Primeval 30 Day Challenge > Favorite Creature:

  • Rex (Coelurosauravus)

“I don’t know what he is…”

“I thought you were an expert?”

“I am.”


Primeval 30 Day Challenge

Day 28: Favourite Episode

Series 2, Episode 4.

This episode… just GAH. 

I love it for so many different reasons… The relationship between Nick and Stephen, the relationship between Connor and Abby…and if I’m ever in a mood when I don’t know what I want to watch, this episode will end up on. 

(And having Wet Connor, Sad Connor and Hero Connor all in one episode was fab okay?) 


30 Day Primeval Challenge Day 2: Favorite male character

Connor Temple

he’s just sooo asdfghjkl i don’t even know what to say about him.

apart from his gorgeousness and just how he is as a person, funny, kind, geeky, amazing, loving, he’s just come SO FAR from the first episode.

he’s always trying to prove himself, he doesn’t realise that without him, ARC wouldn’t have been a thing, he doesn’t see just how important he is and that breaks my heart. i think out of all the characters he has the most depth, and it took me by surprise when i found out he was still trying to make Cutter proud years after he died, he didn’t give up hope either when him and Abby were stuck through the anomoly and i’m just so proud of him, and he’s just such an amazing person (he’s not fictional do not destroy my life by telling me he is). he’s also a BAMF I MEAN COME ON HE’S TOO AWESOME.

Connor Temple. You da man.


30 Day Primeval Challenge: Day 28- Favorite Episode

Series 3 Episode 1


  1. Sarah Paige scaring the crap out of schoolkids
  2. See previous for other Sarah Page reasons
  3. This scene, with Abby and Connor and Rex
  4. Ancient Egyptian relics
  5. The fricken Sun/Anomaly cage
  6. Mythology as fact
  7. Connor’s “curse”
  8. We meet Captain Becker
  9. And the follow quotes:


“I’ve got to get back to the ARC.”

“The ark?!”

“Not that one.”


“You nearly let it eat me.”

“That- that cat is it’s priceless.”

“So am I.”


“It’s too slow. It’s all taking too much time. We need to get this barricade up before any more creatures can come through.”

“What about the forklift?”

“Forklift. Why didn’t you say that before?”

“Connor, I’ve been attacked by prehistoric monsters. I’m staring at a gateway into the distance past. I really wasn’t thinking ‘forklift’ !”

Day 3 : Favorite Creature: Rex

I loved him from the moment he was introduced, and he became my favorite creature when he *danced* in the elevator to the music. He’s abby and connor’s babie, besides the Diictodons, and he’s their family. He may be ‘just’ a creature, but he’s a pretty darn smart one, and he’s also a really adorable flying lizard ok that’s reason enough. :'3


Primeval 30 Challenge: Day 9 | Day 10

Favorite Friendship | Favorite Couple

>Technically my favorite friendship is the whole team overall, ‘cause literally all of 'em are a family, friendship ties them together more than anything else ever could. But Connor and Cutter’s father-son/mentor-and-apprentice friendship is one that stands out. Connor, Abby, and Becker, as well as Cutter and Stephen, Danny and Becker, Abby and Jenny, and Jess and Emily are my other favorite friendships among the team :'3
>>It’s a no-brainer for me, a Conby shipper from the start, to choose Connor/Abby as my favorite couple. (*whispers* Stephen/Connor is a close second) Connor and Abby are soulmates, perfect for each other even if neither is perfect, they fit together like puzzle pieces, and they’re really, really good for each other. They’re so completely in love, and they’re best friends as well, and they’d both do anything to protect the other.