7 Things You Should Never Be Ashamed Of

1. Listening to your intuition.

2. Respecting and standing up for yourself.

3. Making your own choices/ living your own life.

4. Taking time for yourself/ investing in self care.

5. Feeling and respecting your own emotions.

6. Following your heart, and Investing in your dreams.

7. Letting go of the past (that’s not who you are now.)

Do you want to know what I fear the most? Do you really want to know? I, absolutely fear that one day, you will wake up only to realize that the act of loving me becomes a burden on your shoulder.
—  Lukas W. // Fear of being a burden
Practice: Lean in to Fear

Whenever you feel the energy of fear, don’t avoid the feeling. Sit with it.

As fearful thoughts of dread and worry continue to arise, approach them with friendliness. Don’t treat them as a threat.

Be kind toward yourself for being afraid. See what happens when you hold your ground and let the fear rise in your mind. You may find confidence within.


How to continue?

The world is a scary place sometimes. But it’s also a wonderful and magical place. And I simply refuse to be afraid to explore the magic.

I refuse to change my curiosity to fear.

Strange and foreign things are nothing to be afraid of. And once we embraced that thought, we can experience magic.

There is darkness, yes. But darkness is only visible because of the light that is also there. And lots of that. We just have to stop being afraid to look closer.

I wrote this in a different post about 8 months ago. It was about a different crime, it was about a different situation. But it was also about fear, about being helpless, about feeling paralyzed. Seeing something terrible happen so very close, basically at your doorstep… what can we do with this? What should we do with this?

The worst thing thing is to give in. The worst thing is to close our eyes that the same things happen all around the world. The worst thing is to hide. Because if anything, then these crimes show us that we need to stand together. Not particular groups. WE ALL. You, me, the WORLD. Crimes like these happen because people feel alienated, people feel outcast, people are pushed away, people put themselves above others, people put others down.

We all only have this one life - in this exact way - why waste it with hate? Why waste it with hating ourselves? Why waste it with hating others?

Hate only creates more hate, more death, and more misery.

Yes, we can and should be angry about things like these happening. And we have to do something about it. But what? What can we do?

There is only one thing we can do about it. Actively showing and living love.