Mentally ill trans boys are doing the best they can and I’m just so fucking proud of them. They haven’t given up yet and I know they can get through all this difficult bullshit, facing both transphobia and ableism. I am SO here for them, and their recovery.

Guys, can we as a group stop disparaging the results of current phallo procedures? 

Even you personally don’t feel great about the results, remember that the men who do go on to get these procedures done have gone through a great deal of physical and psychological suffering and stress to reach that point in their lives.

You’re free to think whatever you want, but if you’re going to make a statement for anyone to see, you might want to think twice about casually insulting and discouraging the men who have had this procedure done.



let me just rant about how much i love band real quick

i live in a Super Duper Conservative Area™ and so when i came out as FTM i was really worried about how people would take it. so far the most accepting people have been the kids in band (even more so than my parents).
example #1: the conversation a saxophonist / avowed conservative and i had:
him: so what do you prefer to be called? i really don’t care i just want to make sure i do it right
me: will and he n’ stuff
him: *continues to affirm how he’s not against transness and just wanted to make sure*
example #2: everyone calls me Will or they get corrected by like 3 other people
example #3: no one in band has treated me any differently since i came out, at least not to my face. that was and is a really important morale booster for me, because for a long time i was afraid i’d just always be a freak everyone treated differently. and as a result of that im usually happiest in the band room, despite not being a band geek in the classical sense
example #4: the other tubist (also a conservative) has tried really hard to learn about transness and make me feel comfortable + affirmed. he checks to make sure im not playing with my binder on (a dangerous thing im in the habit of doing) and gives me Tips about Manhood™. basically, a big brother

tl;dr most of the people in my band are conservatives who know nothing about being trans but theyre doing really well and i love them all so much