I was originally making this T-shirt for myself to celebrate pride month and marraige equality but quite a few friends expressed interest and they also thought I should share it with others. It encompasses all identities under the LGBTQIA umbrella so anyone can wear it!

You can preorder this shirt here from now until July 10th.
It will never be sold again after this so you might want to act fast.

For those that can’t afford it, I will be giving away 3 of these T-shirts to people in the size of their choice. All you have to do is reblog this post to enter. You don’t have to follow me or anything and you can reblog this multiple times for multiple entries. I will be choosing winners through RANDOM.ORG using note numbers. Your askbox must be available and you must be willing to give me your address.

i came out! i left a letter on my parents bed saying i was trans last night, and theyre pretty much fine. my dad did cry, and im pretty sure my mum was sniffing, but theyre okay with letting me transition and move school etc. it feels so fucking good and i encourage anyone who hasnt yet to at least try and come out and ily all thank you for being there for me and i hope youre all doing okay :)


Actual pics of my chest unwrapped one week, four days post-top surgery! I had a double incision procedure with Dr. Garramone in Davie, FL, and considering the size of my chest pre-op I’m honestly amazed it looks as good as it does. Excuse my hella chest acne that I haven’t treated yet and my gratitous tummy lol

Tumblr seems to not understand what Dysphoria is

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary :

Definition of DYSPHORIA

:  a state of feeling unwell or unhappy 

According to medical dictionary:

“gender dysphoria  unhappiness with one’s biological sex or its usual gender role, with the desire for the body and role of the opposite sex. “


Feelings of anxiety, restlessness, and dissatisfaction. “ 

Given these two definitions we can easily piece together that to have gender dysphoria means you have a physical and/or mental disconnection with the gender you were assigned at birth. You might not physically want to change your body but still not feel directly associated with what society views your assigned gender as. Or the reverse, you may not mind the “role” you’re assumed to have but are extremely uncomfortable with the outward appearance of your body, desiring the one of the other gender. 

To say you are trans but non dysphoric is to say you chose your gender, as a lack of uneasiness or discomfort means you are perfectly fine with your assigned gender; in other words you are cis. 

Tumblr needs to stop this mess, because either a bunch of you don’t know what dysphoria is or you’re making out being trans as simple as the next clothing trend, and its belittling and harmful to real trans people.