Happy birthday, Youngjae! I hope you are doing well and resting plenty. We’re all so proud of everything you’ve achieved, B.A.P wouldn’t even be close to the same without you. Thank you for your laugh, thank you for always smiling so brightly, thank you for looking out for your members without a second thought, and most of all, thank you for looking out for BABYz. We love you, we miss you, enjoy your special day! 

so i just joined 5sos’s japan fanclub 

ok so i literally just joined the japan 5sos fan club and 

there is an adorable video of them talking about japan

Ash: *giggle giggle* Hey guys we’re coming to japan soon and one thing I’m excited for is to experience your beautiful beautiful culture *giggle*

 Mikey: *in a snapback* Amazing japanese culture. *puts thumbs up* Sushi is amazing we can’t wait to see all of you and we love you

Ash: What about you luke?

Luke: I’m just excited in general 

Ash + Mikey: Nice nice

Ash: we’ve been 5 seconds of summer, see you next time