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anonymous asked:

I take your point about calling his evil future self "Phantom," but I'd like to make a case for Dan. As Tumblr user Lightning Streak pointed out, while Danny is a short form of Daniel, a Hebrew name meaning "God is my judge," Dan can be a separate name meaning simply "He who judges." It takes God (and goodness, and deference to authority) out of the equation and shows how Dan is making his own rules. Of course, he's not God, so he's nowhere near as benevolent or just in his judgments...

I’ve actually seen this argument before, and it’s part of why I think Dan is fitting. Though I honestly doubt he thought through it that much himself. He was never the most studious, and researching the meaning behind his name was probably never a priority. Which would, of course, mean that he’d be unaware of that meaning to make a change like that.

Dropping his human name altogether seems more like something he’d actually do. Though again, I still do think Dan is a fitting name. I’m not speaking against it.

my crush of 5 years fucking dropped everything he was doing to send me classical music pieces and the history behind all of them at nearly midnight and we talked for over an hour and long story short i am so fucking obsessed with this lovable dork god help me

anyway, thinking about secret santa exchanges last night led to me brainstorming a lightweight alternative for this year (and harassing Megan with ‘hey what do you think about this method’ at 4am when she was trying to sleep) so.  no hard-and-fast promises, but keep an eye on the Secret Santa blog just in case.

….also?  why the heck haven’t we been calling CFSWF month ‘The Weeping’?

I’ve been having an ongoing issue with my posts occasionally not showing up in the tags I add to them and finally emailed Tumblr support about it. Basically, I never know when I click “post” if that post is actually gonna show up in its tags. I post a lot of art and sometimes when I post it, Tumblr WILL NOT show it in the tags no matter what I do. I’m completely at the mercy of the Tumblr gods. The only way to get it to show up in the tags is to delete the whole post and start over. Rinse and repeat until it finally works - take note that I never change the format of the post or tags at all. When I sent the email, I’d already looked at the FAQ and typed in great detail what my problem was.

When I got emailed back, it was a generic list of all the things that could be my problem - all of which were not applicable to my case. I didn’t put links in my posts. I checked under “most recent”, not “most popular” - I’m not an idiot. I didn’t hit my post limit. I know about the “five tag limit”. My posts are not nsfw. My blog is not hidden from myself.

What I’m getting from this email is that I will forever be plagued by this problem bc Tumblr staff won’t acknowledge that it’s a bug.

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@haikujitsu replied to your post “Do you think Danny’s hazmat suit ever came with a goggled-hood? I can…”

Jazz has one (Maternal Instincts), which would support that theory.

*choking sounds* I cannot believe you replied to one of my posts! You’re one of my favorite writers for DP.

That’s a good point, though that was implied to be one of Maddie’s jumpsuits that she was wearing. Still, it makes the most sense to think they’d all come with hoods and goggles.

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Do you think Danny's hazmat suit ever came with a goggled-hood? I can faintly recall Jack having his own hood pulled up a few times so I wonder if that applied to all the hazmat suits available at Fenton-works

I’m certain it did, actually. It’s pretty unlikely that Danny’s parents wouldn’t give the jumpsuits made for their kids all the necessary protective equipment. Maddie might use hers the most, but I’m betting they all come with them.