SnK Actor AU - Names of the actors

FIRST: Any resemblance to actual names is entirely coincidental.

SECOND: I’m totally in love with this AU and I just wondered, how the names of actors might sound like (pardon if you find there any mistakes; english isn’t my first language). Let’s begin:

Allen Hunter as Eren Jaeger

Miki Akashiya as Mikasa Ackerman

Alex Erth as Armin Arlert

Jacob Kent as Jean Kirschtein

Sally McBrauss as Sasha Blouse

Ron Brown as Reiner Braun

Barney Ford as Bertolt Hoover

Marie Braver as Annie Leonheart

Chris Winter as Connie Springer

Michael Bench as Marco Bott

Yvone Carlsson as Ymir

Christine Ranger as Christa Renz

Jim Rivaille as Levi (I call him Levi ‘cause it’s much simpler to me)

Edwin Scott as Irvin Smith

Heather Soy as Hanji Zoe

I know that’s not all of them, but… Damn, it was really difficult x_x" I also want to make an interview with Jim and the others, so wait patiently, please :3

“It is sad how Levi gets so much love because is a male, while Mikasa gets all the hate because is she a female. It truly gets my blood boiling when hate her because of her gender, but if she was a male Mikasa wouldn’t hate this much hate as she does now. When you think we won’t have this issue anymore, it just pops right back up.”