all of yoongi’s lyrics are honestly pretty iconic but one of my all time faves is his line in agust d where he says “약질하는 다수의 랩퍼들 내가 아이돌이란 것에 감사하길” which translates to “you wasted rappers should be thankful that i’m an idol” and it’s such an important line bc it’s basically a giant fuck you to all the rappers who called yoongi a sell out/looked down on him for becoming an idol.

the way it’s used in korean he’s basically saying these ppl should be thankful he’s an idol bc if he were still underground he’d p much own and slaughter them. thus they should be relieved he’s in a different playing field and industry where they literally can’t be compared to him, bc yoongi would have eventually murdered all of them in their own game lmao