this isn’t goodbye

chapter six: what comes up must come down

Summary: Two gods make a boy and a girl superheros. Then one of them dies. A Your Lie in April AU

Pairing: Love Square

Part: 1//2//3//4//5


Adrien recoils in disgust away from the tablet as unorganized notes fill the air. He covers his face with his hands, a grimace carved deep in his expression as he flops back on the ground.

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anonymous asked:

oh! oh! i meant like a partner, boyfriend, girlfriend?

I’m total trash so basically forgive my awkwardness but like- ?? Technically no im not but like, I am Major Trash™ and I’ve got feelings for someone tho who I’m talking to a lot and (so a crush?? Crush. Is that better terminology I’m bad at this). ANYWAYS NO BUT I LIKE SOMEONE AND ITS COOL AND EXCITING AND I AM A MESS BUT I LOVE IT ITS GR8

She finished her assault on one of the dummies and straightened up when she heard footsteps approaching the training arena. Hand tightening around the grip of the sword she turned to look at the person who had interrupted her, watching them warily. “What do you want?” Tillie called out. She had made sure to get there early so she could have a bit more time to train solo. Clearly that plan hadn’t worked out.

Running out of Requests!

Hey, so as you all know, I’ve been posting a pretty consistent stream of stories for the last three days or so. Mainly because I had a bunch of request to complete, and not that many stories to update. But sadly, I’ve run my ‘request well dry,’ so to speak. That being said, feel free to drop some request and what-not off in my ask box! Rare pairs, OTPs, 3TPs, the choices are limitless! I can’t wait to hear from you guys!