As I have said before, SF RELOAD is basically done, but… The vamps aren’t ready yet, so that means SF won’t be released until I am happy with the vamps. But I think you guys deserve a peak at this.

I’m not sure how I feel about the eyes, yes they are indeed inspired from BVFE, but I feel they look now too similar and that’s not my aim. So I might have to rework the eyes entirely or adjust some aspects of it. Any suggestions are welcome.

I also need to tweak the normal maps. I wanted to stay close to that of vanilla, cause I did liked the concept of what they wanted the vampires to look like, but it was just too much. So I am trying to maintain that sort of vampish/devilish aesthetic to it without that it looks too monstrous like the vanilla version. And the diffuse map needs some minor tweaks. I don’t like how I did the reddish part of the eyes.

When will I be ever done.