Fearlessness is not only possible, it is the ultimate joy. When you touch non fear, you are free. If I am ever in an airplane and the pilot announces that the plane is about to crash, I will practice mindful breathing. If you receive bad news, I hope you will do the same. But don’t wait for the critical moment to arrive before you start practicing to transform your fear and live mindfully. Nobody can give you fearlessness. Even if the Buddha were sitting right here next to you, he couldn’t give it to you. You have to practice it and realize it yourself. If you make a habit of mindfulness practice, when difficulties arise, you will already know what to do.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh
Yoda had it right...

The biggest fear of most people, and especially males, is the fear of appearing, or even feeling, afraid. This is especially true if the fear is of something that is not immediately or physically dangerous, such as fear of the unknown, or fear of people and things different than to what we are accustomed. We fear being afraid of these things because it is both seen and felt as being weak and vulnerable. Therefore, we very quickly leap from the “weakness” of fear to the “strong” emotions of anger and hate. We leap to anger so quickly that we don’t even remember having known the fear that prompted it.

doxian asked:

Valkurius: What was the first time outside of childhood that Valk ever felt afraid?

There have been, despite Valkurius’s cool and calm exterior, many times he’s been afraid–he doesn’t believe fear should be shameful. The first time he honestly felt afraid was the first time he stepped out onto an alien planet, dressed in his shiny new Crimson Legion uniform with blades in hand and a cocky attitude–

–and almost immediately was greeted by the horrifying view of Ikthian monstrosities tearing through the Legion. And his friends.


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