Sharing Is Caring

I really don’t care if you have a thousand expensive Blythe dolls or just a few factory dolls. I don’t care if your dolls wear designer or homemade outfits. I don’t care if you take wonderful, professional photographs or just snap a few quick photos of your dolls. I love all things Blythe so it makes me happy that you want to share your hobby and your dolls with me.


The beautiful life-mixology crossover - dominic and cole

There were sparks between the two the second their eyes met. Not the lovey-dovey kind of spark, no. The way Dominic looked at Cole, was animalistic, almost. There was nothing sweet about it.

“A Bay Breeze.” Cole said, eyes scanning the bartender curiously, but mostly keeping to himself while the man made his drink, with a raspy, low voiced, “Okay.”

It wasn’t but a few drinks later that Cole and Dominic found themselves in the supply room of the bar. The younger man didn’t hesitate to walk the bartender into a nearby wall. Well, it was more of a rack full of boxers, but it didn’t really matter at that point. For all he knew, it was a wall. That’s how far gone he was.

“Whoa, slow down.” Dominic smirked at the eagerness Cole displayed, but despite his verbal dispute, he did nothing to stop the young man who fumbled through the buttons of his shirt. He was small, but feisty, and Dominic liked that. They hadn’t even kissed- and that was the big difference between men. They didn’t need all of that sappy in between stuff. Cole got right down to business, slipping to his knees infront of Dominic’s already half-hard cock.