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Derek x Momma Hale

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AN: I love Pre Momma Hale, like how did they end up together when they hate each other, who knows xD

Things were awkward after the random make out session, in fact Derek had changed his tune completely, staying silent when you spoke in the next pack meeting, even agreeing with you which cause Stiles to dart his eyes between the two of you.

“Well if it isn’t the lovely (Y/N).” Peter drawled as he entered the building, finding you helping the beta’s tidy up.

“Oh, I’m sorry, for a second I thought you were the devil, how’re you doing in hell.” You put up a hand to stop him when he went to reply. “No Peter I’m not asking I really don’t care.”

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Reader x Stiles Stilinski


Imagine: You are Derek Hale’s daughter and has a passionate relationship with Stiles Stilinski, but he doesn’t know. Once he founds out, he invites Stiles over to dinner and you decide it’s good timing to make him pay for all the teasing.

N/A - It’s nearly three in morning, so forgive for any mistakes. I’ll fix them later. 

Warnings: sort of smut, but it only has some handjob; also, swearing. that’s all. 

Word Count: 1767

Fuck…” You moaned softly, enjoying the touch of Stiles’ tongue against your neck, licking and leaving purple marks behind. “We can’t do this here, baby, if my dad bursts in, we’re screwed.”

His honey brown eyes turned dark and a naughty smirk curved his lips, as he shortened even more the space between you, tightening the grip on your hips. A low gasp pushed its way out of your mouth, because, damn, that Stilinski knew how to tease. 

“Didn’t you say he’s out a town?” He hummed, the vibration on your skin sending heat waves to the small nub in the middle of your legs. “Plus, you’re my girlfriend and I think it’s only fair we come clean to him.”

You laughed, managing to slip away from his arms, and went to the fridge, snatching an apple juice box to ease your thirst. Stiles furrowed his eyebrows, tilting his head and looking adorably confused by your latter actions. 

“What is it?”

“Nothing. I’m just wondering since when Derek Hale’s wrath doesn’t scare you.”

“It never did!”  

“Oh, no.” Your voice was soaked with sarcasm, making the boy shift the weight between his legs and frown, clearly annoyed. “I’d like to hear your perfect explanation, other than fear, to why you jumped out of my window last week when he got home.”

“Is this an attempt to shred my masculinity to pieces?” He questioned and, even though it was a bitter response, his tone was smooth, making chills run across your spine. “Because if it is so, I’ll have to show you again who the boss is.”

That strong male dominant man standing in front of you nearly erased the cute dork one you met almost two years ago. You could still remember that night, when you snuck out to find the source of the unfamiliar human smell you had sensed and, then, you found those two boys, who were Scott and Stiles, as you would later find out, examining your backyard,  so deep within their investigation that they did not even realised you were there.

You could not help but let a small giggle slip, recalling their stumped faces when you cleared your throat and draw their attention to you. Definitely priceless the way they got scared once Derek stormed at yard, angry as hell because he thought you were under some sort of risk.

“Do tell me what is so amusing.” His hands were lazily massaging your waist, which induced a low moan to escape. “Come on, babe.”

“It’s nothing, really. I was thinking about how much you have grown.”

“Am I really hearing a compliment from you, Mrs. Hale?”

“Definitely, Mr. Stilinski!”

Both of your faces were enlightened with bright smiles, enjoying the purity of that moment. Stiles stroke your cheek, his eyesight meeting yours with such deep feelings, and, afterwards, pulled you to another breathtaking kiss. So bloody intoxicating that your awareness was compromised, therefore not allowing you to hear a car parking outside.

Derek Hale decided to make you, his beloved daughter, a surprise by returning earlier, bringing as a gift the charm bracelet you wanted, one you bugged him about it for weeks. However, the minute he stepped in on the kitchen, everything else seemed worthless. Stiles Stilinski had his dirty hands on you and that angered him in ways no one could describe.

“What the hell is happening here?”

Upon hearing your father’s deep voice, your boyfriend pushed you off and choked on a breath, as if he was caught stealing or something. His reaction made you realise how much you hated the way Derek treated you, like he needed to be your saviour and never let anyone come too close, otherwise it could lead to you dying horribly. Urgh, this whole scenario was simply annoying and brought up the urge to remind him, despite the fact he was your dad, he could not control your life like that.  

Straightening it out your back, you finally turned to the angry man.

“I’m waiting for an answer.”

“Dad, this is not what you are thinking.” It was a lame excuse, sure, but nothing better came up. “Me and Stiles, we were just…”

“Hooking up? No strings attached?” The man queried, eyes widened and inflated nostrils. “Like you teens do it these days?”

“I-I, no… It’s nothing like that, I promise. I just…” Stiles tried to explain, babbling and making absolutly no sense.

“Shut up, Stilinski!” Derek roared and, if you were not standing in between them, he would have punched the pale boy. “Y/N, why haven’t you told me?”

“Do I really have to say it?” You intertwined your fingers with Stiles’, trying to ease his anxiousness. “Look, we have been dating for awhile now and I couldn’t bring myself to tell you, for I knew how you would react.”

The raven haired guy let his shoulders fall and glanced at you ashamed, while you allowed your head to rest against your boyfriend’s chest, receiving a tender stroke in your hair. It felt relieving to see him rethink his own actions and even more that, from now on, you no longer had to hide your relationship from him.

“So, can we talk like grown ups now, dad?”

A short while later, after a little bickering, since your father disliked the fact you had been going out with Stiles for at least six months and never told him, he apologised for his rough  attitude. Also, he used that to invite the boy to stay over for a meal. Derek argued he wanted to do things right and nothing sounded better than a family dinner. With everything settle, the older Hale went off to start cooking.

“See, it was not that bad.”

“What?” Stilinski flinched. “He nearly killed me, Y/N/N.”

“Oh, my poor baby.” You stood on your knees, leaning to whisper provocatively on his ear. “What can I do to make it up for you?”

His usual mischievous smirk appeared and he wrapped his arms around your waist, connecting your lips. It was a short kiss due to your father’s presence in the next room, but hot enough to increase the wetness on your panties. You wanted to make Stiles pay for teasing you so much. Matter fact, you already had a few ideas cooking on your mind and was just waiting the perfect timing.

Forty minutes had passed when your dad called both of you to take sits on the large table at the dining room. The food smelt delicious, he had made one of your favourite dishes: grilled chicken breast, smashed potatoes and a simple salad. It was nothing fancy, yet, all perfect in your eyes, for you had the company of the two men you loved more than anything.

“This is delicious!” You exclaimed, humming in pleasure.

“I have to agree.”

“I’m happy you enjoyed, kids.”

“Oh, damn it, dad, quit calling us kids. You’re not that old.”

Derek laughed and you joined him, whilst Stiles only smirked. As the conversation kept going, you noticed your boyfriend was definitely not paying attention to it, which gave you the opening to put your plans into practice. Stealthily, one of your hands trailed up his thigh, getting dangerously close to his crotch. Under such feeling, he quickly stopped breathing, nearly choking.

“Are you alright?” Derek quizzed. “Do you want some water?”

“No! I’m… fine.” He was fighting to not gasp and you gazed at him innocently.“It was nothing.”

You popped open his pants and your fingers played with the waistband of his underwear, already feeling his length harden underneath your indirect touch. Stilinski clenched his jaw and tried swallow his food, struggling to remain quiet. It would turn out to be a rather complicated task, since you were determined to taunt the hell out of him.

Derek was mumbling some unimportant stuff, to which you only hummed, pretending that you were listening. Under the table, you pushed down Stiles’ briefs, grasping his cock with your bare hands and slowly pressing its tip with your thumb. He was so fucking warm and hard, you could feel the wetness pooling in centre of your legs. Definitely not fair that even when you were the one provoking him, he still turned you on.

Your boyfriend glanced at you, his brown eyes dark and filled with lust. So fucking sexy and, to make it even worse, he placed one of his large hands above yours, forcing it to slide up and down on his member. This time, you were the one who had to suppress a loud sigh. Luckily, Hale did not even notice what was going on and it was better that way.

“OK, who’s ready for dessert?” Your father suddenly asked, standing up and collecting the dirty dishes, that, by the way, were already empty. You two did a pretty amazing job on eating single handed. It was a gift.

With a charming grin, you nodded effusively and informed him that there was some ice cream left in the freezer. Soon enough, he had abandoned the room and you were all alone again, which was perfect timing, because you could feel that Stiles was very close to his release by the way he suckled harshly to obtain air. His chest rising and falling rapidly.

Fuck, Y/N!” Your boyfriend muttered and you felt his cum drip on your hand. “Now, can you explain to me why the hell did you wanted me to embarrass myself in front of your father?”

You licked your fingers wiping it clean from his orgasm and all that Stiles did was stare, amazed. Well, at least you reached your goal: leave him wanting more. Just like he did with you.

“Did you like it?” It was an unexpected reply. “Because I did…”

“Oh, God damn it, Y/N. Stop teasing me!” He begged. “I’ll have to punish you later.”

“Dad!” You screamed, out of the blue. “Forget dessert, I’m going out with Stiles. We need to figure out some stuff with Scott.”
“Will you be back late?”

“Nah, I’ll be home by eleven.”


At the door, checking to see if he was still not looking, you stripped off your knickers and handed them to the brown haired boy near you. Stilinski quirked a brow, his traits showing he was a bit confused by that particular action.

“Oh, darling, I’m just saying I’m looking forward to being punished by you.”

Stiles grinned, maliciously, dragging you towards his jeep. It was going to be one hell of an intense night, the kind only him could provide you. And, heck, you were dying to get that started.


Teen Wolf YouTube AU

Story: Stiles started a YouTube Channel before Scott was bitten, but his videos didn’t take off and no one, but Scott, was really watching them. After Scott was turned, Stiles’s videos started starring more people and soon enough his channel blew up, the pack becoming internet superstars, whilst also battling supernatural threats.

Romantic Shipping: Mainly Scallison and Stalia, some Scira

Platonic Shipping: Sciles, Stallison, JacksonxStiles etc.

Channel Name: Stilinski24

Video Names (Because they’re small :)

1.      Interviewing my best friend’s girlfriend (Set during season one - Stallison)

2.      No, we’re not dating (Set between Season Two and Three – Scott, Stiles+Derek)

3.      Reunion with Lydia’s ex (Set between season 3a and 3b - Jackson and Stiles)

4.      I’ve been ill (Personal Update) – (Set after 3x22)

5.      Remembering Allison Argent (1994-2011) – (Set after 3x24)

6.      Anchors – Official Music Video – (Set after season 4, Stalia, Scott + Kira)

 (I might make a new one next week for Marrish, anyone interested?)


Imagine. Stiles admiring you from a distance. 

He would allow himself to gaze at you every now and then. You looked so happy. There was always a smile on your lips. He wish he could’ve asked you out, but didn’t want to drag you into the danger that surounded him. So the few times he allowed himself to look at you, he would only hope you one day looked back. 


“Come back to fight some more?”  You asked, leaning heavily on the door frame to prevent Stiles from trying to enter your house.  He looked as upset as you felt, eyes red rimmed and a little puffy.

“I was wrong.”  He sighed, wringing his hands together.  “I just wanted to come and tell you that I was wrong.  And that I’m sorry.”


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this idea was one I’ve had for a while and honestly, I’m proud I’m posting two days in a row lol.  with all the love you’ve shown The One Where You Find a New Home, I decided to write something new for you guys!! hope you enjoy xx

warnings: none

Brett Talbot.

That boy sure is attractive, but he makes any girl run the opposite direction when he opens him mouth.  And I have the huge misfortune of seeing him today after school.  Devenford Prep is playing Beacon Hills and I can’t wait to watch my friends kick their asses.  There must be something in the water over at Devenford that has made them believe going to a private school somehow makes them superior.  They act all cocky, like nothing and nobody can touch them.

Snapped out of my angry inner monologue, I see Liam opening him locker and walk over.

“So, Nine, you ready for the game today?” I say, with a wiggle of my eyebrows.  But instead of the grin I had expected back, all I get is a half-hearted shrug.  “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I forgot my science project at home, my water spilled in my bag and soaked my notebook, and I don’t want to see Brett’s stupid face today,” he finishes with a frustrated huff.

I put my hands up in surrender.  “Woah, slow down.  It’s going to be okay and I know you’ll do fine.  You’ve beaten them before and you have some help with… well… you know,” I say, referring to the heightened senses that come with being a werewolf.  “I’ll be in the stands, cheering you on!”  I say, with too much enthusiasm and head to my next class.  I hope my little speech helped.

After what seems like the longest day of my life, it is finally time for the game.  Although I’m just here to watch, I have butterflies in my stomach and can’t sit still, too worked up with anticipation.  I decide to head to the water fountain, just to have something to do to calm down before the game.  Liam seemed nervous enough and with chemo signals, the last thing he needs is my anxiety overwhelming him.  I step down from the top of the bleachers.  Then, humming and slightly distracted, I walk right into a rock-hard chest.

“Hey, beautiful,” and with those words, I immediately roll my eyes.

“Not today, Talbot.”  I try to scoot around him, but he steps to the side, once again blocking my way.

“Come on, babe, just talk to me.”  With this, I notice a player on the field raise his head in our direction and recognize Liam.  Brett continues, “You can even go out with me after the game.  I want you as my prize.”

I scoff.  “No thanks, but maybe after Beacon Hills wins, I’ll consider giving you a pity handshake.”

“Don’t be like that, I’ve seen you looking at me and I want you to know, you can always come to our side of the bleachers and wear my extra jersey.  You’d look great in it,” he says with a wink and I have to use all my strength not to get sick right in front of him.  He makes the mistake of putting his hand on my hip and that’s when I see Stiles and Scott rushing over to huddle around Liam.

“Excuse me, Brett.  This conversation has been tons of fun, but I have to go.”  Running over, I see Liam’s eyes through his helmet.  They aren’t bright blue anymore, but a sickly shade of yellow.  I mutter curses under my breath, looking to Scott for instructions.

With panic in his eyes, he tells me to take Liam inside, away from anyone who could realize what he is.  I nod, grabbing Liam’s arm and taking him where I’ve been with Scott before, in a similar situation to Liam’s: the boy’s locker room.  Arguably the smelliest and dirtiest place in the school, it seems to be the place to go when one needs separation from the world, which describes what Liam needs if he wants to avoid wolfing out.  

“Get out of here,” Liam mutters, eyes shut tight and hands balled into fists.  I see blood dripping to the floor, meaning his claws are out.

Cautiously, I respond, “Liam, just-”

“LEAVE!” he interrupts and lets out a terrifying growl.  He rams against a set of lockers, leaving them dented.  “Please, go right now before I hurt you.”

To this, I shake my head.  “You won’t hurt me, Liam.  Just listen to my heartbeat.  You can control this.  You need to control this.”  I take a few steps towards him, resting a hand on his shoulders heaving with heavy breaths.  He whips his head up towards me, eyes still yellow.  I take his hand and put it on my chest, right above my heart.  “You’re okay, just focus on the steady rhythm of my heart and breath.  You are safe and everything is okay.  There is nothing to worry about, nothing to be angry about, and nothing to fear.”  With this, he closes his eyes and sighs.  He opens them after a few minutes of silence and I am relieved to see they are back to being beautifully blue.

“Thank you.  I think you’re my anchor.  You brought me back when I thought I’d turn,” he sheepishly says.  “It’s just… I mean… When I saw you talking to Brett, hearing the things he was saying, I got so angry an-and jealous.”

I put a hand on his face and run my thumb across his cheekbone.  “Don’t worry about it.  I love you, idiot and I will happily take on anything that comes with being an anchor.  We should probably let Scott and Stiles know you’re alright, though.”  I take his hand that has since healed from being punctured with his claws and we walk back to the field together.

“Where THE HELL is Dunbar?!” we hear Coach say, obviously angered he’s missing one of his best players.

“I’m here!”

“Well, what are you waiting for?  Get on the field and score us some goals!”  Jeez, I don’t know how these players deal with such a loud coach.

Before the whistle blows, Liam looks over at me.  I wink and whisper, “Kick Talbot’s ass,” to which I get a thumbs up.  This game sure is going to be interesting.  I giggle, shaking my head, and crossing my fingers and shout, “Let’s go Beacon Hills!”

prompts for writing

feel free to use any of these! 

send in requests!

1. “Your hair is so soft..” 

2. “It’s too cold! Come back!”

3. “No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.”

4. “C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”

5. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

6. “Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.”

7. “What? does that feel good?”

8. “Just pretend to be my date.”

9. “He/She did it.” “No he/she did.”

10. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

11. “It’s not a double date. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

12. “No no–it’s alright, come here.”

13. “I’m not going to leave you. You’re never going to have to suffer by yourself again, I promise.”

14. “Look, I know we don’t know each other that well, but I’m still worried about you. No one deserves to be alone.”

15. “If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.”

16. “I think I might be falling in love with you.”

17. “Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day.”

18. “It’s not bad to cry. In fact, I think it makes a person stronger.”

19. “Mmm.. you’re warm.”

20. “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this..”

21. “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..”

22. “No, you can’t get up! You’re my prisoner for today.”

23. “Shh, it was just a bad dream. Just a dream, okay? None of it was really.”

24. “You know I’m/we’re always here for you, right?”

25. “Please talk to me about it.”

26. “You have something in you hair.. um–do you want me to get it out?”

27. “I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..”

28. “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm and I didn’t want to wake you.”

29. “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”

30. “Are you wearing my shirt?“

31. “Wanna, like–I mean, if you’re not busy.. We could get lunch? Or even just coffee if you don’t have a lot of time?”

32. “So I was driving past a pet store and couldn’t help but wonder how cute an animal would be like in our home..”

33. “Let’s just stay in bed.”

34. “We live together. You can’t blame this on anyone else.”

35. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

36. “Shooting star. Make a wish.“ 

37. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

38. “Wow, you’re hot.“

39. “I want to marry you.”

40. “I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water.”

41. “You’re just not the same anymore..”

42. “It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?”

43. “What the hell is your problem?!”

44. “Why do you run away from your problems all the time?”

45. “You can’t keep it all inside, you know? Bottling it up won’t do any good.”

46. “Hey, I know you’re hurting.. but, you’re not alone, okay?”

47. “I hate you! I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize that.”

48. “You lost your chance.”

49. “I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.”

50. “You can’t just lose your temper like this every time you get a bit upset!”

51. “Calm down! You’re scaring me!”

52. “Don’t look at me like that.”

53. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

54. “I’m done trying to help you!” 

55. “Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”

56. “You didn’t call. You didn’t text. Nothing.”

57. “It isn’t up for debate.”

58. “I don’t know what’s wrong, okay? I’m just… really tired.”

59. “I’m fine. Stop asking.”

60. “I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong, and don’t try lying to me.”

61. “I hope someday you get a taste of your own medicine.”

62. “Pack your shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!”

63. “Is this how little you think of me?”

64. “I can’t do this anymore.. not with you.”

65. “Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!”

66. “You said you’d always be there for me… so how did this happened? Why weren’t you there?”

67. “Did it ever occur to you that you’re hurting me too?”

68. “I don’t need help! I just want the pain to stop!”

69. “We can be friends instead.”

70. “I tried to move on, but nobody is you.”

71. “Do I look like I’ve moved on?”

72. “I don’t remember a fight or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?”

73. “Can I at least buy you a coffee? For old times sake.”

74. “I can’t take the loneliness anymore.”

75. “What are you talking about? You’re married!”

76. “I feels like everyone just forgot I exist.”

77. “Maybe I’m meant to be alone.”

78. “I gave you your chance, and you just used it to stab me in the back.”

79. “I’ve been alone for so long..”

80. “But you promised..”

81. “Isn’t this, like, illegal?” “Probably.”

82. “You’re really drunk right now. I don’t think you’re gonna remember any of this.”“No, I’m not drunk at all. You’re just blurry.”

83. “I have a feeling we should kiss.”“Is that a good feeling or a bad feeling?” 

84. “Yeah, well, I shut everybody out. Don’t take it personally. It’s just easier.”

85. "You’re jealous, aren’t you?” “I’m not jealous.”

86. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

87. “I can’t believe you dragged me into this.”

88. “Bite me.” “Eat me.” “Kiss my ass.”

89. “You think I’m dumb enough to fall for that stupid move?”

90. “You have to tell me why were committing a felony before we do it. Not that that’s going to stop us, but at least I’ll have all the facts.”

91. “You weren’t supposed to laugh! I’m so embarrassed!”

92. “I vote today be a pajama day.”

93. “You aren’t supposed to laugh! I’m embarrassed!”

94. “It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

95. “There’s been some real friction in our friend group lately. I suggest an orgy to save our friendship.”

96. “I saw that. You just checked me out.”

97. “Are you stupid or stupid?”

98. “How about you make me?”

99. “Do it. I dare you.”

100. “Rise and shine, motherfucker.”

101. “Well fuck me!" 

102. "Are you… Drunk?" 

103. "Walk it off." 

104. "Did you just go throw up?" 

105. "Could you turn it down? A bit? Maybe?" 

106. "Don’t drink that! I saw that guy slip something in there!" 

107. "Get out of here! This is my hiding spot!" 

108. "Quick, pretend your talking to me." 

109. "Could you hold my hand?" 

110. "You’re hiding under that blanket because you’re blushing?" 

111. "Can I kiss you?" 

112. "Quit looking at me with that stupid expression. You’re pissing me off." 

113. “ …Why? Why are you being… so nice to me? I can’t understand. I can’t understand! I just can’t understand… “ 

114. "Don’t you think you’re a little too old to be using cheesy pick up lines?" 

115. "You’re the perfect combination of sexy and cute." 

116. "You know I’ll kill him if he hurts you." 

117. "Can we please pretend I never said that?" 

118. "Forget the douche. He’s a dick. He’s a dickdouche." 

119. "You guys are yelling and I want ice cream!" 

120. "How ‘bout you stick it up your ass instead?" 

121. ”“Punched” is one word, “Fisted” is another.“ 

122. "Please! Leave me alone!" 

123. "It’s too late for you to be out by yourself." 

124. "You seem like a friendly face, mind if I sit with you?" 

125. "You made me this way." 

126. "I think about you all the time, it’s freaking annoying." 

127. "Bill Nye couldn’t even help you." 

128. "You left your shirt at my house. It’s mine now." 

129. "I just wanted to hear your voice." 

130. "I saw a shooting star and I thought of you.”