“My friends are my power!”
(Because so many of you requested it)
Going with a design based off “World Of Final Fantasy” and “KH3D” outfit. It’s my favorite outfit next to the new one for KH3.
I told myself I wasn’t going to do Sora (or in this case, Sky) but A LOT of people wanted to see that. So here we go!

The “key” is to redesign them with love and respect.


Had a fantastic time putting together the @thekeybearersalliance 4th Gathering yesterday!

A big thank you to our special guests Erika Harlacher and Ray Chase for stopping by and participating in our VA panel! Also to Justin Cowden for making a last moment appearance.

Another big thank you to Fran Chan Cosplay, Kiki Kabuki, and Brinni for being a part of the Cosplay panel!

Most importantly, a huge thank you to all our attendees for coming! We are sincerely grateful and from all of us from the KBA, we hope to see you next year for our 5th Gathering!


@twinfools and @novavandorwolf playing with baby Sombra at #Evillecon2017

#kingdomhearts #roxas #xion

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