Primeval 10th Anniversary!

As I’m sure many of our Primevamily members will be aware, tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary (yes, you read that right - 10th!) of our beloved show.

There’ll be polls throughout the day on our Twitter account (10 of them in total.. Go figure…) so if you’re not following us, go do it so you don’t miss out.

A poll earlier this week suggested that the thing fans want most so we can celebrate this milestone are episode recaps so I’ll be doing my best to get a few done to post on the day. If anyone wants to help out and do one or two, send us a message - we’d be glad of the help!

In the meantime… Happy early Anniversary/Birthday, Primevamily! Our little fandom still remains one of the best there is and though we’re small and dwindling, there’s always someone out there keeping the love alive and for that, we salute you!