natsu & lucy accidently bumped into each other under a mistletoe
  • Lucy: N-Natsu!
  • Natsu: What?
  • All the Guildmembers: Kiss already!
  • Lucy: Kyaa! >.<
  • Natsu: Why?
  • Mira: You are standing under a mistletoe!
  • Natsu: Uh, ok?
  • Gray: Flamebrain, you idiot! If two people meet under a mistletoe, they have to kiss.
  • Natsu: Alright, I get it!
  • Lucy: Natsu, let go of me!
  • Natsu: *kisses her*
  • Lucy: *blushes furiously*
  • Natsu *whispers*: That was nice, Luce.
  • Wendy *whispers to Mira*: I saw Natsu hanging that mistletoe there.
  • Mira *evil aura*: Interesting.
Nalu first child: one shot

Natsu flinched and chewed at his bottom lip as more screams sounded from behind the door, he clenched and unclenched his fist as he paced back and forth frantically.

“Geez, would ya stop it? You’re making me sick pacing around like that.” Gray said, crossing his arms as he slouched in a chair.

“Baby…baby…baby…” Natsu muttered, that seeming to be the only word capable of coming out of his mouth at the moment.

Gray rolled his eyes. “Yes, Lucy is having a baby, your baby.”

“My baby.”

“Yes, your first child, this is a good thing, flame brain.”

Natsu stopped, turned to look at Gray, eyes impossibly wide, expression somehow panicked and blank at the same time. “Baby.”

Gray sighed and stood up. “You should be in there with her.”

Natsu’s eyes widened even further. “Wh-what?”

Gray placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Listen, I know what you’re going through right now. When Juvia and I had Sterling, I was a mess. It’s pretty terrifying, right?”

Natsu nodded dumbly.

“Right, but it’s also exciting. So pull yourself together, go in there, hold your wife’s hand, and be there when your baby is born.”

Natsu straightened up, took a deep breath, and then flashed Gray a grin. “Thanks.”

Gray nodded. “Now get in there, dad.”

Natsu grinned giddily and walked into the room. The smile quickly left his face however as another ear splitting scream slammed against his eardrums. He panicked, and was about to bolt out of the room when Lucy spotted him, her skin was slick with sweat, her hair clinging to her face and neck from it, eyes wide in pain. “Natsu!”

That’s all it took, he was at her side in an instant, answering her desperate plea for him. “I’m here, Luce. Here, take my hand.” He bit back a curse as she seized his hand, nearly crushing it.

“I-I’m scared Natsu…” She whimpered, tears streaming down her cheeks.

He pressed his forehead against her temple and put his arm around her shoulders. “I’m here with you Lucy, there’s nothing to be scared of.”

She inhaled shakily and then nodded, pulling strength from her friend, partner, and husband. “Right…I can do this.”

The doctor smiled and raised her eyebrows questioningly. “Ready? It’s time to push.”

Natsu climbed onto the bed behind her, pulling her back against him, he held onto both of her hands tightly and kissed her ear. “I love you.”

She clung to his hands for dear life, pressing back against him as her contractions grew worse and worse. She was sure her screams were going to make him go deaf, but there was nothing she could do to stop them.

He stayed with her through it all, whispering words of encouragement the whole time.

Finally she gave one final scream, and fell limply into his arms. He kissed her cheek, smiling proudly. “You did great, Lucy.”

She smiled weakly. Then her eyes flew open, and both of their attention was drawn to the doctor, who was holding a squirming bundle in her arms. She beamed and walked over to them.

“Congratulations, meet your daughter.”

Lucy accepted the bundle, all the pain and suffering worth it as she looked down at her first child.

“L-look, Natsu…it’s our daughter.” She said, tears spilling onto her cheeks as she gently ran her finger down the baby’s soft cheek. She had soft golden hair like her mother, the tiny locks curling slightly. Yawning widely, she squirmed and then opened her eyes, revealing small pupils dark like her father.

“She…she’s beautiful.” Natsu said in an awed voice, his eyes shining as he stared down at her. “Just like her mom.”

Lucy smiled and held the baby out to him. “Here.”

Natsu looked panicked, backing away quickly. “Wh-what? I can’t hold her.”

Lucy laughed. “Why not? She is your daughter after all.”

Natsu shook his head. “I can’t…I-I’ll break her.”

Lucy grabbed his hand, and slowly pulled him back before placing the baby into his arms. “You’re not going to break her.”

Natsu stared down at the baby in his arms, slowly relaxing as he cradled her tiny body. “Hey there, I’m your papa.”

The baby stared up at him with wide eyes, and then grabbed onto his finger. Letting out a few baby noises when she did.

Natsu laughed. “Picking a fight already? You’re awfully strong, little one, aren’t you?” He looked up at Lucy, eyes shining. “We have a daughter, Lucy.”

She smiled at his joy. “Yes we do. What are we going to name her?”

Natsu grinned. “Let’s call her, Nashi.”

“Nashi…” Lucy said slowly, testing the name. “I love it.”

Natsu sat on the bed beside Lucy and they held their first child together, reveling in the joy of being parents. Natsu turned Lucy’s head and placed a kiss against her lips. “We’re awesome.”

Lucy laughed as the door opened, and several curious heads poked in. Noticing them, she motioned for them to come in. “Come meet, Nashi everyone.”

Birthday Screams and Iron Tears

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: M for violence and language (also slight innuendos)

AN: Okay I have no idea what I’m doing on the internet and I found out recently chapter 1 of my fanfic was 404 NOT FOUND so I’m just re-posting it here. Chapter 2 is already up so feel free to continue with it. Sorry about any problems this may cause. Feedback is welcome for the fanfic so please enjoy. (Also ANGST warning) :) 


Chapter 1

“Levy!” I look up from my leather bound book. Lucy’s waving at me from the door with a grin spreading from ear to ear. I smile back from my perch at the bar and wave. I almost couldn’t hear her across the crowded guild hall. Natsu’s causing his normal ruckus with Gray over who knows what and they’ve started fighting between tables making an awful mess. Luckily it hasn’t spread to the whole guild yet so Lucy manages to make her way across fairly quick.

“Welcome back Luce.” I smile at her, pulling off my red glasses and freeing a couple of my unruly blue hairs in the process. I set the glasses down gently beside my huge book.

“It feels like you guys never left.” I shake my head, motioning to Natsu and Gray. She laughs at me.

“You should have seen them on the way back.” She sighs in near mock exhaustion. My smile turns sympathetic for her, but she’s no longer looking at me. She’s digging in her bag beside her stool and I try to peek over her shoulder. She turns back, her eyes all sparkles, holding out a lovely headband towards me.

“The lady that hired us made them and it reminded me so much of you! I was going to save it for your birthday but I couldn’t wait. I didn’t even make it through the morning!” She’s laughing and I smile at her in gratitude and appreciation. The headband is beautiful. It’s mix of yellow and orange with a small bunch of orange roses off centered. But what makes it really shine is the jewels that dot the fabric. I gently pluck it from Lucy’s hands.

“It’s gorgeous Lucy! Thank you.” I lean forward and hug her. My arm bumps my book, and it falls off the counter, hitting the floor with a thump by Lucy’s feet. I nearly yelp and jump out of Lucy’s arms to pick it up before she can see it. But she’s faster and snatchs it up when she sees my agitated haste.

“What’s this?” She says it with a slick smile before even looking at the book.

“Give it back!” I squeal, turning pink and reaching for it. Unfortunately for me, my arms are much shorter than Lucy’s and she turns away from me, easily holding it out away from me. She opens it, looking at my bookmarked page and I drop my hands defeated, knowing she’s seen the evidence of my colouring. She flashes another sly grin over her shoulder at me and my pink cheeks go crimson.

“Missing somebody are we?” She turns back towards me holding up my bookmark between her index finger and thumb. It’s a picture of Gajeel doodled on with a few hearts. He’s smiling his shark toothed grin and had his bare arms crossed in front of his chest with Lily on his shoulder. I had gotten the photo from the exceed after he caught me staring at Gajeel. He winked and told me “to take a picture it lasts longer”. The next day I found it stuck in my window pane and I nearly died from blushing when nobody was around.

“Lucy put it back!” I squeak, snatching at the photo and glancing around to make sure no one sees. She laughs and places it back down in the book, glancing at the page.

“And your reading up on dragons too?” She looks up at me quirking an eyebrow in question.

“I-I was curious about him-them! I mean them!… the dragon slayers, I mean!” I stutter in embarrassment. She giggles at me and I shut my mouth before I make anymore words sound dumb. Satisfied at how flustered she’s made me, Lucy finally goes to close the book. Her finger catches in a gap at the top of the book between the back pages and the back cover and my breath catches in my throat. A curious look hits her face and she flips to the back of the hefty text where I have a magazine hid snuggly in the cover.

“I suppose you were curious about the guilds fashion too?” She says overly innocent but with a knowing smile, holding up the issue of sorcerer weekly. Gajeel’s shirtless on the front cover. He had done it for quick money as a job and looked disinterested in the photo but I couldn’t help but keep the issue. I see Mira watching us behind Lucy and I don’t think I can turn any redder. Thankfully she only grins at me, winks, and turns her back.

“He’s been gone for 2 months and…I don’t know…I miss him, I guess.” I whisper looking down to hide my cherry face. Lucy never drops her smile and she closes the book with all its secrets hidden safely inside once more. She places the book back on the counter beside my glasses.

“Smile Lev. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.” I looked up at her and she’s giggling and smiling at me the best friend smile that makes you smile back even against your will.

“Levy!” Two familiar voices shout at me making both of us turn. Jet and Droy are walking over with bunches of paper in there hands.

“Levy! What type of cake do you want for your birthday party?” Jet’s grinning and holding up one specific sheet of paper and dropping two onto the floor. I smile but quickly move to stop the planning.

“I don’t need a birthday part-”

“You must have the double chocolate fudge cake from the bakery down the street. No arguments allowed!” Erza appears, out of no where, beside Jet holding a slightly struggling Natsu effortlessly by the ear.

“It will make all the guests happy at the party.” She drops Natsu and he hops back up in a flash, cutting me off before I can speak.

“Party?” He asks smiling brightly. I see the ideas swirling behind his eyes.

“No. No. I don’t-”

“Levy’s birthday is tomorrow.” Lucy interrupts me, matching his grin and winking at me. I didn’t know it was possible, but his grin get’s bigger and I see his plan in his eyes even before he moves. I reach out to grab his scarf and hold him down but he easily dodges my grasp. With a laugh he jumps up on the closest table.

“ITS LEVY’S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!! PARTY AT THE GUILD!” He shouts and it’s followed by a loud “AYE!” From Happy who flies up beside him. The whole guild pauses in its not so quiet chatter then erupts into chaos. Suddenly I’m being swarmed by my excited guild mates.  

“What do you want for presents Levy?!”

“How old you gonna be again?!”

“I’m going to get her the best gift!”

“No your not! I am!”

“Im going to decorate with orange ribbon!”

“No yellow!”

I’m pushed back against the bar, faces smiling, shouting, and crowding all around me. Then I blink and I’m in a closed in box with a tall glass window.

“Don’t worry Miss Levy. Miss Lucy summoned me to rescue you.” Horilogium’s muffled voice calms my brief panic and I smile.


“Oie! Levy!?”

“Where’d she go?!”


“She’ll show up. Everyone get stuff for the party!” The voices fade and I feel the floor rumble as the whole guild runs out the door.

“There gone Levy! Thank you Horilogium!” I hear Lucy’s voice through Horilogium’s door. He disappears and I discover we had been hiding behind the bar. I’m now lying on the floor where Horilogium had been on his side. Lucy leans over the counter and smiles down at me.

“Happy early birthday Levy.” I want to be mad but can’t help smiling back, despite myself.


I set down my new headband beside my glasses on my desk and flop onto my cherry blossom bedspread with my text book. Lucy had hurried me out of the guild so I wouldn’t be bombarded when everyone returned and I had run the whole way to my lodging. The sun was so bright and it filtered through my window to make a perfectly warm reading patch on my bed.

I slide the magazine out and smile at his face. I hope he’ll be back soon. It wouldn’t be a perfect birthday party without him, even though we don’t really talk. Just having him there would make me smile and slightly swoon at the unlikely possibility of a romantic evening like in one of my books. Of course, I am not so naive as to expect any romance from him. This was Gajeel and he didn’t do romance any more than I could convince him to, which was never much more than partnering with me or him saving my life. I don’t even think he knows I like him yet. The thought makes my cheeks colour.

I look out the window watching the horizon through the city. Maybe he’ll be back by tomorrow and the whole big party thing won’t be such a bust after all. Replacing the magazine, I set the text book on the floor and open up a different book, a smaller fiction one. I don’t bother grabbing my glasses. Sometimes it’s just nice to read slow and today was one of those times.

I keep time by the little sunny patch, as it slowly moves off my bed to the floor than to the wall. In late afternoon, just as the sky is turning orange, I hear footsteps coming to my door quickly. Without a knock Lucy burst through the door, smiling slightly mischievous. I jump, a little bit startled by her entrance but I relax when I see her grin.

“Lev! Hes back!” I don’t need to ask who he is. A smile that rivales Natsu’s in size jumps to my face. I close my book with a snap and all but leap from my bed. We run back towards the guild, a spring in my step and colouring in my cheeks. 


A.N: again sorry about any trouble this may have caused. I have no idea what I’m doing. *nervous blush* 

Deck the halls with lots of ships


‘Tis the authors to cannon

Je-je-je-je-je, je-je-je-rza

Don we now our Gray apparel

Ga-ga-ga-ga-ga, ga-ga-ga-le

Now sing in the name of the ships