your alpha. And you have your family now. So, we go see Derek, then your father and you will return to a normal life. And we’ll teach you how to control yourself. ”

“I trained Scott myself; I can do the same thing with my little sister!” Stiles added with a smile and you felt your heart suddenly much lighter. Everything was going to be fine. You had found your family and you might even have found a pack.

Several days passed. Derek knew Scott and Stiles very well and the situation settled fairly quickly, but it still wasn’t easy. You had spent many years with him, and the farewells were heavy. However, you promised Derek to come and visit him again. For his part, Peter was nowhere to be found so you didn’t have to confront him.

The reunion with your father was just as strong in emotion and ended with a big collective hug where everyone was crying their hearts out. You spent the rest of the day in the sheriff’s bed with them, you in the middle, exactly like when you were young. You took advantage of it to tell them about your life and they told you what you had missed.

You no longer felt the need to avoid Liam. Coincidences had meant that Scott had to bite him to save his life and he became a werewolf, just like you. He had some difficulty in joining Scott’s pack, but with you already in it, it was less difficult than expected. Together, you trained to keep control and became each other anchor.

Everything was going too well. But nothing can remain indefinitely in the positive, isn’t it?

And the pair of bright blue eyes that spied on you in the shadows meant only one thing.

Peter wasn’t done with you.

prompt #6, #18 (Theo Raeken)

6.“did it hurt?” “what when I fell from heaven?” “no when you fell for me.” 18.“what’s our exit strategy?” “our what?” “oh god this is how I die.” “please like i’d let that happen.” Requested by @wckedheart

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“I should just kill you right now." I said digging my claws a little deeper in Theo’s neck.

"but you won’t nah you like me too much.” Theo said with a smirk.

I picked Theo up slamming him on the table and breaking his arm.

“yeah I let Stiles kick my ass too, but he didn’t break anything.” Theo said popping his arm back in place so it could heal.

“want me to break something else?” I growled.

“see y/n this is the you I’ve been wanting to see.” Theo laughed as I punched him again.

“what can I say babe you bring it out of me.”

I slammed Theo down a few more times letting out all of my anger. He tried to kill my alpha and played with my feelings, just for power. I sat down on the floor of Deaton’s clinic trying to calm my breathing.

“now that you’re done beating the shit out of me, maybe we can talk.” Theo said sitting on the floor next to me.

“who said i’m done beating the shit out of you.” I snapped scooting away from him.

“awe come on baby I can smell lust too remember? I know you lust after me.” Theo said scooting closer.

“what do you want?” I said standing up to get away from him.

“I want a lot of things from you baby but this time it’s not what I want from you, it’s what I want for you.” Theo said smirking seductively.

He was right, there was part of me that lusted after him, but than there was the part of me that knew he was nothing but a snake and as soon as he got what he wanted he would either kill you or leave you with permanent damage.

“what do you mean?” I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

“I’m going to help you break out Lydia Maritn.”

“yeah no thanks. We don’t need your little chimera pack and why would you want to help us?”

“well Lydia is the only one who can tell us who the beast is, so she’s just as valuable to us as she is to you. Plus if I do recall the walls of Eichen House are laced with mountain ash meaning you can’t get through, but I can.” Theo said smirking once again.

I huffed walking out the door. He had a point, he could get through, we couldn’t. I knew Scott would never agree to Theo helping, but I also knew that Theo was going to show up anyways whether we wanted him to help or not. It all boiled down the this moment right now. We were all trapped in Eichen House on lockdown. I got separated from Scott and was currently being held by Theo and his pack of chimeras. Josh held me by the neck shocking me with electricity if I dared to move.

“I knew it, I knew you had some other deviant plan.” I said growling, earning a shock from Josh.

“tell me y/n did it hurt?” Theo said grabbing my face so I was looking at him.

what when I fell from heaven?” I asked rolling my eyes.

no when you fell for me?” He said bringing his face dangerously close to mine.

“please it’s gonna hurt when I break every bone in your body.” I threaten earning another shock from Josh.

“damn I like em’ feisty.” Theo said smirking.

“what does a pack of chimeras want with a banshee anyways?” I asked.

“oh I don’t want a banshee baby, I want a hell hound.”

As if on cue Parrish comes in blazing. Theo’s pack of Chimeras looked terrified.

“you wanted a hell hound, you got one.” I said breaking Josh’s arm and throwing him towards Parrish.

Parrish easily stopped Tracy, Josh, and Corey, significantly wounding all of them. Theo showed his fangs and claws. Parrish kept walking towards us. I thought as long as I stayed out of his way he wouldn’t do anything to me. Theo panicked grabbing my arm running, but we didn’t get very far.

“what’s our exit strategy?” I asked starting to feel the effects of being exposed to that much mountain ash in the walls.

I collapsed on the floor starting to breathe heavily, I needed to get out of here.

“our what?” Theo said trying to pick me up.

“you’re kidding right, you got me into something you can’t get me out of!? oh god, this is how I die, and with you.” I said disgustedly.

please like i’d let that happen. Than Scott would never trust me.” Theo picked me up carrying me into one of the rooms.

I could feel my breathing dramatically slowing down.

“hey come one you have to breathe.” Theo said bringing his face down to mine.

His tone was different, almost as if he was worried about me. Next thing I know Theo is giving me mouth to mouth. He pounds on my chest hard and I shoot up feeling all the air rush back in my lungs. Theo grabs my hand helping me stand up.

“you know babe technically that was our first kiss.” He said smirking.

“technically you ever do anything like this to me again, I’ll kill you.” I growled getting away from him.

I walked in front of him so he couldn’t see the blush on my cheeks from when his mouth was on mine.

“playing hard to get, okay, I got time baby and I play rough.” Theo said walking behind me.

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Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Requested: No, I just got this idea

Warnings: mentions of sex, really

A/N: I just had a little spurt of inspiration for this short imagine, I hope you enjoy it.

masterlist / coming soon

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Stiles watched as your legs carried your body across the stage, the excitement swirling in your eyes as you accepted the scroll out of the older man’s hand and your eyes immediately locked on Stiles as you raised the piece of paper in the air. He let out a chuckle, winking at you as you walked back to your chair, trying desperately not to fall over the robe that was far too big on you. You paid for the right size robe but because you arrived a little later than everyone else, they only had robes three times bigger than your size available. You moaned and groaned but had no other choice but to accept it.

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prompt #8 (Derek Hale)

8.“please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.” Requested by @julieanncupcake

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“this way!” Scott yelled pulling me in another direction.

We were currently out in the woods, Gerard Argent hunting my brother Scott unmercifully.

“Scott you can’t escape and help your sister.” Gerard called through a bull horn.

He was just trying to tempt Scott, and I knew that. We kept running, but I was finding it harder to keep up.

“Scott wait.” I said breathing heavily.

We tripped and started rolling down a hill. I felt my ankle twist. We were groaning in pain.

“we have to go.” Scott said coming over to me.

“need some help?” a voice says from behind me.

I was lifted in someone’s arms, Derek’s. Scott got up and we started running again.

“I’ll take her to my loft you lose the hunters.” Derek said running a different direction from Scott.

I tried to object but my voice was not heard. When we were far enough away Derek stopped running and started to walk.

please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.” I said trying to wiggle out of Derek’s arms.

I know what you’re thinking a gorgeous man is carrying you and you want out of his arms? Being in his arms made me extremely nervous and I could feel my face heating up as we went on plus I needed to see if my brother was okay.

“let you down? you’re lucky it’s just a sprained ankle. It could’ve been a broken leg, a broken back, an arrow through you’re chest.” Derek grumbled as we approached his loft.

“okay geez I get it, lots of body mutilation.” I said as Derek set me down on his bed in the loft.

“no you know what you don’t get it.” He growled.

“oh Derek let me apologize for my brother ex girlfriends psycho grandfather trying to kill me.” I said standing up and crossing my arms over my chest.

“sit down you’re hurt.” Derek said coming over and pushing me back on the bed.

“I’m fine, I don’t need you to babysit me."  I snapped.

"than you should be more careful.” Derek said grabbing my ankle to look at it.

“yeah well I didn’t plan on plunging down a hill today. If i’m such a nuisance to you why did you help?” I said letting a tear slip from my eye.

This made Derek look up from what he was doing.

“you think you’re a nuisance to me?” He asked standing up so he was now towering over me.

“seems like it yeah.” I said letting some more tears fall.

Derek cupped my cheek wiping away the tears with his thumb.

“you should be more careful because you have no idea what it would do to me if you got hurt.” He said not looking me in the eyes.

Derek just admitted that he cared about me. I was speechless, Derek wasn’t known to be very in touch with his feelings.

“than maybe I need a werewolf to protect me.” I said putting my hand on top of his.

Derek leaned down slowly putting his forehead on mine.

“i’ll always protect you.” He said closing the remaining distance.

It was the best kiss I’d ever experienced in my life. What sprained ankle?

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This turned out better than I thought it was going to lol. Honestly I just start writing and hope for the best. Anyways hope you liked!

Anastasia Re-Reads Stuff

(cause it’s not like she has work, school, a mile long tbr list and new fic to read instead)

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Fly a Little Faster by mirrorkill

(1/1 I 32,052 I Teen I Sterek)

Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn’t step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain?

Well, if Marty McFly can do it, so can Stiles Stilinski. All he has to do is get Derek and Paige to fall in love before he gets pulled back to his own time. And before he makes anything worse. That’s easy as pie, right? Right?

Anastasia Says: I’m not sure how many times I’ve re-read this one. It’s one of my favorite time travel fics. The author plays with the butterfly effect concept and asks the question ‘can we change the future by changing the past?’And the twist ending is so good for a first time reader. Even with the twist and the way mirrorkill changed canon, they still managed to keep it in canon. Brilliant. Check it out. 

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Requested by music4everrr

Stiles’ giggling was almost as loud as the twin babies giggling at their costumes.  When he heard your footsteps come into the living room he turned his head and grinned widely at you.  “Uncle Scott bought them cow costumes.”  He laughed, attention snapping back to the twins as they fell into a fit of giggles.

“I can see that.”  You laughed quietly, squatting down next to the couch and cooing quietly at the small babies.  “They look very cute.”

Believe It or Not. Part 18/?

Summary: Now that they know who the Kanima is, the pack needs to find a way to keep Jackson’s vicious transition at bay. But is Y/n’s mind not so clear anymore due to distractions… non-supernatural ones??

Song suggestion: Move Too Fast- Phora

(Based off of 2x06, “Frenemy”)

“I need you to promise that you won’t say anything about what just happened.” Allison’s voice startled Lydia as she pulled up right outside of the Martin house.

“I’ll promise not to say anything about what happened, if you can tell me what the hell just happened.” Lydia’s voice ranged from calm to angry and confused in a matter of seconds.

“It’s- it’s kind of complicated.” Allison sighed leaning back in her seat and fiddling with her fingers.

“Well, How about you start with why was Derek there? Or where Jackson went, or what is wrong with Erica?” Lydia yelled, Allison not being able to make eye contact with her, “Oh, do you need a minute to come up with a plausible lie?”

“Part of the reason why am I asking is because Scott and I aren’t supposed to be seeing each other, okay? So, it’s better if you just keep what you know to yourself.”

Lydia was no longer angry, only hurt now.

“Fine. I’ll keep what I know-which is nothing- to myself.” She snapped as she started to open the car door and get out.

“Hey. He’s not just my boyfriend, you get that right?” Allison asked, pulling Lydia back into the car.

“Let me go.”

“Just for one second, please try and remember-”

“Remember what?” Lydia’s eyes filled with tears along with Allison’s.

“Remember what it feels like. All of those times in school when you see him standing down the hall, and you cannot breathe until you’re with him. Or those times in class when you - you can’t stop looking at the clock because you know that he’s standing right out there waiting for you. Don’t you remember what that’s like?”

A long pause weighed itself between each of them, Lydia had to pull herself away from Allison’s stare.


“What do you mean ‘no’ you’ve had boyfriends?”
Allison rose her eyebrows, laughing slightly.

“None like that.” The strawberry blonde sadly stated, “Jackson was never mine the way Scott is yours, and he never cared about me the way Stiles cares about Y/n.” Her eyes widely gazed into Allison’s.

Deciding she’d had enough, Lydia finally released herself from Allison’s stare and got out of the car.

Y/n still sat in the same exact spot that Stiles had left her, sitting on the edge of her bed completely speechless.

Her mind replayed his words over and over again in her head.

‘I know, I’ll give you all the time you need.’

She wished all of this would just end, she wished it was over so she and Stiles could work things out and be able to do normal teenage things.

Y/n was startled from her thoughts when her bedroom door burst right open and Scott ran through, chest heaving up and down.

“We have to go find Jackson.” He managed to say between quick breaths.

“What, why?” Y/n stood up and started walking towards her brother.

“Because if he doesn’t change back soon he’s gonna kill someone else.” Without another word needing to be said, she followed Scott and Stiles out the door of the McCall house, relying on Scott to track Jackson by scent.

They found themselves speed walking through an alleyway between two brick buildings, it sounded like music was coming from one of them. Scott stopped as they reached the end of the wall and placed his hand out to signal Stiles and Y/n to stop as well. They placed themselves staggered behind him, Stiles peering over Scott’s shoulder and Y/n behind Stiles.

To keep herself steady but make sure she was still able to see around them, Y/n placed one of her hands on each side of Stiles hips without really thinking about it. He turned his head and made eye contact with her to which she returned.

“Sorry.” She whispered dropping her hands.

He just smiled, “it’s alright.” Then he turned back around.

“Any clue where he’s going?” Stiles asked aloud.

“To kill someone.” Y/n nodded her head sarcastically.

Stiles turned around to look at her, she just smiled innocently, “Ah, that explains the claws, and the fangs, and all that. Good, makes perfect sense now.” His arms fiercely gestured towards her.

She just raised her eyebrows at him, Scott had also turned around with a confused expression on his face caused by his spastic friend.

Stiles looked between the both of them, “What? Come on. I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm is my only defense.” He shouted frustratedly.

Y/n raised her hands in defense as Scott decided to ignore Stiles and face back around the wall.

“Just help me find it.” Scott sighed.

“Not it, Jackson.” Y/n reminded and Scott rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, I know.”

“Alright, but, does he know that?” Stiles piped up, “Did anybody else see him back at your house?”

“I mean, I don’t think so, but he already passed Derek’s test anyway.” Scott answered.

“Yeah but that’s just the thing, how did he pass the test?” Stiles pointed out.

“I don’t know.” Scott and Y/n sighed in unison.

“Maybe it’s like an either- or thing. I mean, Derek said that a snake can’t be poisoned by its own venom, right? When’s the Kanima not the Kanima?” Stiles finished his statement staring into Y/n’s eyes.

“When it’s Jackson.” She answered Stiles, putting together what he was trying to say.

They both smiled each other, Scott watched a little distracted as his sister and his best friend problem-solved together. It seemed like it was supposed to be that way.

“Uh- dude. See that?” Stiles smacked Scott’s arm and drew his attention to what looked like a tail swaying outside of a window.

“He’s inside.”

“What’s he gonna do in there?” Y/n asked.

“I know who he’s after.” Scott whispered as his eyes landed on Danny, flashing his fake I.D. and walking into the club.

They entered into a room with blinding flashing lights, blaring dance music, and sweaty bodies moving against each other and taking up almost every square foot of the club.

Y/n looked around her in awe, she’d never actually been in a club before. It made her uncomfortable but it was also pretty cool. Everyone in here was just living normal lives, something she has forgotten how to do.

She turned around smiling to talk to Scott, only to cover her mouth with both hands to keep from laughing. Her eyes met Stiles, a ton of drag queens playing with his facial features and pulling on his clothes.

At the sound of Scott’s voice, y/n realized he was still facing the opposite direction.

“Dude,” Scott turned sideways to look at y/n, “everyone in here’s a dude. I think we’re in a gay club.” He finally turned the full length around and his eyes became wide.

“Man, nothing gets past those keen werewolf senses, huh Scott?”

Y/n couldn’t suppress it any longer, she doubled over in contagious laughter. Scott joined her while Stiles just rolled his eyes.

“Come on guys, let’s go sit at the bar and look for Danny and Jackson.” Y/n started walking to the bar stools. She confidently walked and placed both hands down on the cool table, causing the bartender to look up at her. Scott and Stiles following behind until she was standing on either side of her.

She smiled widely and blinked a couple of times, the bartender returned a small smile.

“Three beers please.” She chirped.

The bartender laughed, “ID?”

Y/n’s smile dropped. Her cheeks reddened with embarrassment, the bartender just chuckled lightly.

“How about three cokes?” He asked rhetorically before walking away to retrieve the beverages.

Y/n rolled her eyes and turned around to see both Scott and Stiles mocking her with their smiles, obviously trying not to laugh out loud.

“Oh shut up,” she snapped, “if he wasn’t gay that would’ve worked.”

She begrudgingly sat down on one of the stools, Scott sitting down to her left and Stiles standing with his hands on the counter to her right.

The bartender returned with three cokes, and one of which he slid across the surface towards Stiles.

His eyes widened with confusion looking down towards Y/n who just shrugged with a smile before turning back to the bartender.

“That one’s paid for.” He yelled over the loud music. When he turned around and walked away from them, they spotted a guy straight across the bar and sitting on the other side. He raised his glass towards Stiles.

Scott and Y/n caught each other’s eyes before completely losing it and bursted out laughing.

“Oh shut up.” Stiles’ face curled up in disgust.

“We didn’t say anything.” Scott put his hands up in surrender. Still laughing.

“Yeah, Well your faces did.” He rolled his eyes at them.

As if on cue, all three of them turned around to face the crowded dance floor with flashing colored lights.

They were all looking around in opposite directions, looking for anything that could be dangerous. Well, Jackson.

Y/n looked all around her, covering every place she could see with her eyes. She sighed, frustrated with her lack of success. Out of the corner of her eye, she found herself watching Stiles’ movements. She watched as his hand rubbed the top of his head and his mouth hung open, obviously frustrated as well.

Feeling her presence, Stiles furrowed his eyebrows and made eye contact with her. Not for long as she turned her head down quickly so he wouldn’t see how flustered she was.

“What?” He teased her.

She looked back up at him, his beautiful, big eyes making his heart skip a beat (which Scott heard).

“Nothing,” she shook her head and laughed slightly, “sorry.”

She turned away from him and focused her gaze back on the club. For a few seconds, he just stared at her and smiled.

They had no idea, but Scott was watching everything that had just occurred between them. He just smiled, who better for his sister than his best friend?

“I found Jackson.” Y/n pulled him from his thoughts as she pointed to a swinging tail from the corner of the club. Scott stood up quickly, follows by Y/n. But they found themselves frozen. What do they do?

“Let’s go, Prada. You’re all of six pounds, there can’t be that much to come out of you.” Lydia sighed as she crossed her arms, shivering a little bit from the cold night air.

She looked down at her barefeet, wiggling her toes to assemble some sort of warmth.

“Lose something?” A voice that she didn’t recognize caught her off guard.

She looked up, and there was the same annoying boy from the counseling office.

“Get Danny.” Scott ordered Stiles and Y/n as he started to rush off.

“What’re you gonna do?” Y/n shouted after him.

He just turned around and lifted his hand, showing off his extended claws. Not waiting for a response, he ran off again.

“Works for me.” Stiles sarcastically stated from behind Y/n.

“Danny!” Y/n and Stiles shouted simultaneously, trying to move through the bodies of people dancing, which was harder than you’d think.

Scott was following the Kanima, who was sneakily slithering across the dance floor go unnoticed by all the people. As Scott kept following him, he was able to see Danny, and his sister and friend struggling to get to him.

He watched as the Kanima, Jackson, whatever, was moving quickly towards Danny.

“Jackson! Don’t!” Scott shouted, but he was too late. He knew as he watched Danny’s body fall to the ground paralyzed.

“What do we do with him now?” Y/n managed to ask between heaving breaths as she and Scott dragged Jackson’s now human body out of the club, one of his arms wrapped over each of their shoulders. Stiles following closely behind making sure no one was watching.

They continued to drag Jackson’s limp body until they reached the doors of the jeep. Stiles unlocked the doors and then helped his friends place Jackson in the back seat of the car.

Y/n climbed in the back after they had situated him and her face cringed as she had to sit in such close proximity to Jackson. She shoved his body so that he was sitting upright as opposed to laying down and over the top her. She smiled once she got him situated.

“Oh my god, could this get any worse?” Y/n heard Stiles gasp from the front seat of the car, causing her to lean her head over so she could see out the front windshield. Her eyes were met with a ton of police cars pulling up outside the club. One license plate in particular she recognized.

“I think it can, that’s your dad.” If looks could kill, Stiles’ eyes would’ve burned through her skull right then in there. She just smiled innocently.

“Get rid of him.” Scott demanded and Stiles’ eyes became wide.

“Get rid of him?”

“Do something!” Scott whisper-yelled, his arms flapping around.

Stiles got out of the jeep begrudgingly and strode over to his father’s car. Both Scott and Y/n we’re watching until y/n heard a grain escape Jackson’s mouth.

“Jackson, be quiet.” Y/n smacked his face lightly while she pleaded.

“What are you doing here?” The sheriff questioned when he turned around to see his son standing right behind him.

“What do you mean what am I doing here? What? It’s a club. It’s a club, we were clubbing, you know. At the club.” Stiles clapped his hands together and sighed on the inside knowing how stupid he sounded.

“Not exactly your type of club.” The sheriff raised his eyebrows.

“Uh- well dad, there’s a conversation that we-”

“You’re not gay.” His dad cut him off, rolling his eyes.

With the most offended look on his face Stiles retaliated, “Wha- I could be!”

“Not dressed like that.” Mr. Stilinski shook his head, “Also not with the way I see you look at that girl in the backseat of your car right now, the same girl I’ve been watching you look at since you were 7.”

The sheriff had pointed behind Stiles, and he followed the way it went. He turned around to see both Scott and Y/n staring at them. Then y/n just waved with the most innocent smile on her face while simultaneously looking nervous.

Stiles turned back around the meet the smirk on his father’s face, eyebrows furrowed.

“That’s right. I notice more than you think,” he said placing his hand on his son’s shoulder, “sometimes I notice even before you do.”

Stiles watched his dad walk away as he tried to process the recent encounter they just had. Was his dad right? Had it always been her?

He shook himself out of his thoughts and walked back to his car where his friends were waiting.

“Uh, What about your house?” Stiles asked Scott as he drove aimlessly through the town of Beacon Hills. Y/n remained silent in the backseat with an annoyed expression on her face as an unconscious Jackson rested his head on her shoulder.

“Not with my mom there. We need to take him somewhere where we can hold him long enough to figure out what to do with him. Or long enough to convince him he’s dangerous.” Scott replied.

“I still say we just kill him.” Stiles arm flailed as the sarcastic suggestion left his mouth.

“We’re not killing him” Scott and Y/n harshly stated in unison, shutting Stiles down.

“God, f- okay, okay, I got an idea.” Stiles surrendered and looked in the rear view mirror to make sure he had Y/n’s eyes, which of course he did.

“Does it involved breaking the law?” She raised her eyebrows towards him through the mirror.

“Don’t you think that’s a given by now?” He answered her with another question.

“I was just trying to be optimistic.” Y/n let her body fall back into the seat, pushing Jackson off of her again only to sigh in disgust as he just fell right back on top of her.

“Don’t bother.”

“Scott! Y/n! Stilinski! I’m gonna kill you!”

The three exchanged concerned glances with each other as they stood between multiple trees in the woods during the early hours of the morning. Only a few feet away from a police van meant to hold criminals, which they had stolen to hold Jackson.

“I’ll go in.” Stiles sighed reluctantly heading towards the doors of the van leaving Y/n and Scott behind.

“You probably shouldn’t go alone, just in case.” Scott called after Stiles causing him to stop walking and turn around.

Scott was about to suggest he go with him when Y/n pulled out one of the Chinese daggers Allison had given to her and walked forward past Stiles and Scott without saying a word.

Once she stood in front of the van doors, hand on the handle, she turned around to face them.

“You coming?” She nodded towards Stiles as he smiled and approached her. He took the keys out of his pocket and opened the doors.

Y/n took a deep breath before stepping off of the ground and onto the cold metal floor, the dim lighting and gray walls making her shiver.

She hesitantly sat down as Jackson’s cold stare followed every move she made. Stiles took a seat next to her.

“Okay, I brought you some foo-”

“Let me out now!” Jackson’s body shook with anger.

“You know, I put those pants on you, all right, buddy? One leg at a time. Being all up - close and personal with your junk wasn’t exactly a highlight of my day. So don’t think this is fun for me either. You know we’re actually doing you a favor?” Stiles fired back all in one breath.

“You’re doing me a favor?” Jackson scoffed.

“Yes.” Y/n interjected rather loudly, startling not only Jackson but Stiles as well, “you’re- you’re killing people.” She practically yelled, her eyes filled with disbelief towards Jackson’s stupidity.

“To death.” Stiles added whilst enunciating dramatically.

“Yeah. And until we can figure out how to stop you, you’re gonna stay in here. I’m sorry. Now - you want the ham and cheese, or the turkey club?”

Stiles held out both sandwiches towards the angry teenager.

“You actually think my parents won’t be looking for me?” He ignored the offer.

“Uh, well- not if they don’t think anything’s wrong.” Stiles cockily held up Jackson’s phone showing a text message sent to Jackson’s parents, smiling proudly.

Y/n smirked as she watched Jackson fall back against the cold metal interior in defeat.

“Scales? Like a fish?” Jackson raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

“No, more like a reptile. And your claws have this liquid that paralyse people, oh and you have a tail.”

“I have a tail?”

“Yeah, You have a tail.” Stiles repeated himself.

Y/n sighed, bored with being stuck in this stupid van listening to their stupid conversation. She leaned her head back against the metal and close her eyes, attempting to block out the two boys voices.

“Does it do anything?”

“No, not that I know of.” Stiles squinted at the ground as if trying to replay every encounter he’d had with Jackson in his Kanima form.

“Can I use it to strangle you.” Jackson’s jaw tensed up. Y/n’s eyes popped open and head snapped up.

“Yeah, You still don’t believe me.” Stiles scoffed and he and y/n exchanged the same annoyed glance before they both turned back to Jackson.

Y/n sat up straight, leaning forward so her elbows were on top of her knees.

“The night of the semi-final game, what did you do right after?” She questioned.

“I went home.” Jackson answered as if it should be obvious.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, you bitch. What the hell else would I do?”

“Hey don’t be a dick to her.” Stiles immediately snapped at Jackson in her defense.

“It’s alright I can handle it.” She whispered towards Stiles.

“Yeah, Yeah I know you can handle it you just shouldn’t have to.” He looked at her as he spoke.

She just smiled lightly at him before turning back to Jackson. She pulled her Chinese daggers back out and stood up to walk towards Jackson.

Quickly, she stabbed both of them on either sides of his legs. She didn’t actually want to hurt him, but she definitely wanted to scare him.

He jumped, his wide eyes not able to look anywhere else besides straight into her determined ones.

“You attacked Stiles, Derek and I at the school, and you trapped us in the pool. You also killed a mechanic- right in front of Stiles-”

“Which was lovely, thank you.” Stiles interrupted before Y/n continued.

“And one of the Argent’s hunters. Oh, and last night, you tried to kill Danny. Your best friend.” She finished. Voice completely calm and level the entire time. Which if you asked Jackson it was worse than her yelling.

“Why would I try to kill my best friend?” Jackson shot back as Y/n sat back down next to Stiles.

“Well, that’s what Scott’s trying to figure out right now.”

Stiles sighed and checked his phone.

“Well, maybe, he should be trying to figure out how he’s going to pay for a lawyer when I prosecute your asses all the way to jail!” Jackson’s words echoed throughout the small van.

“All right, well, tell me this. On the night of the full moon, what happened?”

“Nothing. Nothing happened.”

Stiles and Y/n decided they needed to get out of the van that they’d been locked in for hours on end with possibly their least favorite person.

Y/n waited anxiously for Stiles to open the door. It finally swung open and he hopped out, with her not following too far behind.

As Y/n stood with outstretched arms, she was startled at the sound of Stiles’ voice.

“Oh my, god.” He panicked. Heartbeat returning to normal once they both realized it was Allison.

“They know.” She quickly stated, looking shaken and panicked.

“What?” Stiles replied.

“They know Jackson’s missing.”

Stiles’ first reaction was to hold up Jackson’s phone, which now has his fingerprint all over it. He looked at Y/n who was just staring back at him with fear in her eyes.

“All available units proceed to Beacon Hills preserve as instructed. Proceed with caution until sheriff Stilinski’s arrival. Proceed with caution.”

All three of their heads snapped towards the the sound of the police radio from the van repeating the previous message over and over.

They all scrambled to get inside the van, Y/n squeezing between Allison and Stiles as her started the vehicle.

“Where are we going?” Y/n asked him.

“Somewhere very far from this.” He said as he aggressively threw Jackson’s phone out the window.

“If Jackson doesn’t remember being the Kanima, he’s definitely not going to remember stealing Danny’s tablet.” Scott spoke to Allison, y/n and Stiles.

“Why would he steal the thing if he doesn’t even know what’s on it?” Stiles asked.

“What if someone else took it?” Allison suggested.

“Then somebody else knows what he is.” Y/n added, adding onto Allison’s theory.

“Which could mean someone’s protecting him.” Scott followed the theory further.

“Like the bestiary says, ‘the Kanima seeks a friend’ right?”

“Okay, hold on,” Stiles interjected “So, somebody watches Jackson make a video of himself turning into the kanima, and then just erases part of it so he wouldn’t know? I mean, who would do that?”

“Somebody who wanted to protect him.” Allison answered Stiles questions but looked at Y/n, who nodded her head.

“There’s something else, Scott continued, “you said the only thing you found online about the Kanima is that it goes after murderers. What if that’s actually true?”

“No it can’t be. Tried to kill all of us, remember? I don’t know about you three, but I haven’t murdered anybody lately.” Stiles sarcastically replied, Y/n just rolled her eyes.

“I don’t think it was actually trying to kill us,” Y/n got Stiles’ attention, “Remember when we were at Isaac’s the first time?” She shifted her attention to Allison and Scott, “it went right past us, didn’t it?”

“You’re right, it just ran off.” Allison agreed.

“And it didn’t kill you in the mechanic’s garage.” Scott pointed out to Stiles.

“Well, Yeah, but it tried to kill Y/n, Derek, and I in the pool.”

“Did it?” Y/n raised her eyebrows.

“It would’ve. It was waiting for us to come out.” Stiles still grasped to what he thought was true.

“What if if was trying to keep you in?” Scott tried to guide his friend to be on the same page as the rest of them.

“Why do I feel so violated all of the sudden?” Allison laughed at his comment, and Y/n rested her hand on his arm for a split second before the conversation continued.

“Because there’s something else going on. We don’t know what it is. We don’t know anything that’s going on with Jackson, or why someone’s protecting him.” Scott sighed.

“Know thy enemy.” Allison’s voice made all of them look in her direction.

“Just something my grandfather said.” She clarified when she looked up to see all their eyes on her.

“All right, I got it, kill Jackson. Problem solved.” Stiles smirked and dropped his arms to his sides.

“He risked his life for us, against Peter. Do you remember that?”

“Yes, but what did we just find out? He got the bite from Derek. It’s funny how he just got exactly what he wanted by supposedly risking his life for us, it’s funny”

“It doesn’t mean he’s still not worth saving.” Y/n argued, “I mean I hate him as much as anyone, but I would’ve died if he hadn’t gotten me to the hospital.”

Stiles looked at her slightly watery eyes as she recalled that night. She could learn to fight all she wanted, but nothing could prove how strong she was other than this moment. And he admired her for that.

“He doesn’t know what he’s doing.” Scott reminded.

“So what?” Stiles rhetorically asked.

“So I didn’t either!” Scott all of the sudden yelled.

“You remember when I almost killed you and Jackson? I had someone to stop me. He has nobody.”

“That’s his own fault.” Stiles replied calmly, no one had anything else to say because they knew he was right.

“Doesn’t matter. If we can save him, we have to try.”

Stiles and Y/n had left to go on a food run while Allison and Scott stayed behind to keep watch on Jackson. But it was getting dark out so they offered to go get some Mexican food.

Y/n stayed silent as Stiles drove, music playing lightly in the background. It felt really peaceful, the silence between them. Knowing that once they figured everything out with Jackson, once everything was all over, maybe they’d become something.

Y/n let her forehead rest against the window, watching all the houses and buildings pass quickly by. Then she saw a car that she would recognize anywhere.

“Wait stop.” She said but Stiles hadn’t quite heard her.

“Stiles stop the car.” She yelled, scaring the crap out of him but he slammed on the breaks.

“Y/n what the hell-” he was trying to ask but when he looked over her door was already open and she was walking quickly with a purpose. He hurriedly opened his door to follow.

Derek’s car was parked at the gas station, his back to them as he was waiting for it to be completely filled.

When Y/n saw him she was overcome with an overwhelming amount of anger, she really wasn’t acting like herself, but she couldn’t control it.

“Hey Derek!” She shouted once she was practically right behind him. He turned around with a confused expression to see who had said his name, but the expression left fast due to the teenage girl punched it off his face. Y/n instantly felt pain course through her fingers and up her arm.

“Woah Y/n-” she heard Stiles voice from a distance but ignored it anyway.

“I trusted you!” She screamed, anger taking all control of her body.

The passenger side door opened and Isaac stepped out quickly walking to the scene. Derek stood up and held his hand on his face, not saying anything.

“Why are you doing this? I thought you were on our side, my side. Don’t you have anything to say!” She yelled at him some more until Isaac stepped in front of her, grabbing the sides of her arms and forcing her to face him.

Her angry eyes stared into his ice blue ones, and they were both silent for a few second until he spoke.

“Y/n,” he whispered, “now is not the time, go home.”

She thrashed angrily and tried to shake herself out of his grasp, but she obviously couldn’t because of how much stronger he was.

“Y/n!” He repeated himself again, causing her to stop moving. Isaac saw that tears were streaming freely down her face, and for some reason that made him hurt too.

Stiles watched from behind her as Isaac’s thumbs stroked the sides of Y/n’s arms, and she visibly calmed down.

“Let Stiles take you home.” He whispered to her one more time.

She looked behind him and coldly stared at Derek. Sighing, she turned away and started walking back towards the jeep with both doors still flung open.

Just as she was about to step inside, she turned back to see Isaac still looking at her. The sounds of jeep starting up again breaking their gaze as she got back into the car with Stiles.

“We should probably just go back.” Stiles said calmly as he flipped the wheel around until they were headed back in the direction they came.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered making Stiles’ head snap quickly in her direction as if to reassure himself that he heard her voice. “I shouldn’t have done that, I- I don’t actually know why I did.”

“Don’t apologize, you’re human. We get angry, we feel betrayal. Also he’s an ass so you have nothing to apologize for.” Stiles tried to lighten up the made as she still had tear stains on her cheeks, he smiled at his success when y/n laughed quietly.

They sat in comfortable silence for a while, but Stiles had a question creeping in the back of his mind. Hands gripping the steering wheel tighter he decided to ask her anyway.

“So uh, what, what happened between you and Isaac?”

Her eyebrows furrowed as Y/n turned to look at Stiles, who’s eyes were positioned straight ahead on the road.

“What do you mean?” She asked confused.

“I- I don’t know, you know what nevermind let’s just drop it.”

They sat in silence for the rest of the way, honestly it was because Y/n had no idea what to say. She didn’t even know what he was talking about.

Stiles and Y/n ran towards Allison’s car once they realized that Jackson had escaped from the van they had been keeping him in.

They approached the window to see Allison lying in Scott’s arms.

Y/n hesitantly knocked on the window, causing the couple to jump wide awake. Scott quickly rolled down the window while Allison looked away, obviously embarrassed.

“You guys might wanna take a look at this.” Sighed Stiles.

They hurriedly got dressed and met Stiles and Y/n in front of the open doors of the van.

“I have to tell my father. Scott. He’s going to kill someone.” Allison’s voice shook as tears threatened to fall from the corners of her eyes.

“Okay, tell him. Tell him everything.” Scott reassured her.

“Scott, I gotta tell mine too.” Stiles spoke from behind Y/n.

“This is all my fault.” Scott sighed as he aggressively ran both hands through his hair.

“It’s not.” Y/n immediately rushed to her brother and put her hand on his arm trying to calm him down.

“We’re just a bunch of teenagers. We can’t handle this.” Allison said as an attempt to reassure Scott that this was out of his control.

“You’re right.”

“How are you gonna make your dad believe all this?” Y/n turned around to face Stiles.

“I don’t know.” He honestly answered her.

“He’ll believe me.” Scott said as his eyes illuminated gold.

Scott and Stiles went to go get his dad while Y/n and Allison traveled to the Argent residence to try and figure out more about the creature that Jackson spontaneously turns into.

They ran up the stairs, skipping every other until they reached Allison’s room. Allison flipped on the lights and both girls gasped, nearly having a heart attack.

“You scared the hell outta us.” Allison expressed as she walked right past Lydia to her laptop.

“I’ve been sitting here for an hour, waiting for you.” Lydia replied. Glancing Y/n up and down as she talked to Allison.

“I can’t hang out right now, Lydia.” Allison dismissed her best friend.

“ I don’t need anyone to hang out with. I need someone to talk to.”

“I- I understand that it’s important, but if it can just wait-”

“Why is everyone always telling me to wait? Why can’t anyone have ‘right now’ available?” Lydia complained.

“Because you can’t have everything right now. You know what I need? I need someone to translate five pages of archaic Latin. Obviously, that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.” Allison snapped at Lydia, which really caught Y/n by surprise but she had to restrain herself from laughing.

“I know Archaic Latin.” She strawberry blonde confidently stated.

“You know Archaic Latin?” Allison and Y/n asked rhetorically in unison.

“I got bored with Classical Latin.” The girl shrugged.

“Just how smart are you?” Y/n whispered. But Lydia just looked at her and smiled devilishly and walked towards the computer screen that Allison had pulled up. Y/n just rolled her eyes and followed until she was next to Allison while they both stood behind Lydia.

“Are you sure?” Y/n asked, “Ms. Morrell said that word means ‘friend.’ The Kanima seeks a friend.” She nodded her head, how could they have been so wrong.

“She was wrong, it means ‘master.’” Lydia clarified as she sat back in her seat.

“The Kanima seeks a master.” Allison whispered, meeting Y/n eyes that were probably as wide as hers.

Y/n sat on the edge of her bed, wrapping bandages around her knuckles that were covered in dried blood from Derek’s face.

She placed her elbows on her knees and let her head fall in her hands. She audibly sighed. This was too much. All of this is too much.

Her eyes fell shut as she sat there and began to feel overwhelmed with exhaustion. Trying hard not to replay the last couple of days in her head.

However, she was distracted when she heard a slight creak in her bedroom floor near the window.

Her eyes snapped open and she slowly lifted her head. Her daggers were on the floor next to her feat and she quickly formed a plan. Instantly she bent down and grabbed them, swiftly spinning around to face the possible intruder with the daggers positioned in her hands.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She yelled at Isaac as he stood in front of her with his hands up in surrender.

“You don’t have to go all Wonder Woman on me, okay, I’m just here to check on you.” He stated sarcastically as he put his hands down.

Y/n rolled her eyes as she relaxed her body and threw her weapons on her bedsheets.

“And why would I need you to check on me?” She raised her eyebrows at him.

He shifted uncomfortably looking down at his feet.

“Look,” he started, “What you did today. I know why you did it, but it can’t happen again.”

“Holy crap, did Derek send you here-”

“No he has no idea that I’m here. If he did He would kill me. I’m not here for him I’m here for you.”

He almost yelled at her, she stood silent from being too shocked.

She watched his eyes shift down to her bandaged hand, she immediately moved it behind her back and avoided his gaze.

Without warning he walked towards her and gently grabbed her injured arm, lifting it up until his fingers lightly traced over her bandaged ones.

“I’m here because you got hurt, and if you lose control like that again, it could be worse. We can’t let that happen now can we?”

She didn’t answer as she just stared straight at him. What the hell was happening?

“Even humans need an anchor.” He whispered as he hauntingly stared into her eyes. For a second, he wanted to kiss her. But he knew that was too much.

He dropped her hand and walked back towards her open window. He got one leg out before her voice stopped him, “who’s yours?” She asked, “who brings you back when you lose control?”

He was silent, just smiling at her until he finally answered.


And then he was gone.

Together- (Dylan O‘Brien)

Originally posted by teenwolfmazerunnerunited

Characters: OC’s, Dylan O’Brien and (Y/N)

Word Count: 1219

Warnings: none

Pairing: idk man I got bored I guess some Dylan x Reader

Summary: an interview with your fellow cast mate Dylan goes totally aloof 

(Y/C/N)- your character name

“Run!” (Y/C/N) yells into the darkness of the hospital. Lights flash, the elevator opens. A shadowed figure starts laughing. Stiles grabs (Y/C/N)’s hand and starts dragging her down the hospital corridors, the running is slow motion. The lights shut off. Silence. 

The hospital scene fades away on the large screen behind me and the audience begin to clap and cheer. Dylan and I grin at each other, already knowing what happens after that scene. 

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Fic Rec

Title: And I Never Thought I’d Ever Say Forever
Author: suchfun
Rating: M
Word Count: 31,844
Status: Complete
Summary: “That was stupid.” He bats the kid’s hands away and rearranges the items in the bag. He’s mixed canned goods and dairy, does this kid even know how to efficiently pack a bag? “The TiMER is a gift.” He says it automatically, because that’s what his mom says. That’s how he was brought up. That’s what he’s supposed to think.

He used to believe it, back when he was sixteen and idealistic, before he actually got his TiMER, back when he was so sure that his soulmate would be Paige. Back when he believed in the romcoms, in his mom’s books, in the elaborate advertisements for TiMERs—the ones with all the interviews with loving real life couples, with testimonials to their effectiveness and their ability to make you happy and fulfilled, with guarantees of an improved quality of life and even life expectancy. Back when he thought meeting his soulmate was an inevitability, not a slim possibility.