Drunk and Jealous

Characters: Myungsoo/You(?)

Author: Bamboo Wife Admin

Length: Long enough

Genre: Smut

Summary: You come home drunk with your best guy friend. You’re boyfriend isn’t too happy about that.


“Oh! Watch out!” You say laughing hysterically as Sungyeol bumps into one of your antique vases. He catches it just in time and sits it back in place. You nearly fall over from all your uncontrollable laughter but Sungyeol’s arms catches you before you could hit the floor.

“Wow! You’re like Spider-Man!” You wrap your arms around his neck and lean your head on his shoulder.

“You’re my best friend. You know that right?” Words slurred you look him in the eyes.

“Of course I know that. Where’s your bedroom?” Sungyeol asks turning his head away from your rank breath.

“Sungyeol! We can’t! I have a boyfriend!” You yell but point towards your bedroom anyway.

“It’s not like that. You need to lay down.” Sungyeol wraps his arms around your waist and drags you to your bedroom. You tighten your arms around his neck. Finally reaching your room he plops you down on your back. But your arms stay in place, around his neck. He looks down and realizes you’re asleep.

“Ugh! Really?” Sungyeol grumbles and climbs on top of you, trying to loosen your tight grip.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

Sungyeol’s whips around and sees Myungsoo, you’re boyfriend standing in the doorway.

“Where- where did you come from?” Sungyeol asks startled.

“I was on the balcony and I don’t appreciate you being so close to my girlfriend.” Myungsoo says with a death stare.

“This this this isn’t wha what it l-looks like!” Sungyeol stutters. You suddenly loosen your grip and Sungyeol falls off the bed straight to the floor.

“Get out of my house.” Myungsoo says calmly but there’s fire in his eyes.

Sungyeol hurries past Myungsoo and runs for the door, slamming it behind him.

You’re abruptly awoken by the door slamming. You sit up slowly, rubbing your head.

“Ugh! Big headache!” You look up and see you’re boyfriend staring at you. He looks really annoyed.

“What’s you’re problem?” You ask him as you clumsily get up and head to the kitchen for a glass of water.

“You’re the one with the problem!” Myungsoo suddenly yells at you. You turn around to face him and notice the bottle of beer in his hand.

“You’re drunk.” You say and turn back toward the kitchen.

“And you’re not? You better be since you were so close to your ‘friend’ on OUR bed!” You didn’t like the way he said “friend”.

“We are just friends and you know that! We’ve been friends since high school!” You say yelling back at him.

“WE were just friends once! WE were friends since college!” He says advancing toward you.

“Stop being so damn jealous! Get over our friendship!” You say meeting his pace. You two meet in the living room.

“What did you say?” Myungsoo doesn’t give you time to answer. He aggressively grabs you by your shoulders and throws you on the couch. He jumps on top of you and crashes his lips against yours. You squirm and hit him but he doesn’t budge. He assaults you with hard kisses, licks and sucking all over your face and neck. He suddenly stops and looks into your eyes.

“Jealous of him? Are you kidding me? Does he do things like this to you? You probably let him, right?”

Before you could protest, his lips comes crashing back into yours. All you can do is moan and groan at all his accusations. He moves down to the scoop of your dress and pulls down, revealing your black lace bra. He chuckles.

“Why is your underwear so sexy? Sexy undies are only for me, you understand?”

Once again he crashes his lips against yours, preventing you from answering. He then moves under your bra, playing with your nipples and begins to kiss and suck on them. You’ve never seen this side of Myungsoo before. Of course, you’ve came home drunk before but not accompanied by another guy. He was always so calm and cool. Always supportive and loving. But tonight he was so wild and aggressive. You could feel your panties getting wetter and wetter by every passing second. Like reading your thoughts, you feel Myungsoo fingers grace the bottom band of your panties. You feel him smirk against your neck.

“So wet, already.”

He swiftly pulls down your panties and tosses them aside. Without warning he inserts three fingers into you. You scream, mostly from surprise then by pleasure. Myungsoo continues to suck on your sweet spot on your neck as you moan his name loudly.

“Are you ready for me?” Myungsoo asks into your ear. You let out a moan and nod your head. Myungsoo stops to remove his shirt and jeans which only takes a second, and immediately insert himself inside of you.

“Ahhhhhh!!” You scream as he pounds inside of you, hitting your spot everytime. Myungsoo finds your screams amusing and sexy.

“Does this feel good? Tell me how much you like this.” Myungsoo says into your ear.

“Ahhhh! It’s so good! Don’t ever stop!” You yell, you’re eyes tightly shut.

“As you wish.” Myungsoo continuously pounds into your sweet spot until you whine to him to stop.

He collapses on top of you breathing heavily.

“Don’t you ever accuse me of being jealous about some other guy.” He says in between breaths. You run your fingers through his hair. All you can do is utter a “whatever” before you drift off to sleep, with a smile.

I could get use to this side of Myungsoo.


Ugh! Sorry if this sucks. I’m babysitting 4 little boys (8, 4, 5 and 1) and it’s hard to focus. Forgive me!!

INFINITE IDEA Photobook Messages

Sungyeol to Myungsoo: My team visual, my most familiar friend, L! The best, closest friend. Actually, when we were trainees, I fought a lot with you. But because of those, we got so much closer, right? (laughs)

Myungsoo to Sungyeol: Sungyeollie is like a child who energizes [gives energy].

[T/N: Sungyeol used the words, ’내 가장 친한 친구 엘! 최고의 절친" to describe Myungsoo in the INFINITE IDEA photobook interview. These sentences are directly translated as, “My most familiar friend, L! Best, closest friend.” Sungyeol used three different adjectives to describe his relationship with Myungsoo. Moreoever, the same words “가장 친한 친구” were used to describe Myungsoo when INFINITE left a video message for Sungyeol in Laws of the Jungle.]

Translated by: @yeolxsoo
Please credit us if you are going to use our translations. Thank you.