shawols, please.

Please please pleaseee don’t spread any information or photos of SHINee filming in Thailand, it is a PRIVATE shooting, not in the official schedule, we’re not supposed to know about it. If you see any photos, keep it to yourself and try to remind anyone who posts it to delete it too. Airport or hotel pictures are fine but not photos that reveal the concept or filming location. We’re being told that even fanaccs are not allowed, Thai shawols have already been warned by the staff, if you spread anything, it will directly affect us. Respect that they are working. SM is very strict about privacy, don’t think that they won’t know because they will. Please try to remind others about this issue as well. I trust that the fandom will be mature enough, thank you so much. (btw, the boys are happy here, they’re eating VERY well :))

i remember exactly when i fell in love with minho’s legs. when i was watching an inki stream of SHINe and they had zaddy in them sinfully tight white pants and i literally had my eyes only on his legs. nothing else mattered in that performance. i ascended to the heavens after this live. 

My favourite part of The Death Cure was when Thomas missed Newt with the bullet and his undying love for Newt cured him of the Flare and then they got married in paradise with Minho as the best man and Frypan, Brenda and Aris as the bridesmaids.

You go J Dash.