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[News] Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung writes a letter to his fans for his 10th anniversary: “Precious times”

Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung revealed a handwritten letter addressed to his fans for his 10th anniversary as a solo singer.

On the 6th, the singer’s 10th anniversary, Liveworks Company uploaded a handwritten message and a video from his first solo showcase.

Shin Hyesung debuted with his first solo album ‘Love of May’ on May 6th, 2005, and successfully established himself as a solo singer with title song ‘Same Thoughts’. He went on to build a strong fan base through his solo albums and various drama OSTs, appealing with his soft and emotional vocals.

Shin Hyesung especially drew the attention of his fans this day by posting a sincere handwritten letter.

[Omit: Contents of letter]

Uploaded with the letter was a video of the opening performance, ‘Mirror’, from his solo debut showcase, getting fans to join Shin Hyesung in watching past videos and bringing back memories.

His agency Liveworks Company commented, “Today is Shin Hyesung’s 10th solo anniversary. We thank the fans for showing Shin Hyesung much support for the past 10 years, and we’ll continue to help him be a singer that leaves good impressions in the hearts of his listeners. We hope to see continued support for his musical journey as Shinhwa and as a solo singer.”

Shin Hyesung will soon be joining his group Shinhwa in its Asia Tour to start in Shanghai on the 9th.

Source: Asia Today

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Hey you~ I like your blog and your literary sense. ^-^ Anyway, here's my scenario question: What would the members do first thing in the morning when they wake up?

Hello! Thanks so much for the kinds words :) Here you go.


Being the CEO of ShinCom Ent. & the leader of Shinhwa, the first thing he would do in the morning is yell at Gomdori for licking his face (which resulted in him waking up in the first place). After that, he would get out of bed groggily as he looks around the room just to make sure Gomdori didn’t make a mess. Then, he’ll fill Gomdori’s food bowl not before reprimanding him for something, anything – cause Eric is still grumpy from the rude awakening.

Soon after, he’ll fetch his phone, get a cup of Joe, sit in the living room with the TV on and just check his emails or anything work-related.


Minwoo would sit in bed, dazed and confused, as he brushes his disheveled hair and grumble something incoherent while using every last bits of strength to get out of bed. He’ll take his phone along with him to the bathroom where he’ll plop comfortably onto the toilet bowl and do his business while trying to beat his own high score in Anipang.


I’m sure everyone who watches Dongwan on ‘I Live Alone’ has a certain idea of what Dongwan does when he wakes up. He’s the type who can’t sit still. He’ll get the coffee machine going, then check his phone, then clear some leftover bits of fruit he left on the table last night, then rinse the sink and get breakfast ready. While breakfast is cooking, he’ll surf the internet to see the hottest celebrity news and whine about it being totally irrelevant.


Our little prince will roll around in bed, that’s for sure. He’ll roll around until he’s satisfied then he’ll get out and stretch a little, maybe even warm his voice up as a habit. He’ll make a beeline towards the closest mirror and fix his bed hair and check for any blemishes on his face that may have graciously graced their presence overnight. Once he’s done, he’ll don on a snapback and proceed to brush his teeth as he walks around his apartment with his phone in hand – basically, strolling around his apartment is considered his little exercise for the morning.


First thing Junjin will do is snatch the snapback ready on his bedside table to tame his curly morning hair. He’ll get his phone to check for any messages or missed calls and return them immediately right there in bed. After a few minutes, he’ll go ahead and finish his business in the bathroom and wash up quickly. Later, he’ll reside in the living room with a cup of coffee and contemplate on what hash tags to add in his caption on Instagram – that’ll keep him busy for a few hours until it’s lunch time.


Andy would get out of bed and stretch; maybe do some light warm up exercise to relieve some tension off his back. Then, he’ll go to the kitchen and drink plenty of water, cleaning up leftover dishes from dinner last night. He’ll check his emails and schedules then think about whether to cook breakfast or go out for food. Once he’s decided, he’ll wash up and go about his day as usual.

Hey guys :))!

Let’s start a Shinhwa challenge ❤️

1. In 2012

2. (difficult question ..but) it’s Eric
And it changed from Minwoo to Junjin and then Eric ( how can somebody not love them all)

3. I think it’s their friendship and the fact that they are together for more then 17 years now .. I’m happy when I see all 6 of them together - smiling together and just being idiots
I love how they can make me happy in less then 5 seconds .. They are unique and they’ll have a special place in heart forever ❤️

4. perfect man and hurt

5. There is no song I don’t like but I think I don’t really listen to brand new that much

6. 5#

7. Sniper (they killed it boooom )

I got into kpop in 2010 and I really liked Bigbang
(I still do ; Seungri is my bias right after Shinhwa )
My world was only about Bigbang .. I was really obsessed (now it’s Shinhwa ^^)
I started watching videos on YouTube about kpop and then I end up watching a video about a girl (who’s name I forgot ) who really liked Shinhwa And said that they are the funniest guys out there and everybody need to check them out
I end up searching some songs of them (what was the best decision of my life)
I started to listen to their old song and I really liked it because I always was a fan of oldschool music
When I started watching them on reality show I died (like really) .. I couldn’t stop watching them and then Shinhwa broadcast happened ❤️❤️( they should make another 😭)
I always thought that minwoo and seungri (Bigbang) looked alike ( am I the only one ?) because of that I liked minwoo first hahaha
I could write a book to discribe my feelings for them but I think I should stop here ^^ I don’t want to make it tooooo long :)))

I want to hear your story ! ❤️

Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung Leaves Heartfelt Handwritten Letter for Fans for 10th Solo Debut Anniversary: On May 6, which marked the 10th anniversary of his solo debut, Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung left a heartfelt handwritten letter for fans along with a video of his first solo showcase opening.

He writes, “May 6, 2005. My first solo album ‘Love of May’ was released, and the next day was the showcase. 10 years have already passed…

“I still cannot forget the nervousness and excitement of that time…. These days, there have been a lot of nights I’ve stayed up watching videos from the past…

“And like a crazy person I would laugh by myself, cry by myself… There were quite a lot of things that happened over these 10 years…

“The times that we’ve cried and laughed together are the most precious to me, and the greatest [source of] strength in getting me through until now.

“Thank you… I am grateful to the extent that no words could express… Thank you for staying by the side of singer Shin Hyesung who is rife with flaws.

“Thank you… and I love you…”

Shin Hyesung debuted on May 6, 2005 with his first solo album “Love of May” featuring title track “Same Thought” and has since shared his voice with fans through a number of solo albums, drama OSTs, and more.

Congratulations to Shin Hyesung on his 10th solo debut anniversary!

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