Serendine, Sinbad & Barbarossa        マギ14 by Shigeru Asuka

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I started shipping DavidxArba as a joke but now I’m actually thinking about it.

Like what if David created Arba  with his own DNA to reproduce because he can’t get women believes his genes to be superior to everyone else since he the only one who can “see” destiny?

What if Arba was not “put in charge” to care for Solomon but was actually his mom?

What if Arba raised Solomon making him think she was her caretaker and swordsmanship sensei because she believes there is no such thing as real parents, only one Father (Il-Ilah)?

What if Arba was playing a maternal role anyway, such as making Solomon get married and shit?

What if DavidxArba is actually a thing??

New Magi Content Archive!

I’m doing a bit of hiatus housecleaning at the moment and decided to repurpose the old miyagadfly blog I created in response to the Great #Nemesis Manufactured Drama Hilarity Failwar as a home for old magi content that doesn’t mesh with what I’m trying to do with this blog: literary analysis emphasizing the what makes good animanga good storytelling.

That doesn’t mean I’m banning Magi content on @miyamanga again! The Magi franchise and the issues I want to focus on more clearly in the future aren’t mutually exclusive by any means. 

I’m not a fan of deleting content that I put effort into making, even if I cringe when I look back at how poorly written it may be in my opinion now. There are also essays I’m rather proud of that are outdated at this point because the narrative of Magi and SnB are dealing with different issues that have rendered the topic of the post moot. Content like this his poll about Ja’far being brainwashed way back in Magi 330, for example. 

I’m posting things in roughly chronological order. There will be no original content of any kind! The aks box is closed. Comments are completely disabled. It’s simply a place you can go to find that one profile about character X or essay about a plot twist that I still occasionally see getting notes and reblogs. 

The Magi fandom being what it is, there are obviously going to be some posts with drama involved. I’ll be careful to tag them as #magidrama so you can easily blacklist. 

That being said, you probably don’t wanna go over there for a few hours as it’s still largely miyagadfly content tagged as #magidrama 😒