While we were fearing it, it came —
But came with less of fear
Because that fearing it so long
Had almost made it fair —

There is a Fitting — a Dismay —
A Fitting — a Despair
‘Tis harder knowing it is Due
Than knowing it is Here.

They Trying on the Utmost
The Morning it is new
Is Terribler than wearing it
A whole existence through.


Emily Dickinson
While we were fearing it, it came —

Still Haven't Found What You're Nursing For..

A great nurse leader once said, "Change is rejuvenation; every few years you need to switch it up.”

What if our choices reflected our values and innermost dreams; not our doubts, fears, or reluctance to admit failure? At what point do we let go? Conflicts arise when work ethic is out of sync with daily work function. If you’re doing good work - work that you inherently believe in; then somehow the obstacles, the political hoops, and the stress is more tolerable. Quality in a Nutshell.

Courageous and dynamic nurse pioneers, as well as the evolution of health care have made it possible for nurses to consider a vast array of disciplines; bedside nursing, anesthesia, education, administration, informatics, nurse practitioner, home care, case management, HIV/AIDS care workers, clinics, disaster preparedness, missionary, or working with the homeless.

So what holds us back from exploring? Fear of the unknown. Jobs that offer more meaning, but lack financial stability. Cost of more education, or unwillingness to see the opportunities a Community College may provide - merely because of societal perception of Community Schools. Anxiety over grades. Fear of opinions, and negative commentary. Hesitancy of “going backwards” in a career, letting go of security on a unit, or uncertainty about what the right path is.

How do we know what path to take? The key is often found in the basics. When we open our minds to choices, we face complications and a sort of resistance. Change comes about when we are able to look beyond the fears, defeat, doubts or complications - and are able to see the action of simplicity.

If we were to make a list of what we value in nursing, how many items on that list correspond to our present scenario? Are we becoming complacent, settling, out of gratitude for the chance of employment, or are we afraid of change?

Change can be fretful. Circumstances, if we have the freedom - are choice. Change may be preceded by internal chaos. Choice offers an opportunity to let go of the defeatist imagery, or what’s physically holding us back. What we may discover is there really is no conflict at all, but enlightenment. Perhaps endurance doesn’t mean sweating it out in what makes us miserable, but ultimately choosing to simply carry on to the road less traveled.

[follow this link for info on nursing specialties: “The Campaign for Nursing’s Future”]
Insecure Girls Are Beautiful

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately
and this topic has been haunting me for a while now,
so I’ve decided to share it with the world.
At some point this story is inspired by one girl.

You know. Insecure girl are beautiful, but not in the
usual way.They aren’t like every usual girl you see.
They don’t wear clothes that make every part of their
body visible. They don’t wear colors that really
stand out. You will never see an insecure girl in an
usual slutty outfit. They prefer dark or passive colors
and they really know how to rock them.

They don’t act the same way. They’re not trying to get
your attention the same way. They do it differently, in a
more polite, in a more shy way that makes it more
attractive. I don’t know why, but they just have that
little spark in them, that not any guy can notice, but if
you see it, it gets you hooked and addicted.
One more attractive thing in insecure girls is that you
never know what’s going on, on their mind. You never know
if she’s thinking about something positive, if she’s
thinking about her hair or something she feels insecure
about. You never know if her smile is fake or she’s
really smiling because she feels that way.

I bet a lot of guys don’t know how good it feels to
really compliment an insecure girl or how it feels to
really make her smile. They’re special, they’re not like
usual girls and that makes them beautiful in their own,
mellow and slightly dark way. They will never tell you
everything about them. You will never know what’s going
on on their mind, but you really want to.

I’ve been talking to this one girl for few days now and I
have to say that she’s amazing. Talking to her feels like
reading a book. You see the cover, it’s black. You can’t
judge the plot by it’s cover, but as soon as you start
reading the book…It becomes even more interesting with
every single page and you find yourself addicted to it.
I love exploring every single page and I read every line
with great care like I’m trying to find something hidden
in it. Insecure girl is like that book that you usually
skip on your shelf, but if you start reading it, you want
to read every page to the end and then read it again, but
if you abandon the book, then you will lose it and you
will never be able to read it again and then you’ll stay
wondering and thinking about it. How would it end? What
would be on the next page.

One more thing that I have to say is…Every guy should
know how fucking amazing it is to make an insecure girl
really smile or laugh
. Like if you really compliment
them, they don’t usually know how to react or how to
accept that compliment and they end up blushing with that
little cute crooked smile
. When you make an insecure girl
laugh or smile, it really feels like an accomplishment
and a blessing, because you know that you just made her
. You made her feel a little bit better about herself.
You didn’t really raise her ego, but you made her feel
good or a short period of time.

Other thing about insecure girls is that…I might be the
only one here with that idea, but I really want to help
them. Especially her. Every time I hear about her
problems I feel an urge to help her, I want to make her
feel better and I feel the need to make her happy at
least for some time so she can forget about all the dark
stuff that’s going on in her mind, because you never know
what she might do next and you want to be sure that she
won’t hurt herself. Every time I talk to her, I always
ask multiple times about, how is she feeling or how’s her
. I always want to cheer her up. I’m really hoping to
finish this book.

I just had to get that off my chest and I’m really glad I
wrote it all down. I’m not the best writer and I didn’t
really work on the structure of this story, just wrote
down my thoughts. Insecure girls are beautiful. Remember

darkastiel asked:

Glad to see you back. I've been meaning to ask you if you know a spell or some prayer to get rid of fear ( fear of driving specifically) and also something to boost my self stem. Really appreciate your hard work and all the help you share with us.

Thank you!!! These will work, you can carry them with you or hang them in your car.

When you want to put down fear or anger:

"Taking a leaf of laurel, write on it the sign, as it is, and having shown it to the sun, say:
"I call on you, the great god in heaven, strong lord, mighty IAÔ OYÔ IÔ AIÔ OYÔ, who exist; protect me from all fear, from all danger that threatens I me in the present day, in the present hour."
Having said these words thrice, lick.. the leaf, and have the lamella with you.” 

[write this on the reverse side of the leaf, in red ink]

The Greek Magical Papyri, translated by Hans Dieter Betz

Herzlustafir (strengthening staves):

"Wear this on your left breast to strengthen your courage:"

– The Huld Manuscript, translated by Stephen E. Flowers
*this is preferably painted in blood or red ink onto strong wood or bone.

As for the self esteem spells, the best one I have would be to soak a sprig of vervain gathered near the full moon in frankincense oil and pray for esteem and respect to the god Helios, in which you can also use his Orphic Hymn
If you don’t mind doing a bit more modern witchcraft, there seem to be some really cool Confidence Spells elsewhere on Tumblr you can check out!

If this doesn’t help please send me another message here or on email and we’ll figure out something that works best for you specifically.

Best wishes!

My mental and spiritual health is in direct correlation to my time in God’s word.

I noticed this morning at church that I hadn’t journaled in nearly two weeks. Journaling has almost become a necessity when it comes to processing what’s on my heart and it almost always is paired with devotional time. It’s interesting to know that the past two weeks have sincerely been hard and see proof that it’s directly related to my time spent with God.

Tonight at servant team my small group touched on rest, especially when things start to crumble on us and we’re reaching for whatever is available for comfort. I’m hoping to reach for real comfort and that I can get back on track soon.

I am tired of failures that are linked to anxiety. Lord, may I have healing and rest. May you better be glorified.